Danny Shaw
Editor of The Bristol Tab
Editor of The Bristol Tab

Revealed: The tasty things Hugh Brady likes to eat on his expenses

He looooooves a poppadom

Petition launched asking for strikes compensation

It’s unlikely the uni will offer compensation

Speaker at UoB Tory event says, ‘most Muslims are trained to hate Israel’

Colonel Kemp didn’t hold back, protestors chanted outside, and allegations of racism flew from both sides

BME Network calls on UoB Tories to cancel talk by Israeli General

BME Network say event is ‘legitimising Islamaphobia and racism’

Pubs showing the Six Nations ranked by cheapest pint

Thank us later x

UoB to expand by 1,000 places one year after telling freshers to live in Wales

The total student population will reach 30,000 in the next few years, management says

Satisfaction with halls pastoral care plummets at UoB in wake of reforms

But in general students feel that mental health support channels are working well

BREAKING: UoB confirm Bristol student does NOT have coronavirus

What a relief!

BREAKING: Hazard suits at Wills Hall as student is taken to hospital with ‘flu-like symptoms’

Uni say the student was taken to hospital as a precaution

UoB Pro-VC flies 18 times in a year as he urges staff to climate strike

Our very own Mr Worldwide took £26k worth of flights

UoB won’t reimburse students for lost contact hours

…but you still might be able to claim some money back

Jewish students receive anti-Semitic abuse at Corbyn rally

One student was called a ‘filthy Zionist’

Jeremy Corbyn’s coming to Bristol today

Here are all the deets

Aitch ordered 10 pizzas from The White Rabbit on Thursday

10 pizzas, Jeremy! 10! That’s insane!

Students, lecturers and schoolchildren unite in climate strike

‘What do we want? Climate justice! When do we want it? Now!’

‘We just need to get on with’ Brexit, says Tory candidate for Bristol West

‘It is taking is taking up time for issues that are important on a day-to-day basis’

‘Tory cuts are responsible’ for the mental health crisis, says Bristol West MP

‘They made this problem, which has now reached the ages of 18-21’

UoB Student Council votes to keep beef and lamb on campus

But more beef sparks as a result

‘Remember their names’ and other top tips from UoB Bar Society’s networking guide

Critics are terming it ‘the best thing since Gemma Collins’s The GC: How to Be a Diva’

Meet Carla Denyer: The Green candidate aiming to take Bristol West from Labour

‘We’re in a climate emergency and we have to take action’