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Belial! Behemoth! Beelzebub! Where does the evil pet TikTok audio actually come from?

Dogs are evil, end of

These are the Bake Off contestants who gained the most Instagram followers so far

Obvs Sandro’s follower count skyrocketted by 773.5 per cent

The Russell Group universities with the fewest students from ethnic minority backgrounds

Where does your uni rank?

Nadine Dorries has deleted her Twitter, so here’s a roundup of her most unhinged tweets

‘Food doesn’t grow on trees’

These are the best universities for every individual subject in 2022

What a time to study Food Science at Glasgow Caledonian University

Posho ranking: These are the universities with the most private school students in 2022

Shock: Durham’s packed to the rafters with former private school pupils

Only a true fan will get full marks on this Paddington 2 trivia quiz

How well do you remember the iconic film?

Here are the very best memes about the queue to see the Queen’s coffin

Nothing screams British like a queue for Queenie

Meet Rebs: The Leeds Uni graduate taking the Great British Bake Off by storm

She’s a bit of a jet-setter and loves a night out

Bake Off is back and Twitter is cooking up more top quality memes than ever before

Everyone’s thirsting over Sandro

Anti-sexual harassment charity slams Gymshark for ‘polite catcalling’ video

The video shows a man shouting at a group of women: ‘Damn girl, you look like your sweat smells good’

Debunked: Has Wetherspoons stopped selling condoms in its toilets in honour of the Queen?

One person tweeted: ‘A baby boom is what she would have wanted’

‘Oh f**k’: Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng swore twice back when he was on University Challenge

The former Cambridge student panicked when he buzzed in and forgot the answer

NUS President claims she received death threats amid ongoing investigation into her conduct

One email, allegedly sent to Dallali reads: ‘We will find you and kill you’

People on Twitter are losing it over these Liz Truss curtsy memes

Theresa May is defo her choreographer

Lyrics quiz: How well do you know the songs from Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging

She’s so luvuhlay (Hint: that’s one of the lyrics)

Debunked: Are the Harry Potter films actually coming to Netflix?

People on Twitter seem to think so

This is where the ‘AUGH’ sound that’s plaguing your TikTok FYP actually comes from

It’s doing my head in

Student told she’d lost her place at uni after achieving straight A*s in her A-Levels

Amber was able to sort out the exam board cock-up but thousands of others may not have been so lucky

Over half of the general public don’t think university is good value for money

69 per cent of university graduates agree

Over half of disabled students struggle with their mental health while at university

‘I wish the university had been able to provide me with the support they advertised me’

Student housing crisis: First years left without places in halls with term just weeks away

Some University of West England students have been offered accommodation in Wales

You’re not a real Arctic Monkeys fan unless you get full marks on this lyrics quiz

A new Arctic Monkeys album is dropping in October

University lecturer sacked after forcing student to apologise for suicide attempt

A court found that Loughborough University’s decision to dismiss Paul Leaney was correct

Durham student and GB News pundit Sophie Corcoran claims she was bullied out of Tory party

The Conservative Party dismissed Sophie’s claim that she was bullied

UCU: Liz Truss must call on Saudis to scrap 34 year prison sentence given to Leeds student

Salma al-Shehab was arrested while on holiday in connection with her Twitter activity

It’s official: Oxford students spend the most on takeaways every month

No time to cook when you’re bashing the books

Clearing chaos: 45,000 uni hopefuls stuck in limbo, nearly a week after A-Level results day

This is ‘a good third higher than normal at this point’, experts say

Bill management company scraps some students’ energy packages and hikes up prices for others

Students have been left in the lurch, with their tenancies starting in a matter of days

A third of student accommodation will cost more than the average maintenance loan

Experts say it’s going to be an ‘increasingly difficult time’ for young people

This is why university bosses want your tuition fees to be hiked up

If tuition fees had risen with inflation, UK students would be paying around £12k a year

From Wimbledon to Billie Eilish gigs – MPs given £100k worth of free tickets this summer

Alright for some

Ukrainian A-Level student lands Durham Uni place as his dad fights on the front line

He’s off to Durham Uni to study Biological Sciences

The poorest students will be £1.2k worse off next year, as student loan value slumps

The government is doing ‘nothing at all’ to protect students, says the IFS

These are the university cities where students spend the most on a night out

On average, students spend over £25 on a night out

The Russell Group unis that raked in the most profit in the 2020/21 academic year

Edi Uni made a whopping £127.3m profit

These are the uni cities where students rely the most on mummy and daddy’s money

On average, UK students receive £331 from the bank of mum and dad every month

These are the uni cities where students are spending the most on booze every month

