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Students are boycotting nightclubs because they want more measures put in place to prevent spiking

‘This isn’t an attack on clubs, but really an attempt to reverse ignorance and an opportunity to work together’

Meet the iconic grandparents making heartwarming content on TikTok

I’m obsessed with @onlynanss

Meet Francis Bourgeois: The 20-year-old TikTok trainspotter who just wants to brighten your day

I can’t get enough of his wholesome content

40 per cent of PhD students are ‘at high risk of suicide’, study says

‘I truly believe that a PhD degree can kill you’

Oriel puts up plaque calling Rhodes a ‘committed colonialist’

And no one seems to be happy with it

Quiz: Can you guess where these students go to university from just one club pic?

You don’t have to have 20/20 vision to be able to identify a Durham fresher

Direct your anger at the people in charge, UCU boss tells students ahead of new vote on strikes

The Tab sat down with UCU boss Jo Grady to discuss the planned university staff strikes

What is beaning and why is it all over my TikTok right now?

2021: Police are telling shopkeepers to stop selling beans to kids

So it turns out most Russell Group universities have pro-life societies

Some students are protesting against the existence of these societies

Four in five students have lived in accommodation that’s ‘unfit for habitation’

19 per cent of students don’t have a working smoke alarm

‘Lecturers going on strike will not help students in any way,’ says universities minister

UCU boss Jo Grady says strikes are ‘inevitable’

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Parent of Warwick student crashes car into hall of residence while dropping child off at uni

Just a little bit embarrassing

Durham Uni rugby club facing investigation after fresher gets urinated on at a social

The uni has condemned ‘initiations of any sort’

Three men ‘whipped with belts’ in suspected homophobic attack in Oxford

The police have arrested an 18-year-old suspect and released them on bail

University staff are voting on whether they should strike this term

The dispute surrounds poor pay and pensions

This is how to avoid burnout in your first term of university

First year can be physically and emotionally draining

These 21 memes from last night’s episode of Bake Off will leave you hungry for more

Jürgen’s still waiting for someone to pick up the phone

You can’t call yourself a true fan unless you get 8/11 on this Lady Bird trivia quiz

All I remember is Timothée Chalamet

Meet Ella Vaday: The Dagenham-based triple threat on Drag Race UK season three

‘I love being cheeky, taking the mick, and being a bit sarky’

Only three top unis will be providing full face-to-face teaching this term

Most other unis will be offering a blended approach

Meet Krystal Versace: The chaotic Kent-based queen on Drag Race UK season three

‘My drag sisters call me the flying squirrel on stage’

This is how you can tell if your drink has been spiked

And what to do if it has

Meet Elektra Fence: The Burnley-based viral sensation on Drag Race UK season three

‘Think Pamela Anderson on the school run’

I was about to move into my student house, only for it to be declared unfit to live in

‘We’re going to start uni without a place to live. That’s how bad the situation is’

This is what happens when your order a Bolt helicopter taxi

Videos are circulating on TikTok claiming to show Bolt helicopters landing

Gavin Williamson video calls uni bosses to tell them they must return to in-person teaching

Do as I say, not as I do

‘It was draining’: This is what Freshers’ Week is like according to autistic students

‘It was a lot of effort to engage with others’

These 13 cringey fresher TikToks will get you ready for the carnage

It’s a well known fact that glitter and face paint are Freshers’ Week essentials

It’s official: Half of all student smokers only smoke when they’re drunk

Has anyone got a spare ciggy???

Take our uni smoking survey and tell us just how many cigs you chuff

Smokers and non-smokers wanted!

This is where the ‘How long we fly?’ TikTok audio actually comes from

It all started with German reality TV star Detlef Steves

These are officially the wettest towns and cities in the UK

If you’re heading to uni in Cardiff, I’d invest in an umbrella

Glasgow Uni is housing freshers in halls miles away from the city centre

The university’s main halls are oversubscribed

This is where you recognise the cast of Vigil from

Cast members have been in the likes of Peep Show and Sex Education

Half of the pingers tested at Lost Village festival didn’t contain any MDMA at all

Some were literally just caffeine while others were more harmful substances

Meet the Paralympians studying at UK universities right now

Imagine being that talented

These are the UK unis that rank in the top 100 in the world

No prizes for guessing which uni came top

You can’t call yourself a true Madagascar fan unless you get 16/20 on this quiz

Test your knowledge on all three films

After a year of Covid disruption, lecturer strikes are now ‘inevitable,’ says UCU boss

Will we ever set foot on campus?

Thousands of tents abandoned at festivals around the UK after bank holiday weekend

‘Tents are one of the worst things to try and recycle,’ says festival sustainability manager

Nearly 30,000 students have deferred their places at UK universities this year

That’s enough to fill Newcastle University alone

Young Afghans based in the UK are struggling to help their families back home

‘I’ve never felt the threat of Taliban as much as I do now’

These are officially the unis with the cheapest and most expensive pints

No prizes for guessing that London unis don’t fare well

BBC thriller Vigil drops this weekend and will fill the Line of Duty hole in your heart

Thank the lord Martin Compston is back on our screens

How to get more matches on Tinder according to the most successful people using the app

‘Choose pictures that you feel great in and genuinely feel happy at the time’

Two Oxford students who were denied entry to the UK are now hiding from the Taliban in Kabul

‘If they see that I am in western education, in their definition, I will be their enemy’

Can you guess the university from the phallic building?

Why does every uni seem to have at least one phallic building?

