These 23 The Stranger memes will make you want to binge the Netflix series all over again

‘It’s so full of twists it’s hurting my neck’

After all that blackmail, murder, cheating and lying you wouldn’t have thought there would be any room for The Stranger memes. But ofc people have meme’d one of the darkest shows to come on Netflix. I mean if other creepy show You season two is getting meme’d, there’s gonna be The Stranger memes.

The Stranger ending has left people wondering if there’s going to be a The Stranger season two, with the writer of the novel and series Harlan Coben confirming there are no plans just yet for a second series on Netflix. In an interview, he said the whole book would be wrapped up in one season, adding: “I don’t think it’s fair to ask people to watch an eight-episode crime story like this and not give you the ending, and make you wait for Season 2. That’s just not fair to me.”

To be honest, from these The Stranger memes and reactions, it seems like people found Netflix’s The Stranger season one confusing enough.

1. I feel you Brenda

2. Alexa, play Justin Bieber ‘Yummy’ 

3. She really could be Joe from You’s sister

4. Accurate portrayal of my brain

5. Literally

6. Please see here 

7. I have some QUESTIONS

8. Fair enough


10. I would like some answers 

11. Mummy!!

12. The Stranger will be my sleep paralysis yay!

13. I’m rewinding to the beginning

14. Wow I cannot unsee this 

15. It’s twisting AGAIN!!!!!

16. NUtZ

17. My whole head has done a 360

18. Hehe, me last Sunday x

19. Oh look, it’s this meme again!

The Stranger memes

20. Cheers auntie

21. Please @ producers 

22. What just happened

23. Perfection 

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