Finally, a league table that Cambridge comes bottom in

These are the uni cities where the cost of living is highest for students in 2022

Wouldn’t want to be an Edinburgh student rn

Liz Truss slammed for university policy that could see the start of term moved to January

Cambridge Uni is ‘very concerned’ with the proposal

This is how much renewable energy Russell Group universities are producing

Exeter Uni is leading the way

Russell Group universities churn out more carbon emissions than Greenland

They were collectively responsible for over 750k tonnes of CO2 emissions in a single year

Graduates will save money as student loan interest rates slashed for second time to 6.3 per cent

Student loan interest rates previously stood at an eye-watering 12 per cent

Over one in five graduates don’t think university was worth while

Half of grads say their jobs have nothing to do with their degrees

One in four graduates haven’t learned to cook by the time they’ve left university

I’m literally 90 per cent Ristorante pizzas at this point

Rishi Sunak wants to scrap university degrees that don’t boost graduate salaries

What if I like reading books and facing a lifetime of overwhelming debt?

Liz Truss could move the start of the university year to January if she becomes PM

She wants all pupils who get straight A*s to be given an Oxbridge interview

Don’t Pay UK: This campaign group is calling on people to stop paying their energy bills

They hope a ‘mass non-payment’ strike will take place on October 1st

Terminally-ill lecturer who moonied speeding camera cleared of any wrongdoing

‘It was a good laugh,’ says Darrell Meekcom

Uni students who live in halls are spending three quarters of their student loan on rent

Students in the most expensive uni cities are paying over £200 in rent every week

This is how Hinge’s most compatible feature actually works

Well now I’m going to overthink all my prompts

Russell Group unis paid students up to £15k to defer their places

Students were given cash in hand or had their accommodation costs covered for a year

A fraudster, a footballer and a fishmonger: Meet the parents of the Love Island 2022 cast

Some of them are RICH

Jewish grad sues Leeds Uni, claiming her essay was failed because it didn’t criticise Israel

‘I almost had a complete breakdown over this’

Number of students investigated for cheating at Oxford Uni up by 120 per cent in two years

Over half of all cases came from a single department

PewDiePie slammed for appearing to mock deaf person’s voice and signing

Scarlett May has described his actions as ‘weird’ and ‘unnecessary’

One in 10 students think Tories should be barred from campus

Nine in ten students have a lot of questions to answer

We’re hiring a News Reporter

We’re looking for an ambitious and passionate young journalist to come and break big scoops

These are the Russell Group unis where students were least satisfied with their course in 2022

One in four students at Russell Group unis aren’t happy with the quality of their education

This is how you can get a monkeypox vaccine in the UK

More than 2,000 cases have been confirmed in England

This is what the cast of Bend It Like Beckham are up to now

It’s been 20 years since the film’s release

If UK politicians had BeReal, this is what their posts would probably look like

I swear Liz Truss is faking her BeReals, she always seem to be in that bloody pork market

This is how to do the ‘do you want a bite?’ trend that’s all over TikTok right now

It’s honestly taken my fyp hostage

Uni tells PhD students they should consider selling Avon to help them cope financially

One professor branded this advice ‘freaking ridiculous’

Everything you need to know about Tuci- the party drug people are calling ‘pink cocaine’

‘It could literally be anything’

‘A complete bullsh*tter’: Keir Starmer slams Boris Johnson in podcast rant

The Labour leader also slammed the Tory leadership candidates

Quiz: Plan a night out and we’ll tell you which Tory villain you are

If you get up to no good in the club, you’re defo Matt Hancock

Below Deck: Who is Chef Leon and where is now?

Hopefully far, far away from Kate for both of their sakes

This is where the ‘go out to the parking lot’ TikTok audio actually comes from

‘Fab Five Freddy told me everybody’s fly’

The Tory members choosing the next PM couldn’t care less about climate change

Most of the leadership candidates also don’t see climate change as the massive issue it is

Meet Kemi Badenoch: The PM hopeful who misgendered trans people and mocked LGBTQ+ rights

The Tory MP also doesn’t think institutional racism exists in the UK

The Tory MP who flicked her middle finger at people outside No.10 is now in charge of unis

‘I’m only human’, says Andrea Jenkyns

Exclusive: Russell Group universities saved £11m during this year’s lecturer strikes

The lecturers’ union says this is ‘outrageous’

A definitive ranking of the Tory leadership election campaign videos from least to most nauseating

Penny Mordaunt literally had a convicted murderer in her campaign video

Exclusive: Russell Group universities saved £11m during this year’s lecturer strikes

