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These are the uni cities where students are spending the most on booze every month

Finally, a league table that Cambridge comes bottom in

These are the uni cities where the cost of living is highest for students in 2022

Wouldn’t want to be an Edinburgh student rn

Liz Truss slammed for university policy that could see the start of term moved to January

Cambridge Uni is ‘very concerned’ with the proposal

This is how much renewable energy Russell Group universities are producing

Exeter Uni is leading the way

Russell Group universities churn out more carbon emissions than Greenland

They were collectively responsible for over 750k tonnes of CO2 emissions in a single year

Graduates will save money as student loan interest rates slashed for second time to 6.3 per cent

Student loan interest rates previously stood at an eye-watering 12 per cent

Over one in five graduates don’t think university was worth while

Half of grads say their jobs have nothing to do with their degrees

One in four graduates haven’t learned to cook by the time they’ve left university

I’m literally 90 per cent Ristorante pizzas at this point

Rishi Sunak wants to scrap university degrees that don’t boost graduate salaries

What if I like reading books and facing a lifetime of overwhelming debt?

Liz Truss could move the start of the university year to January if she becomes PM

She wants all pupils who get straight A*s to be given an Oxbridge interview

Don’t Pay UK: This campaign group is calling on people to stop paying their energy bills

They hope a ‘mass non-payment’ strike will take place on October 1st

Terminally-ill lecturer who moonied speeding camera cleared of any wrongdoing

‘It was a good laugh,’ says Darrell Meekcom

Uni students who live in halls are spending three quarters of their student loan on rent

Students in the most expensive uni cities are paying over £200 in rent every week

This is how Hinge’s most compatible feature actually works

Well now I’m going to overthink all my prompts

Russell Group unis paid students up to £15k to defer their places

Students were given cash in hand or had their accommodation costs covered for a year

A fraudster, a footballer and a fishmonger: Meet the parents of the Love Island 2022 cast

Can’t wait for the Meet the Parents episode

Jewish grad sues Leeds Uni, claiming her essay was failed because it didn’t criticise Israel

‘I almost had a complete breakdown over this’

Number of students investigated for cheating at Oxford Uni up by 120 per cent in two years

Over half of all cases came from a single department

PewDiePie slammed for appearing to mock deaf person’s voice and signing

Scarlett May has described his actions as ‘weird’ and ‘unnecessary’

One in 10 students think Tories should be barred from campus

Nine in ten students have a lot of questions to answer

We’re hiring a News Reporter

We’re looking for an ambitious and passionate young journalist to come and break big scoops

These are the Russell Group unis where students were least satisfied with their course in 2022

One in four students at Russell Group unis aren’t happy with the quality of their education

This is how you can get a monkeypox vaccine in the UK

More than 2,000 cases have been confirmed in England

This is what the cast of Bend It Like Beckham are up to now

It’s been 20 years since the film’s release

If UK politicians had BeReal, this is what their posts would probably look like

I swear Liz Truss is faking her BeReals, she always seem to be in that bloody pork market

This is how to do the ‘do you want a bite?’ trend that’s all over TikTok right now

It’s honestly taken my fyp hostage

Uni tells PhD students they should consider selling Avon to help them cope financially

One professor branded this advice ‘freaking ridiculous’

Everything you need to know about Tuci- the party drug people are calling ‘pink cocaine’

‘It could literally be anything’

‘A complete bullsh*tter’: Keir Starmer slams Boris Johnson in podcast rant

The Labour leader also slammed the Tory leadership candidates

Quiz: Plan a night out and we’ll tell you which Tory villain you are

If you get up to no good in the club, you’re defo Matt Hancock

Below Deck: Who is Chef Leon and where is now?

