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The number of Black students getting into top universities has risen by a fifth

4,500 Black students gained places at Russell Group institutions in 2021

No evidence of spiking by injection is ‘annoying but inevitable,’ says victim

She now wants better CCTV in clubs and more bag checks

Miles had to be rescued from Afghanistan- now he’s off to Ukraine as Russian invasion looms

His actions have been branded as ‘naive and dangerous’

University strikes: Lecturers to stop marking assessments next month if demands aren’t met

Strikes look set to happen at 68 universities in February

These are the universities where ‘poor quality courses’ could be scrapped

If a quarter of students on a given course don’t graduate, funding will be slashed and the course may have to discontinue

There is no evidence of spiking by injection in the UK, police say

There were 670 reports of spiking by injection between September and December

A look inside the LinkedIn accounts of The Apprentice 2022 candidates

Amy sacked off being a West End producer to pursue her dream: eyebrow shaping

Here are the Russell Group universities with highest drop-out rates

One in 20 King’s freshers drop out before their second year at uni

Trans TikTok star Loulou was insecure about her voice until she realised her own talent

‘People genuinely think I’m a valley girl from LA’

Here are the universities expected to be hit with lecturer strikes this term

Not another one

Finally: Unis are pledging to end use of gagging orders to silence sexual violence victims

Cambridge, Exeter and UCL are among the unis who’ve signed up to the pledge

Universities told to stop using gagging orders to silence victims of sexual violence

‘Victims should never be bought or bullied into silence,’ universities minister says

These students were fined for lockdown parties – now they want their money back

It has emerged that Boris Johnson attended a drinks party, not long after introducing a strict lockdown at the start of the pandemic

Molly-Mae is hiring a social media content creator who’ll receive just £17k a year

That’s around half the average UK salary for the same role

Meet Tom Sargent: The Cardiff Uni student and ‘voice of the trains’ on TikTok

Students keep making him do his impressions in the queue for the club

Sharon from Love Island is campaigning for change on how we support spiking victims

‘I think it’s important for me to break the stereotypical mould of what a Love Islander does, and use the platform I’ve gained to do something really helpful’

Over half of all men show signs of body dysmorphia, study suggests

‘We need to get rid of any idea that there is a limited set of body image ideals that men aspire to’

Universities need to deliver face-to-face teaching, says education minister

100 universities have moved lectures online

Here’s everything we know about TikTok star and BBC Sound of 2022 winner PinkPantheress

She studies film at a London uni

Inside the Instagrams of The Apprentice 2022 cast

Navid’s already got 10.8k followers

Why is Elmo trending and what’s his beef with Rocco the rock?

To be fair to Elmo, Rocco does my nut in

Everything you need to know about taking ketamine for the first time

I promise you won’t turn into a horse

Who actually created the ‘Where are you from?’ TikTok audio?

No no no, where are you *from* from

Here’s where you recognise the cast of Emily in Paris season two from

Can’t believe Alfie was in Waterloo Road AND Grange Hill

This is why fans think Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury are getting engaged

I’m am convinced

This is where the ‘Are you new here?’ TikTok audio is actually from

This trend is pure Mean Girls energy

Students who take part in degrading initiations could be jailed for torture

‘The defence of, “But I’m a student” would also not stand up in court if matters went that far’

This is how to see how many people viewed your Instagram profile

I NEED to know

When is the best time to post on TikTok?

Soon you’ll be as famous as Francis Bourgeois

Quiz: Can you guess the Christmas film from the minor character?

There’s no chance you’ll get 7/10

Here’s how to tell if someone has fake followers on TikTok

Time to expose the fakes

Sexual violence is ‘endemic’ at UK universities, says lecturers’ union

One in 10 university staff members have experienced sexual violence over the past five years

Quiz: Can you accurately guess the Christmas film from just one screenshot?

No prizes for getting the question about The Holiday correct

Who is Julia from Below Deck Med and what is she getting up to now?

She’s launched two successful businesses

This is how to watch someone’s Instagram story without them knowing you’ve seen it

God tier snooping

Meet the students who’ll be spending Christmas Day isolated away from their families

‘All of a sudden, Christmas just came crashing down before my eyes’

This is how to see if someone has blocked you on Instagram

How could they?!

Student who was airlifted from Afghanistan goes on holiday to war-torn South Sudan

‘I had heard that things were very chaotic here and wanted to see for myself’

Quiz: Can you guess the Christmas song from the AI generated artwork?

If you don’t get 7/10 you’re on the naughty list

The Oxford Tab is recruiting for a new editorial team for Hilary 2022

We want you!

This is how to do the AI Painter TikTok trend that’s all over your FYP

It lets you turn words into colourful artworks

These are the universities that are failing to hit climate change targets

Over half of all UK unis are ‘not on track to meet emissions targets’

This is what David from Ibiza Weekender has been getting up to since the show

He charges a whopping £95 on Cameo

Gavin Williamson hosted a Christmas party while students were being blamed for the pandemic

At the time students were being told to test, isolate and return home in a ‘travel window’ to keep loved ones safe

Just a third of acts announced for Reading and Leeds include women or non-binary people

Can’t say anyone’s shocked

Men are struggling to get treated for their eating disorders and no one is talking about it

‘If I was a woman in the same situation, would I have got that support? There’s a good chance I probably would’

This is what happens on December 3rd on TikTok

It’s cuffing season

Here’s what went down on the first day of lecturer strikes

There were occupations, flares and some really cute picket pups

Migrant students raised in the UK are missing out on uni due to the student loan system

‘My life, for as long as I have known it, has been me living in a state of uncertainty’

So it turns out one person owes £190k in student loan debt

This is the largest single student loan debt owed by an individual

Here are the universities doing the least to help students from lower income backgrounds

