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Meet Keely Hodgkinson: The record-breaking Olympian who’s still a student in Leeds

She loves a girly cocktail night

Quiz: Can you guess the real first names of these ten musical artists?

Shock: Pitbull isn’t actually called Pitbull

These are the worst Russell Group SUs in the country according to students

Half of all students think their SU isn’t doing a good job, survey suggests

The Russell Group unis where you’re most likely to be unsatisfied with your course

It’s not looking good for Newcastle and Edinburgh

Aaron spills the tea on why the Islanders wear sunglasses in bed

It’s apparently not a fashion statement

Clubs are back – but so is drink spiking. Here are your stories

‘My body felt like it was weighed down by bricks’

Explained: This is what the ‘R’ brand worn by Love Island contestants actually is

The caps will set you back £25

It’s going to be harder than ever to get into uni over the next four years

A fifth of applicants won’t get their first choice uni

Young people to be offered cheaper Ubers and Deliveroo as incentives to get the vaccine

Only 67 per cent of young people have had the vaccine

These are the Casa Amor girls who’ve gained the most Instagram followers so far

Of course Mary’s gained the most

Cookie jarring: This is what the toxic dating trend actually is

And how to avoid it

Inside the Instagrams of this year’s Casa Amor Islanders

Things are about to hot up

These former Love Islanders are on Tinder and you can match with them tonight

How far they’ve fallen

Quiz: We can tell how clapped your boyfriend is based on his bathroom habits

If he uses mint shower gel, you should break up with him

Young people are struggling to get the jab and can’t just be painted as lazy anti-vaxxers

These young people’s stories show that shaming students isn’t the magic solution the government thinks it is

Boris Johnson wants it to be mandatory for students to be double-jabbed before uni starts

He’s ‘raging’ that vaccine uptake appears to be slower amongst the young

One in three students say they’ve deleted the NHS Covid app

And nearly three quarters of students think Freedom Day has come too early

17-year-olds within three months of their 18th birthday can get their first Covid jab

You’ll need proof of two jabs to go clubbing from the end of September

A brief history of how the government pissed all over our trust during the pandemic

I literally can’t believe these people are in charge

Love Island winner Jack Fincham has been charged with drug driving

Jack was found with cocaine and Valium in his system

If you see any of these 14 things on a boy’s bedroom wall, you should run a mile

Leave before he can say: ‘Have you seen Pulp Fiction’

Online lectures are actually a really good idea and I’m glad they’re sticking around

It’ll mean there’s more time for small class teaching

This is how to make the whipped lemonade that’s all over TikTok right now

It’s super simple to make

This is why it’s harder to get into a top uni this year

Three million people applied to uni this year

Half a million people are calling for ID to be compulsory to make a social media account

But others are saying it actually might not be a good idea

This is how much the houses on Gogglebox are likely to be worth

I think I’ll be moving to Blackpool

I bet you can’t guess which of these UK towns and cities are further north

Is Manchester further north than Liverpool?

Can you accurately guess the heights of these 14 iconic Love Islanders?

Dani Dyer wouldn’t be allowed on the log flume at Thorpe Park

Meet Omer Majid: The YouTuber who successfully broke into the Love Island villa

Of course he’s previously appeared as an extra on Casualty

Ranked: This year’s big UK festival lineups with the fewest female acts

No festivals managed to get a 50/50 split of men and women this year

‘I was going down a dark route’: Young people on fighting gambling addiction

‘You cannot win in the long term. Bookies will not allow that to happen’

Dominic Cummings’s family home is now a student house with a vibey basement

Cummings even helped to fix a burst pipe this year

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which poshboy nickname you should have

We can’t all be Chuggs

Love Island viewing figures ranked: How this year compares to previous series

This series has got some ground to make up

17 ways of saying you go to a northern uni without saying you go to a northern uni

Why does the water taste better up north?

This is what could actually happen if you have to isolate past your tenancy end date

You could end up paying three months’ worth of rent

Meet Brad McClelland: The labourer and self-proclaimed nana’s boy on Love Island 2021

The 26-year-old claims he hasn’t had sex for two years

Meet Toby Aromolaran: The footballer and feet-lover joining Love Island 2021

‘I appreciate a girl’s feet’

These are the unis where students have paid the most in Covid fines

Students across the country have paid a total of £680,000 in Covid fines

Where are the past winners of Love Island now?

Greg will be representing Ireland at the Olympics

You can’t call yourself a true LGBTQ+ ally if you still travel to these 11 countries

Cancel the gap year

Half of all uni students think their degree wasn’t good value for money

This is largely down to the lack of in-person tuition

The number of students dropping out of uni actually went down during the pandemic

There were four per cent fewer dropouts in 2020/21 compared with the previous year

Meet the new girlfriend of Love Island star Dr Alex George

The pair are currently on holiday in Cornwall

A glimpse inside the houses of the England Euro 2020 squad

I want Harry Kane’s bathtub

This is what it’s really like growing up with gay parents

People project their wild theories onto you about how you were conceived

Quiz: Can you match the animated characters to the voice actors who played them?

I bet you can’t remember who played King Julian

‘The hardest part was coming out to myself’: LGBTQ+ young people on their coming out stories

‘My mum said: “I can’t say anyone’s particularly surprised”‘

Shock: The Euros are over and domestic violence ‘jokes’ are all over TikTok

Cases of domestic violence surge by 38 per cent when England lose in football tournaments

A considered ranking of the top 10 primary school bangers that used to slap back in the day

From the tiny ant, to the elePHANT

‘We’ve had almost no support’, says club promoter after lockdown easing delay

Without financial support, 50 per cent of clubs will be forced to close in the next two months

Plan a big night out and we’ll tell you which England Euro 2020 squad member you are

It’s coming home

VOTE: Which male UK politician was fittest when they were younger?

