Joe has a stalker himself in season four of YOU, and the theories of who it could be are wild

It’s just days until he’s back and these are getting me EXCITED

When the trailer for season four of YOU dropped there was one big twist that made everyone’s jaws hit the ground: Joe Goldberg appears to have a stalker. Oh how the tables have turned! And now, everyone has been coming up with some amazing theories about who it could be giving Joe a taste of his own medicine in season four of YOU.

The trailer saw him getting some creepy text messages from someone who’s on to him. They say things like “Hello, Joe” and “now do I have your attention?”. But who could it be behind the screen? People have some ideas, and they’re exciting.


Theories of who is stalking Joe in season four of YOU on Netflix

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Ok so let’s kick off with the wildest of all the theories about season four of YOU. People think Love isn’t dead. Yes, really. And if you want my honest opinion? I’m a little bit here for it.

Yes, we saw Love get murdered and the house set on fire with her in it at the end of season three, but the classic TV rule is: No body = no death. Did we see Love’s body officially being taken away? No we did not. So people think she’s still alive and in a twisted revenge plot she’s playing with Joe and sending him the texts.


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One of the most plausible theories of who could be stalking Joe in season four of YOU is Ellie. Joe literally ruined Ellie’s life, leaving her with nobody after Delilah was killed. Joe has been sending money to Ellie, but like, how is he sustaining this? She’s obviously very angry with him.

What’s more, sending creepy messages and similar on social media is very Ellie’s style. I can 100 per cent see this motive for her.


Theories of who is stalking Joe in season four of YOU on Netflix

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There would be plenty of reasons why Matthew would want revenge on Joe. For a start, he doesn’t believe Joe is dead after he staged his death at the end of season three, and he’d be absolutely spot on.

Matthew has always been wary of Joe, and didn’t like him as a neighbour. Matthew hated how Joe was with Theo, and also believed he had something to do with his wife Natalie going missing.


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Another person Joe rubbed up the wrong way in season two is Matthew’s son, Theo. Theo was hopelessly in love with Love and hated Joe. Theo nearly died at the end of season three, and Love is dead too, so now he might feel like he has nothing left to lose and may as well get the last laugh.


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Marienne is still around in season four of YOU, and she has worked out Joe is an evil, evil man. Is it her getting her revenge in plain sight?

Someone else connected to Joe’s many victims

Look, Joe has more enemies than I’ve had hot dinners. Plus, he’s killed a lot of people. So, it could be many people turning on him, but it’s quite likely it’s someone connected to one of his many victims. Beck has a brother, sister, mother and father. It could be them. It could be Dr Nicky, who was framed for Beck’s murder. There’s also a subreddit full of people protesting Dr Nicky’s innocence, so if he himself hasn’t found a way from prison to seek his revenge, maybe some else is for him?

It could also be the private investigator from season one. When he read Beck’s book, he knew it was all lies that Dr Nicky was Beck’s killer. There are so many people connected to Joe’s victims that it could easily be so many others.

Of course, it could be someone we don’t know yet

Theories of who is stalking Joe in season four of YOU on Netflix

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Joe doesn’t really seem to like anyone he crosses paths with, so it wouldn’t be completely out of the oridinary for the mystery stalker to be someone new. There are 16 new people in the cast, and Joe calls the new people in his life “privileged douchebags” – so he’s definitely going to have some fresh enemies.

Season four of YOU will be available on Netflix from February 9th, with part two dropping on March 9th. For all the latest Netflix news, quizzes, drops and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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