Only one Russell Group university is ‘outstanding’ at promoting social mobility

This is how you can help a male friend open up about his feelings

And what to do when he does

Just nine things men say to get you to stop asking questions about how they *really* are

This is probably when they need your help the most

Everything you need to know about the upcoming lecturer strikes

There’s a chance they could be called off

Young Muslims have to ‘pick between faith and education’ under current student loan system

Four in five Muslim students who DO take out the student loan feel they have compromised their faith

Lecturers at more than 50 UK universities have voted to go on strike this winter

Here’s a full breakdown of the unis where lecturers are planning to strike

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you if you’re more Giuseppe or Jurgen from Bake Off

They’re both star bakers in my eyes

These 37 universities have voted for strike action this term

‘These results are a clear mandate for strike action,’ says lecturers’ union boss

A third of first years show signs of depression and anxiety, survey suggests

One in four first years said their mental health was worse than this time last year

Exclusive: Students were given £140m in rent refunds last academic year

On average, each student was refunded £1.5k

In a landmark study, 63 male students have confessed to rape and sexual assault

The students admitted nearly four sexual offences each to the academics running the study

‘New first years are the best we’ve had,’ says Birmingham lecturer

But would they have got in if they’d sat their A-Levels?

The government has just announced it’s cutting the price of prosecco

The price of draught beer and cider will also fall

Universities could be shut down if they don’t protect free speech, minister says

They could also face fines in less extreme cases

Students are boycotting nightclubs because they want more measures put in place to prevent spiking

‘This isn’t an attack on clubs, but really an attempt to reverse ignorance and an opportunity to work together’

Meet the iconic grandparents making heartwarming content on TikTok

I’m obsessed with @onlynanss

Meet Francis Bourgeois: The 20-year-old TikTok trainspotter who just wants to brighten your day

I can’t get enough of his wholesome content

40 per cent of PhD students are ‘at high risk of suicide’, study says

‘I truly believe that a PhD degree can kill you’

Oriel puts up plaque calling Rhodes a ‘committed colonialist’

And no one seems to be happy with it

Quiz: Can you guess where these students go to university from just one club pic?

You don’t have to have 20/20 vision to be able to identify a Durham fresher

Direct your anger at the people in charge, UCU boss tells students ahead of new vote on strikes

The Tab sat down with UCU boss Jo Grady to discuss the planned university staff strikes

What is beaning and why is it all over my TikTok right now?

2021: Police are telling shopkeepers to stop selling beans to kids

So it turns out most Russell Group universities have pro-life societies

Some students are protesting against the existence of these societies

Four in five students have lived in accommodation that’s ‘unfit for habitation’

19 per cent of students don’t have a working smoke alarm

‘Lecturers going on strike will not help students in any way,’ says universities minister

UCU boss Jo Grady says strikes are ‘inevitable’

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‘Met Police, blood on your hands’: Protestors gather outside Wayne Couzens’ sentencing

The Met Police say Couzens’ crimes ‘betray everything we stand for’

Parent of Warwick student crashes car into hall of residence while dropping child off at uni

Just a little bit embarrassing

Durham Uni rugby club facing investigation after fresher gets urinated on at a social

The uni has condemned ‘initiations of any sort’

Three men ‘whipped with belts’ in suspected homophobic attack in Oxford

The police have arrested an 18-year-old suspect and released them on bail

University staff are voting on whether they should strike this term

The dispute surrounds poor pay and pensions

This is how to avoid burnout in your first term of university

First year can be physically and emotionally draining

These 21 memes from last night’s episode of Bake Off will leave you hungry for more

Jürgen’s still waiting for someone to pick up the phone

You can’t call yourself a true fan unless you get 8/11 on this Lady Bird trivia quiz

All I remember is Timothée Chalamet

Meet Ella Vaday: The Dagenham-based triple threat on Drag Race UK season three

‘I love being cheeky, taking the mick, and being a bit sarky’

Only three top unis will be providing full face-to-face teaching this term

Most other unis will be offering a blended approach

Meet Krystal Versace: The chaotic Kent-based queen on Drag Race UK season three

‘My drag sisters call me the flying squirrel on stage’

This is how you can tell if your drink has been spiked

And what to do if it has

Meet Elektra Fence: The Burnley-based viral sensation on Drag Race UK season three

‘Think Pamela Anderson on the school run’

I was about to move into my student house, only for it to be declared unfit to live in

‘We’re going to start uni without a place to live. That’s how bad the situation is’

This is what happens when your order a Bolt helicopter taxi

Videos are circulating on TikTok claiming to show Bolt helicopters landing

Gavin Williamson video calls uni bosses to tell them they must return to in-person teaching

Do as I say, not as I do

‘It was draining’: This is what Freshers’ Week is like according to autistic students

‘It was a lot of effort to engage with others’

These 13 cringey fresher TikToks will get you ready for the carnage

It’s a well known fact that glitter and face paint are Freshers’ Week essentials

It’s official: Half of all student smokers only smoke when they’re drunk

Has anyone got a spare ciggy???

Take our uni smoking survey and tell us just how many cigs you chuff

Smokers and non-smokers wanted!

This is where the ‘How long we fly?’ TikTok audio actually comes from

It all started with German reality TV star Detlef Steves

These are officially the wettest towns and cities in the UK

If you’re heading to uni in Cardiff, I’d invest in an umbrella

Glasgow Uni is housing freshers in halls miles away from the city centre

The university’s main halls are oversubscribed

This is where you recognise the cast of Vigil from

Cast members have been in the likes of Peep Show and Sex Education

Half of the pingers tested at Lost Village festival didn’t contain any MDMA at all

Some were literally just caffeine while others were more harmful substances