Are you more Starmer or Bojo?

Quiz: Can you guess the uni city from the student house?

Do you know your Hyde Park terraces from your Bristol townhouses?

Graduate unemployment is as bad now as it was after the 2008 financial crash

Fewer grads are able to pay off their student loans

Order a chippy and we’ll guess if you’re from the North or the South

If you don’t like your chips drowning in gravy, then you’re defo from the south

Young trans people on their experiences of transitioning

‘I’m just happier in every single aspect’

This is what all the different Pride flags actually mean

Each flag represents a different sub-group within the wider LGBTQ+ community

This is how much the cast of Below Deck actually earn

Chief stew Hannah got around $24k every six weeks

Keir Starmer was a ‘party animal’ while studying at Leeds Uni

The Labour leader refuses to deny whether he’s ever taken drugs

This is where you recognise the cast of Motherland from

I bet you forgot Amanda was in Hot Fuzz

The definitive ranking of all the Shrek films from best to Shrek Forever After

If you think it’s wrong, you can get out my swamp

There have been 40 antisemitic incidents recorded at UK universities since May 8th

Five antisemitic incidents were reported at UCL alone

Young women working in film and TV share their experiences of sexism in the industry

‘There isn’t much protection for young women in the early stages of their career and I think men in power definitely exploit this’

Jewish Glasgow Uni student told to ‘go gas herself’ in antisemitic tweet

The former JSoc president had previously been called a ‘dirty jew’

Russell Group vice-chancellors get pay rise after year of uni staff sackings

Temporary pay-cuts during the pandemic were a ‘PR exercise’, critics say

Molly-Mae slams Jake Paul for ‘faking’ flirty screenshot of DM allegedly sent by her

This is just the latest flashpoint in an ongoing feud between Tommy Fury and Jake Paul

You can’t call yourself a true Mamma Mia fan unless you get at least 30/35 in this quiz

Time to separate the Dancing Queens from the Waterloosers

University Jewish societies report rise in antisemitic abuse towards Jewish students

One UCL student was sent a death threat

Who is Pete from Gogglebox’s fiancée?

She went to uni in London

We asked nine boys about a time they worked through some unhappiness

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week

Non-binary students share mixed opinions on petition seeking to give their gender legal status

The petition has over 130k signatures and will be considered for debate in parliament

Just 10 of the most iconic celeb mispronunciations of all time


Plan a boozy trip to the park and we’ll tell you what uni you should have gone to

If you like ready salted crisps, you defo should’ve gone to Durham

We asked young Tories what they think of the government’s handling of unis this year

‘The student rent situation was undeniably unfair’

Over 100k people sign a petition calling for non-binary to be recognised as a legal gender

This means the government must now consider the petition for a debate

Revealed: The reality TV shows that produce the richest contestants on Instagram

I wouldn’t bother applying for Love Island

‘The situation is grim’: Indian students face £1.5k bill if they want to return to UK unis

A devastating wave of coronavirus is sweeping India

Just 17 reasons why Gogglebox is the best thing on TV right now

The Malones’ dogs are the stars

We asked freshers: Do you wish you’d deferred a year?

It’s been a first year like no other

So, is this the last ever series of Line of Duty?

Hastings just wants to catch more bent coppers

Everyone’s losing it over this girl’s pronunciation of Caffé Nero on TikTok

Caffé Nerooooo! 

THTH’s Harry and Francesca have teased on TikTok they might be getting back together

Francesca only revealed she’d broken up with Demi from Towie last week

Cuff me, but Line of Duty just isn’t *that* good

And while we’re here: Steve Arnott isn’t that fit either

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody: Where are the cast now?

London Tipton and Kevin from Home Alone have had a baby and I’m shook

These unis won’t punish you for reporting a sexual assault while breaking Covid rules

Five universities couldn’t rule disciplinary action out

Boomtown festival has been cancelled for the second year in a row

Fans are absolutely distraught

VOTE: Which uni park is the best in the country?

Nothing beats a tinny in the park

Meet the students who’ve fallen for online scams and lost thousands of pounds

One student lost £3,000

Just a list of all the things you can do from today apart from go back to uni

Unis won’t be going back until May 17th at the earliest

‘They tried to pray the gay away’: Growing up gay in a deeply religious household

‘With the conversion therapy I said if you send me there, I will never come home again’

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which University Challenge legend you are

You can’t all be Loveday

The Oxford Tab is back and we’re looking for new writers!

We want YOU to come and get involved in this exciting new opportunity

Below Deck: Where is Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier now?

A lot’s changed since she got booted off the show for possessing Valium and a CBD vape

These are the rules for a white boy summer, according to Chet Hanks

‘It’s time for us to evolve. Period. It’s time for us to go from a Pikachu to a Raichu’

Below Deck: Who is Chef Ben and where is he now?

He’s absolutely loaded, claims to have played sports with royalty and still has his iconic spiky lid

Arts and humanities grads are more anxious than their scientific peers, study suggests

Engineers, Medics and Dentist are amongst the least anxious

BREAKING: Leeds Uni U-turns on policy changes which made ‘trans students feel unsafe’

This follows widespread pressure from the student community

Petition calling for financial compensation for international students reaches 11k signatures

The petition was launched by an LUU officer along with others from the Russell Group