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Petition calling for financial compensation for international students reaches 11k signatures

The petition was launched by an LUU officer along with others from the Russell Group

Meet the drag acts studying at UK unis right now

Expect cheek, nerve, audacity, gall and even gumption

Leeds Uni has fired two staff members over student sexual assault in the past five years

Two more staff members were disciplined and one resigned over the same time period

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Police officers ‘told students that they had keys to access their bedrooms’

Leeds Uni denied the claim that police have keys to students’ rooms

Why is the Government talking about uni free speech when students can’t pay their rent?

We don’t need a ‘free speech champion’ – we need a mental health champion

Beckett cuts ties with advisor who called a conservative commentator a ‘house negro’

‘The university strongly condemns the use of racist language’

Leeds landlord moves drug dealer into student house leaving tenants with £1.5k bill

The dealer threw massive parties and trashed the house

Self-isolating Leeds students mix with others during fire alarms

One flat got coronavirus the day after a fire alarm

International student’s family forced to sell heirlooms to fund son’s £20k a year tuition fees

To Mateo, it feels like the uni is saying, ‘Give me your 20k and I’ll give you a couple of powerpoint presentations’

Leeds students to go on rent strike after tense meeting with uni management

‘The university’s representatives refused to take accountability for their actions or apologise’

Leeds SU ‘disappointed’ that Leeds Uni’s rent rebate announcement doesn’t go far enough

‘We do not feel that the rebate announced earlier this week fully compensates students for last term’s disruption’

Leeds SU calls for Russell Group to reconsider opposition to no detriment policies

Leeds SU wants ‘assessment which fairly reflects the experience of students this year’

So, it turns out there’s a Greggs outlet store in Leeds and everything is reduced ALL the time

I know where I’m off to tomorrow

Leeds students host halls party just hours after third lockdown introduced

The videos are captioned ‘Boris said what?’ and ‘What was that Boris ahahah?’

Leeds Beckett becomes first UK uni to introduce safety net policy

Students are also asked not to return to campus until further notice

BREAKING: Leeds Uni announces rent refund for students in uni accommodation

It is not yet clear how much the refund will be

Cut the Rent Leeds increases its demand to a 40 per cent rent reduction for Leeds Uni students

The organisation is also calling for a full rebate for uni students in the months of December and January

West Yorkshire Police broke up 18,000 parties in the first two months of term

These included parties, BBQs and raves occurring across the county of West Yorkshire

There’s a SECOND teenage gang in Hyde Park and they’ve vandalised a student car

Just when you thought you were safe

Uni staff rich list 2020: How many staff members at your uni are earning over £100k?

It’s not just VCs who rake in the dollar

Leeds MPs helped bring Hyde Park teenage gang to justice

Hilary Benn, Rachel Reeves and Alex Sobel all played their part

BREAKING: Four teenagers arrested in connection with over 20 offences this weekend

Two of the teenagers were 14-years-old, while the other two were 13 and 15 respectively

Machete-wielding teenagers terrorise Leeds student areas

The police are yet to make any arrests

Leeds student drops earth-shattering DJ set to Economics seminar over Zoom

Gun fingers for John Maynard Keynes

Leeds alumni reveal what it was like studying when the Yorkshire Ripper was active

‘It got so bad that you just didn’t know where he was going to strike next’

‘I’ll blow up your house’: Thugs blast Brudenell Social Club with fireworks and threaten students

It happened on several nights

Leeds Uni investigates online event featuring controversial Palestinian plane hijacker

The event took place despite efforts from the uni, the SU and Zoom to censor it

COVID-19 cases at Leeds Uni fall by 34 per cent compared with the previous week

91 new coronavirus cases were confirmed among the uni community last week

Coronavirus cases at Leeds Uni plummet by 66 per cent compared with the previous week

117 new cases were confirmed last week

Police officer punched and protester pepper sprayed at Sunday’s anti-lockdown protest

