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Think you’re a meme expert? Then prove it by getting 11/13 in this quiz

This is my time to SHINE

Do you get tagged in memes and laugh but deep down know you’ve seen them a million times before? Does it seriously aggravate you when you quote something you’ve seen online and your friends just blank you? Do you say things like “lmao me” or “loooool RIP” in real life and not ironically? Yes? You sound like the kind of meme expert who could ace this quiz.

We are the meme generation. And not in a cringe kinda way, in a you know what we’re actually really fun kinda way. We eat, sleep and breathe memes. Cut me open and I’d bleed memes. So to prove you truly know your woman yelling at cat to your woman getting confused at maths, I dare you to get 11/13 on this meme quiz.

Prove yourself.

Only an expert can ace this meme quiz. Find out if you are here:

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