Hopefully far, far away from Kate for both of their sakes

This is where the ‘go out to the parking lot’ TikTok audio actually comes from

‘Fab Five Freddy told me everybody’s fly’

The Tory members choosing the next PM couldn’t care less about climate change

Most of the leadership candidates also don’t see climate change as the massive issue it is

Meet Kemi Badenoch: The PM hopeful who misgendered trans people and mocked LGBTQ+ rights

The Tory MP also doesn’t think institutional racism exists in the UK

The Tory MP who flicked her middle finger at people outside No.10 is now in charge of unis

‘I’m only human’, says Andrea Jenkyns

Exclusive: Russell Group universities saved £11m during this year’s lecturer strikes

The lecturers’ union says this is ‘outrageous’

A definitive ranking of the Tory leadership election campaign videos from least to most nauseating

Penny Mordaunt literally had a convicted murderer in her campaign video

Over 20,000 people turned up to London’s Trans Pride 2022 and the pictures are iconic

Yasmin Finney from Heartstopper gave a passionate speech

More than one in ten students are forced to use food banks

The NUS is demanding students have a ‘cost of living support package as a matter of urgency’

These Tory MPs could replace Boris as PM- here are all their rancid opinions

I mean Ben Wallace literally doesn’t think gay people should be able to marry

‘No one is remotely indispensible,’ says Boris Johnson in pitiful resignation speech

A timetable for electing the new leader of the Tory party and the country will be announced next week

Confirmed: Boris Johnson will resign as prime minister and leader of the Tory party


LIVE: The Tories who are staying and those who have resigned in the wake of the Pincher scandal

Fancy another one?

Introducing the Australian high school students who started the viral ‘gentleminions’ trend

Hoards of teenagers around the world are dressing in suits and going to screenings of Minions: Rise of Gru

PSA: Universities are making it even harder for students to get firsts this year

New changes will slash the number of students getting a first by 25 per cent

Gentleminions TikTok trend: People are rocking up to the new Minions movie dressed in suits

Some cinemas are now banning those participating in the trend from seeing Minions: Rise of Gru

The Heartstopper cast turning up to Pride is the best thing to ever happen on planet Earth

In a word: Iconic

University lecturers are voting on whether to strike over pay and pensions next term

‘Staff are struggling in the midst of devastating cost of living crisis’

Two uni students glue themselves to Van Gogh painting in protest against fuel companies

‘I’m not willing to be marched to my death by the fossil fuel companies and their government puppets,’ says Bournemouth student Louis

Here are the university cities where the cost of living crisis is hitting students the hardest

No prizes for guessing London comes out on top

NUS demands the government gives students a ‘summer payment’ to combat hardship

‘While everyone else in society can claim benefits, many students can’t’

‘I don’t take sh*t’: Anthony Joshua is not sorry for threatening to crack students’ jaws

The heavyweight boxer also claimed to buy Loughborough students 100 pizzas every weekend

Bad news: 2022 is set to be the hardest year on record to get into university

Good A-Level grades won’t necessarily guarantee your place at uni

‘It was a fight to get out the system,’ says trans therapist and conversion therapy survivor

Daniel was given antipsychotic medication when he told his doctor he was trans

Unis may have to take fewer British students amid tuition fee crisis, say Russell Group VCs

Universities may have to give places to more international students as their fees aren’t capped

Uh oh: 6.5k graduates now owe £100k in student loan debt…and this number is rising fast

Many students won’t finish paying back their loan debts

These students bumped into Matt Hancock having a boogie at a club in Oxford

The former health secretary was at a reunion with his uni chums

The university cities where landlords are clawing the most profit from students

‘The student housing market is scandalous’

This is how you can get involved in the ‘sometimes when I’m lonely’ TikTok trend

…I sit and think about him

Embarrassingly, the government is investing just £1 per student as part of new mental health support package

‘That’s a drop in the ocean’

Chef Dave rocked up at this uni flat and made everyone omelettes

Anyone for a drinkypoo?

University of Bristol requests permission to appeal the Natasha Abrahart ruling

Last month a court found that disability discrimination by the University of Bristol led to the suicide of Natasha Abrahart

‘Nothing short of a heist’: University staff to lose up to £200k from their pensions

Universities ‘lied about the scale of their pension cuts,’ says union boss

Locals who live near Glastonbury are renting out their home for £16k during the festival

Hmm, might stick with my coach ticket and trusty pop-up tent

Stormzy among the hundreds who gathered to mark five years since the Grenfell Tower fire

‘You can’t change the past, but you can change the future. Never forget’

‘Refugees are welcome here’: Hundreds protest outside Home Office against deportation flights

The first plane relocating asylum seekers to Rwanda is set to fly today

The government is trying to clamp down on a university free speech crisis that doesn’t exist

Just six out of 10,000 SU events were cancelled in a single academic year

Student loan interest rates capped at 7.3 per cent, saving graduates hundreds of pounds