It all kicked off in Millennium Square

Coronavirus cases at Leeds Uni down 58 per cent from the previous week

269 cases within the uni community were reported last week

Pubs won’t be closing in Leeds despite new lockdown restrictions

…but the 10pm curfew will stay in place

BREAKING: Leeds Uni confirms 558 cases of coronavirus recorded last week

130 positive test results were recorded within the uni community on Thursday alone

Leeds MPs call for all uni teaching to be moved online

Ah well, it was fun while it lasted

Leeds hall of residence denies locking gate in fire exit fiasco

No one’s really sure who’s responsible

Leeds Beckett insist halls fire exit locked with cable ties is ‘not a fire exit’

Despite it having a sign on it, saying ‘fire exit’

At least five flats self-isolating at Leeds Uni halls following COVID-19 outbreak

‘It’s spread like wildfire because they’ve been all going out meeting people’

Leeds Uni confirms six positive coronavirus cases

Many more cases could be going unreported

Leeds Uni security are breaking up flat parties with dog squads

Apparently Leeds Uni security have alsatians??

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Outdoor cinema coming to Leeds this Monday

There will be two screenings a day throughout Freshers’ Week

Leeds Uni students could be fined up to £100 for breaching social distancing in halls

Students who commit repeat offences could be kicked out of halls or even expelled from uni

IT’S OFFICIAL: These are the most and least popular halls at Leeds Uni

What even is Sentinel?

Leeds could return to lockdown as coronavirus infection rate trebles

The seven day infection rate has risen to 13.3 per 100,000

14 Leeds SU reps sign letter calling for termination of ties with Israel

‘Our universities are making students unwittingly and directly complicit in war crimes and extreme systemic racism’

‘Sound systems will be seized’: Police respond to THAT Hyde Park rave

‘Enforcement is clearly a last resort’, Police say

Ravers in Hyde Park party until 3am and leave rubbish everywhere

Social distancing wasn’t maintained despite the recent introduction of tighter lockdown measures to other parts of West Yorkshire

BLM protest now happening in Millennium Square NOT Hyde Park

The event will take place on Sunday at 2.30pm

Beckett is looking to house coursemates together

‘Study bubbles’ will hopefully slow the spread of coronavirus

All you need to know about this Sunday’s BLM protest in Leeds

If it’s anything like the others, it’s sure to be big

‘The support has been very overwhelming’, says Beckett student who was racially abused while working at Temple

Sabrina was called a ‘slave’ while working at the coffee shop

Temple Coffee apologise for black ex-employee being called a ‘slave’

‘We have not only failed this employee but ourselves and our customers too’

Leeds and Notts unis investigate prospective student pictured in blackface

The image was captioned: ‘Finally decided to black up! If you can’t beat them join them, right?’

‘Disgraceful’: Leeds uni slam THAT racist insta and express support for BLM

Beckett and Trinity have also expressed support for the BLM movement

Leeds Beckett expect ‘small group teaching’ to continue next term

‘We are working to adapt our campus to enable social distancing, so that small group teaching can continue where possible’

Bristol students protest outside landlords’ home in socially distant march

‘We’re here to urge you to reconsider your stance on rent reductions and no-penalty contract release for your tenant’

Bristol students to take part in socially distanced march on Bristol landlord

Students will hand deliver a letter to the directors of a Bristol-based property company

I bought a chain like Connell’s to see if it would get me more Tinder matches

The results will surprise you

Meet Unirent: The Trip Advisor of student houses

The student-led company will pay you £3 for reviewing your house and landlord

The Bristol Tab is recruiting for its editorial team!

Positions available include Editor, News Editor, Features Editor and Social Media Editor

UoB clears up ‘safety net’ confusion

Following an email on Monday, Many students were confused as to what the ‘no detriment’ policy actually meant for them

Noise Pages to refocus on ‘annoyingly loud birds’ due to house party shortage

‘There was a particularly uncouth pigeon on Chandos Road the other day’

Coronavirus: Bristol SU pen letter to landlords calling for leniency

The SU has also drafted a template email you can send to your landlord

Bristol student letting agency slashes rent by 50 per cent during coronavirus pandemic

Another letting agency has been less forgiving, prompting a rent strike

‘Many learning activities and assessments will transition online’, UoB Management tells students

