Charlotte Ritchie will play Kate in season four of YOU on Netflix

Meet Kate: The new female lead alongside Joe in season four of YOU on Netflix

Yep, he’s back up to his old tricks again!

YOU has cast a new female lead for the upcoming season four, and it comes in the form of Kate – a new woman for Joe Goldberg to inevitably become obsessed with.

At the end of season three we saw the death of Love, and Joe faking his own death and moving to Paris, in a desperate attempt to try and reunite with Marienne, who he had become obsessed with during the season. However, there is a new female lead moving forward. At some point along his path, Joe meets Kate.

Kate is smart, independent, suspicious, and misses nothing. She is fiercely loyal to her friends, a brick wall to everyone else. The daughter of a chaotic, bohemian single mother, Kate worked hard to create the life she now leads. She’s an art gallery director whose job means managing tempestuous artists. Kate tends to be “the adult in the room,” and has embraced the moniker of “icy bitch.”

She’s especially protective of best friend Lady Phoebe, a sweet and trusting person whose extreme wealth and fame tend to attract opportunists. Kate prefers “arrangements” to love, which is why she dates fun but self-centred partier Malcolm. When Malcolm invites Joe, an American outsider of no apparent means, into their privileged world, Kate not only immediately dislikes him, she strongly suspects something about the man is not what he seems.

Kate will be played by actress Charlotte Ritchie in season four of YOU. She is best known as Oregon in Fresh Meat, Barbara Gilbert in Call the Midwife, George in Feel Good and Alison in Ghosts.

Season four has already starting filming, with pictures of Penn Badgley (Joe) and Tati Gabrielle (Marienne) showing them filming scenes in London. The description of Kate doesn’t sound very Parisian, she sounds more fancy British, so maybe Joe isn’t there for long?

A release date for season four of YOU is not yet known. For all the latest Netflix news, quizzes, drops and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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