The NUS said the cap doesn’t go far enough and the interest rates are ‘cruelly high’

These are the dodgy MDMA pills from last year’s festival season you need to look out for

Half the pingers sold at UK festivals last summer contained no MDMA at all

Ranked: The best universities on earth according to the QS World University Rankings

Cambridge leapfrogs Oxford to be crowned best uni in the UK

Universities are dishing out one-off bonuses to try and keep angry striking lecturers sweet

Lecturers think the bonuses merely back up their long-held belief that they aren’t being paid enough

Nearly half of all the pingers at UK festivals last year contained no MDMA at all

Basically, Brexit’s ruined drugs

Here’s how you can get involved in the Dall-E Mini image generator trend

Tbf I’ve always wanted to know what Boris Johnson looks like eating a fish

This is how much each Love Island star’s follower counts changed after the first episode

Gemma Owen gained 64.5k followers over night

Universities minister backs Boris Johnson ‘because he’s made the right calls’

The prime minister narrowly survived a no confidence vote that could have seen him sacked

Boris could be toppled tonight, but what actually is a no confidence vote?

Tory MPs will vote this evening on whether Boris should continue as leader of the party and the country

Breaking: Tory MPs will vote on whether Boris Johnson should continue as leader

The vote of no confidence will take place between 6pm and 8pm

Exclusive: We spoke to the student who created the Binley Mega Chippy song

‘It doesn’t make any sense really’

This student wrote her dissertation in 13 hours and submitted one minute before the deadline

In a word: chaos

These online reviews will make you want to go on a pilgrimage to Binley Mega Chippy

5. ‘I fell to my knees and cried knowing I would never experience such beauty again’

There were 319 suicides at English and Welsh universities over a four year period

The parents of Natasha Abrahart say the student suicide rate is still ‘far too high’

This is the origin story of the Binley Mega Chippy TikTok trend

I will pay someone to remove the Binley Mega Chippy song from my head

Natasha Abrahart’s parents: Bristol Uni ‘destroyed her and haven’t even said they’re sorry’

‘How can they sleep at night?’

This is how to get the ‘shook filter’ that’s been doing the rounds on TikTok

The sad filter is dead to me

Office for Students boss spoke at conference that featured antisemitic and racist TV show host

He also endorsed the re-election of Hungarian president Viktor Orbán

Discrimination by the University of Bristol led to the suicide of a vulnerable student

The University of Bristol has been ordered to pay £50k in damages

Government plans to cap student loan interest rate, saving graduates hundreds of pounds

The student loan interest rate is currently set to skyrocket to 12 per cent by September

‘Do a hairstyle tutorial’: Boris is being torn to shreds on his new TikTok account

‘Can I DJ at your next party, Boris?’

Universities should get freshers to create jabs, says former vaccine tsar

Sure, I’ll just stave off a global pandemic in my 9am

University marking boycott: Start date announced as graduations hang in the balance

Students at 44 UK unis may not receive their final grades

These are the top Russell Group universities for promoting gender equality

UK unis are generally lagging behind the rest of the world

Tom Hanks’ annoying son Chet refuses to apologise for culturally appropriating accents

He’s back at it again!

So Blokecore has been doing the rounds on TikTok, but what actually is the new trend?

Honestly, it’s just wearing a football top and getting a bit *lairy*

Who is Sophie from Gogglebox’s new boyfriend?

He’s already met her uncle, Paul Chuckle

Karen league table: These are the university subjects that students complain about the most

Can I speak to the Vice Chancellor, please?

Eton pupils stage massive protest after school threatens to ban hunting club

I literally cba

Palestine societies at 23 unis are ‘outraged’ by the ‘harassment’ of the new NUS president

They’ve written a joint statement demanding the NUS drops an investigation into Shaima Dallali

Universities could be fined for failing to return to in-person teaching, minister warns

Inspectors will be sent to university campuses to check staff attendance rates

Only a true Sam Fender fan will get full marks on this lyrics quiz

Do you know your Hypersonic Missiles from your Poundshop Kardashians?

Essay writing services have now been made illegal in the UK

Confirmed: That diss really isn’t going to write itself

Three out of four students no longer support striking lecturers after marking boycott

‘I really do sympathise with lecturers, but it gets to a point where they just take the piss’