The uni remains open with teaching to stop next Wednesday

BREAKING: UoB teaching to end from Wednesday

‘The absolute imperative is that we move our learning and assessment online as a matter of emergency,’ Hugh Brady says

Vulnerable students to be moved out of Orchard Heights where first UoB case of coronavirus was discovered

But most Orchard Heights residents are being told it’s safe to stay

UoB student tests positive for coronavirus

The student lives at Orchard Heights Hall

Uni of Bristol student tested for coronavirus as whole flat self-isolates

Students are being advised to take it in turns to use the kitchen

Bristruths is running for an SU officer role

Senate House ‘will be called ‘Senate House’ in Arial Rounded MT Bold.’

UoB orders 1,000 takeaway boxes to deliver to self-isolating students

Around 20 Bristol students are self-isolating

BME Network Chair who told Jewish student to “be like Israel and cease to exist” is now running for SU Equality officer

‘Omar’s record of racism makes him totally unsuitable for an anti-racism position,’ Jewish student says

‘We may well have to shut parts of the university,’ says UoB Senior Management amid coronavirus outbreak

The current risk to the public remains low, says Public Health England

The absolute WORST boomer tweets from the Greta rally

One tweeter called Greta a ‘Pol Pot tribute truant’

Revealed: The tasty things Hugh Brady likes to eat on his expenses

He looooooves a poppadom

Petition launched asking for strikes compensation

It’s unlikely the uni will offer compensation

Speaker at UoB Tory event says, ‘most Muslims are trained to hate Israel’

Colonel Kemp didn’t hold back, protestors chanted outside, and allegations of racism flew from both sides

BME Network calls on UoB Tories to cancel talk by Israeli General

BME Network say event is ‘legitimising Islamaphobia and racism’

Pubs showing the Six Nations ranked by cheapest pint

Thank us later x

UoB to expand by 1,000 places one year after telling freshers to live in Wales

The total student population will reach 30,000 in the next few years, management says

Satisfaction with halls pastoral care plummets at UoB in wake of reforms

But in general students feel that mental health support channels are working well

BREAKING: UoB confirm Bristol student does NOT have coronavirus

What a relief!

BREAKING: Hazard suits at Wills Hall as student is taken to hospital with ‘flu-like symptoms’

Uni say the student was taken to hospital as a precaution

UoB Pro-VC flies 18 times in a year as he urges staff to climate strike

Our very own Mr Worldwide took £26k worth of flights

UoB won’t reimburse students for lost contact hours

…but you still might be able to claim some money back

Jewish students receive anti-Semitic abuse at Corbyn rally

One student was called a ‘filthy Zionist’

Jeremy Corbyn addresses crowd of thousands in Bristol

… but not everyone was pleased to see him

Jeremy Corbyn’s coming to Bristol today

Here are all the deets

Aitch ordered 10 pizzas from The White Rabbit on Thursday

10 pizzas, Jeremy! 10! That’s insane!

Students, lecturers and schoolchildren unite in climate strike

‘What do we want? Climate justice! When do we want it? Now!’

‘We just need to get on with’ Brexit, says Tory candidate for Bristol West

‘It is taking is taking up time for issues that are important on a day-to-day basis’

‘Tory cuts are responsible’ for the mental health crisis, says Bristol West MP

‘They made this problem, which has now reached the ages of 18-21’

UoB Student Council votes to keep beef and lamb on campus

But more beef sparks as a result

‘Remember their names’ and other top tips from UoB Bar Society’s networking guide

Critics are terming it ‘the best thing since Gemma Collins’s The GC: How to Be a Diva’

Meet Carla Denyer: The Green candidate aiming to take Bristol West from Labour

‘We’re in a climate emergency and we have to take action’

This is why you can’t vote Lib Dem in Bristol West

It’s all to do with opposing Brexit

Bristol Uni claims it provides ‘a sector-leading residential experience’ two months after telling freshers to live in Wales

‘If Bristol really is sector-leading in its residential experience, God help students at other universities.’

Bristol Uni expects to lose £19m a year if No-Deal Brexit happens

570 jobs are also at risk