These are the most popular people on Tinder right now

Warning: They’re all incredibly fit

A UK university is banning unvaccinated students from living in halls

It’s the first uni in the country to implement this kind of measure

This is what it’s like to break up with a friend according to people who’ve done it

‘I was glad I ditched her, but I should have done it in a better way’

This is where the best place is to rank on Love Island according to science

The results are in

These are the Russell Group unis still telling students to wear face masks on campus

And all the unis that aren’t

Meet the Great Londini: The masked vigilante trying to clear up TikTok

‘We are taking social media back from the bullies’

British student who was stuck in Afghanistan has now been rescued

Miles Routledge bit off more than he could chew when he took an ill-timed trip to Kabul

We spoke to the British student whose holiday in Kabul went seriously wrong

Now, the Taliban is his best hope of getting out of Afghanistan

These are the uni cities where students spend the most on clothes

Dear Manchester, your Depop addiction is getting unhealthy

Here’s where the ‘venom’ TikTok audio actually comes from

People are even getting venom tattoos

Shock: Tom Hanks’ weird son Chet is massive anti-vaxxer

‘You ain’t stickin’ me with that motherf*****g needle’

Durham society president filmed man in blackface at a party and posted the video on Instagram

The man in blackface wasn’t a Durham Uni student

Medical students are being offered £10k just to swap unis

Suddenly I want to be a doctor

Meet the parents of this year’s Love Island contestants

Millie’s dad is an absolute gem

Unis not doing in-person teaching shouldn’t charge full fees, says Gavin Williamson

‘We do expect all universities to be moving back to the situation of actually delivering lessons and lectures face-to-face’

These are the unis where students spend the most on alcohol per month

Durham students spend 50 per cent more on booze than the average UK student

These are the uni cities where students are paying the highest amount of rent

Student rent has risen by 20 per cent since last year

Unis may have to set their own entrance exams as too many students are getting top grades

That’s the last thing you want after finishing your A-Levels

Meet Keely Hodgkinson: The record-breaking Olympian who’s still a student in Leeds

She loves a girly cocktail night

Quiz: Can you guess the real first names of these ten musical artists?

Shock: Pitbull isn’t actually called Pitbull

These are the worst Russell Group SUs in the country according to students

Half of all students think their SU isn’t doing a good job, survey suggests

The Russell Group unis where you’re most likely to be unsatisfied with your course

It’s not looking good for Newcastle and Edinburgh

Aaron spills the tea on why the Islanders wear sunglasses in bed

It’s apparently not a fashion statement

Clubs are back – but so is drink spiking. Here are your stories

‘My body felt like it was weighed down by bricks’

Explained: This is what the ‘R’ brand worn by Love Island contestants actually is

The caps will set you back £25

It’s going to be harder than ever to get into uni over the next four years

A fifth of applicants won’t get their first choice uni

Young people to be offered cheaper Ubers and Deliveroo as incentives to get the vaccine

Only 67 per cent of young people have had the vaccine

These are the Casa Amor girls who’ve gained the most Instagram followers so far

Of course Mary’s gained the most

Cookie jarring: This is what the toxic dating trend actually is

And how to avoid it

Inside the Instagrams of this year’s Casa Amor Islanders

Things are about to hot up

18 aspects of uni life that are so hard they may as well be Olympic sports

I’d genuinely rather run a marathon than have to sit in another breakout room

These former Love Islanders are on Tinder and you can match with them tonight

How far they’ve fallen

Quiz: We can tell how clapped your boyfriend is based on his bathroom habits

If he uses mint shower gel, you should break up with him

Young people are struggling to get the jab and can’t just be painted as lazy anti-vaxxers

These young people’s stories show that shaming students isn’t the magic solution the government thinks it is

Boris Johnson wants it to be mandatory for students to be double-jabbed before uni starts

He’s ‘raging’ that vaccine uptake appears to be slower amongst the young

One in three students say they’ve deleted the NHS Covid app

And nearly three quarters of students think Freedom Day has come too early

17-year-olds within three months of their 18th birthday can get their first Covid jab

You’ll need proof of two jabs to go clubbing from the end of September

A brief history of how the government pissed all over our trust during the pandemic

I literally can’t believe these people are in charge

Love Island winner Jack Fincham has been charged with drug driving

Jack was found with cocaine and Valium in his system

If you see any of these 14 things on a boy’s bedroom wall, you should run a mile

Leave before he can say: ‘Have you seen Pulp Fiction’

Online lectures are actually a really good idea and I’m glad they’re sticking around

It’ll mean there’s more time for small class teaching

This is how to make the whipped lemonade that’s all over TikTok right now

It’s super simple to make

This is why it’s harder to get into a top uni this year

Three million people applied to uni this year

Half a million people are calling for ID to be compulsory to make a social media account

But others are saying it actually might not be a good idea

This is how much the houses on Gogglebox are likely to be worth

I think I’ll be moving to Blackpool

I bet you can’t guess which of these UK towns and cities are further north

Is Manchester further north than Liverpool?

Can you accurately guess the heights of these 14 iconic Love Islanders?

Dani Dyer wouldn’t be allowed on the log flume at Thorpe Park

Meet Omer Majid: The YouTuber who successfully broke into the Love Island villa

Of course he’s previously appeared as an extra on Casualty

Ranked: This year’s big UK festival lineups with the fewest female acts

No festivals managed to get a 50/50 split of men and women this year

‘I was going down a dark route’: Young people on fighting gambling addiction

‘You cannot win in the long term. Bookies will not allow that to happen’

Dominic Cummings’s family home is now a student house with a vibey basement

Cummings even helped to fix a burst pipe this year