Buckle up because there’s even more MAFS gossip from the Season 6 cast

Jessika says producers ‘tricked’ her into hitting on Nic

It was unlikely that there would be only one round of Married at First Sight Australia Season 6 gossip. With the show ending last week in an explosive reunion episode, the cast members are now revealing further details on what life was like on the show and who fell out after the filming stopped. Initially bound by their contracts into keeping quiet about the nitty gritty details, two years on from the show airing and with it now in front of UK audiences, some cast members are not holding back with the MAFS news. And yes, by some cast members, what I really mean is Jessika.

Tamara says Dan got so ‘aggressive’ one night that she had to move rooms 

Tamara recently revealed that after a drunken day out Dan got so “aggressive” that she had to move rooms and sleep in another apartment away from her husband.

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The pair had been out drinking with Mick, Mike and Mark when Dan started to get “loud and aggressive”.

“I could see a switch flick in his head”, Tamara told The Sun. “It’s like his alter-ego switches on when he drinks and he says really nasty things, he’s aggravated.”

Tamara says she left the bar and went home. When Dan got back, Tamara described him as acting like Conor McGregor.

“He huffed and puffed and demanded to know what I was up to and blocked me off in the kitchen, stopping me from getting out”, she said.

“I was holding my plate trying to walk out and he pushed me back into the kitchen and slammed the fridge door closed. My plate smashed on the floor and I was terrified. He’s a big guy, I didn’t know him well, I was intimidated.

“I ran out of the apartment crying. I went to the resident producer and demanded she get me another apartment. I said, ‘I’m not staying with him, otherwise I’m leaving.’ She told me to chill out and they separated us.”

Apparently Jules and Mel fell out over sponsorship deals

Okay this MAFS news sounds unlikely – Mel was invited to be a bridesmaid at Cam and Jules’ wedding, plus they’re often on each other’s Instagrams. Probably just Jessika keeping that rumour mill turning – thanks Jess!

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On a podcast, Jessika said: “I don’t really know too much what happened with those two. ‘I heard it was over – and this is complete rumours – apparently something to do with Jules did a Jenny Craig ad, and then Mel did a Slim Fast ad or something.

“Apparently there was jealousy between the two, but I mean honestly, if that is the truth, I’m so mad because Jules used to slam me for only being on the show for Instagram and for followers. And look, it just seems like she was the one that wanted to get the most influencer deals when she just came straight off the show.”

Dan and Jessika broke up on TV, and Jessika claims it was pre-planned by Dan

Jessika and Dan appeared on a TV show called ‘Talking Married’, where they were questioned about the status of their relationship after the revelations that Jessika had hit on Nic. It all ended in disaster, with the pair breaking up.

Jessika told MailOnline: “We broke up on live TV! I’m not even joking. How fucking cringeworthy is it?

“I found out it was pre-planned by Dan, Tamara showed me text messages from him to her saying ‘make sure you watch tonight it’s going to be TV gold!'”

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When the host asked if the pair could trust each other, Dan said: “I don’t know. I just don’t know.”

Afterwards, Dan confirmed that the couple had broken up, saying: “Me and Jess have split, let’s get that straight. We have broken up. There’s allegations coming out that we’re still together. She’s saying we’re still together. We are not together.” Jeez Dan, savage.

Okay so Jessika isn’t going on Love Island UK

Not that surprising, but the confirmation is still sad. Jessika had previously said she was “100 per cent” up for going on Love Island UK, which was a surprising statement considering she’s got a new boyfriend.

However on her Instagram Story, Jess has since said: “Can confirm I am NOT doing Love Island haha and am happy in my current relationship with my partner.” Absolutely gutting.

Tamara’s revealed the surgery she’s had since the show 

It’s no secret Tamara Joy had work done after the show, as shown in MAFS before and after pics, but now Tamara has detailed exactly what surgery she’s had done.

Since the show, Tamara has had a nose job, breast enlargement, lip fillers and botox.

Tamara told The Sun: “I’m happy on the show, but I’m also happy in myself now. There’s no shame in changing yourself.”

Jessika says producers ‘tricked’ her into hitting on Nic

Jessika suddenly having a crush on Nic was certainly one of the weirdest twists in Married at First Sight Australia Season 6. It came out of the blue, and it felt like the viewers had missed some build up to Jessika’s new feelings.

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But according to Jessika, she was tricked into the scene by producers after they let her drink dark spirits – which she says gets her more drunk.

“That was probably the only part of my journey on the show that was massively manipulated; they made it look like I had hit on two guys”, Jessika told MailOnline. “It really annoys me – it is the one thing I am constantly explaining to people.

“I’m not this evil husband-stealing witch that doesn’t care about anyone and has no empathy. Nic would vouch for this now that our contracts have ended with channel Nine as well.”

And in case you didn’t know, Cam and Jules got married IRL (the best MAFS news) and the pics are amazing

Evidence below:

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Married at First Sight Australia Season 6 is available to watch on All 4 now. 

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