The lecturers’ union says this is ‘outrageous’

Over 20,000 people turned up to London’s Trans Pride 2022 and the pictures are iconic

Yasmin Finney from Heartstopper gave a passionate speech

More than one in ten students are forced to use food banks

The NUS is demanding students have a ‘cost of living support package as a matter of urgency’

These Tory MPs could replace Boris as PM- here are all their rancid opinions

I mean Ben Wallace literally doesn’t think gay people should be able to marry

‘No one is remotely indispensible,’ says Boris Johnson in pitiful resignation speech

A timetable for electing the new leader of the Tory party and the country will be announced next week

Confirmed: Boris Johnson will resign as prime minister and leader of the Tory party


LIVE: The Tories who are staying and those who have resigned in the wake of the Pincher scandal

Fancy another one?

Introducing the Australian high school students who started the viral ‘gentleminions’ trend

Hoards of teenagers around the world are dressing in suits and going to screenings of Minions: Rise of Gru

PSA: Universities are making it even harder for students to get firsts this year

New changes will slash the number of students getting a first by 25 per cent

Gentleminions TikTok trend: People are rocking up to the new Minions movie dressed in suits

Some cinemas are now banning those participating in the trend from seeing Minions: Rise of Gru

The Heartstopper cast turning up to Pride is the best thing to ever happen on planet Earth

In a word: Iconic

University lecturers are voting on whether to strike over pay and pensions next term

‘Staff are struggling in the midst of devastating cost of living crisis’

Unis may have to take fewer British students amid tuition fee crisis, say Russell Group VCs

Universities may have to give places to more international students as their fees aren’t capped

Uh oh: 6.5k graduates now owe £100k in student loan debt…and this number is rising fast

Many students won’t finish paying back their loan debts

These students bumped into Matt Hancock having a boogie at a club in Oxford

The former health secretary was at a reunion with his uni chums

The university cities where landlords are clawing the most profit from students

‘The student housing market is scandalous’

This is how you can get involved in the ‘sometimes when I’m lonely’ TikTok trend

…I sit and think about him

Embarrassingly, the government is investing just £1 per student as part of new mental health support package

‘That’s a drop in the ocean’

Chef Dave rocked up at this uni flat and made everyone omelettes

Anyone for a drinkypoo?

University of Bristol requests permission to appeal the Natasha Abrahart ruling

Last month a court found that disability discrimination by the University of Bristol led to the suicide of Natasha Abrahart

‘Nothing short of a heist’: University staff to lose up to £200k from their pensions

Universities ‘lied about the scale of their pension cuts,’ says union boss

Locals who live near Glastonbury are renting out their home for £16k during the festival

Hmm, might stick with my coach ticket and trusty pop-up tent

Stormzy among the hundreds who gathered to mark five years since the Grenfell Tower fire

‘You can’t change the past, but you can change the future. Never forget’

‘Refugees are welcome here’: Hundreds protest outside Home Office against deportation flights

The first plane relocating asylum seekers to Rwanda is set to fly today

The government is trying to clamp down on a university free speech crisis that doesn’t exist

Just six out of 10,000 SU events were cancelled in a single academic year

Student loan interest rates capped at 7.3 per cent, saving graduates hundreds of pounds

The NUS said the cap doesn’t go far enough and the interest rates are ‘cruelly high’

These are the dodgy MDMA pills from last year’s festival season you need to look out for

Half the pingers sold at UK festivals last summer contained no MDMA at all

Ranked: The best universities on earth according to the QS World University Rankings

Cambridge leapfrogs Oxford to be crowned best uni in the UK

Universities are dishing out one-off bonuses to try and keep angry striking lecturers sweet

Lecturers think the bonuses merely back up their long-held belief that they aren’t being paid enough

Nearly half of all the pingers at UK festivals last year contained no MDMA at all

Basically, Brexit’s ruined drugs

Here’s how you can get involved in the Dall-E Mini image generator trend

Tbf I’ve always wanted to know what Boris Johnson looks like eating a fish

This is how much each Love Island star’s follower counts changed after the first episode

Gemma Owen gained 64.5k followers over night

Universities minister backs Boris Johnson ‘because he’s made the right calls’

The prime minister narrowly survived a no confidence vote that could have seen him sacked

Boris could be toppled tonight, but what actually is a no confidence vote?

Tory MPs will vote this evening on whether Boris should continue as leader of the party and the country

Breaking: Tory MPs will vote on whether Boris Johnson should continue as leader

The vote of no confidence will take place between 6pm and 8pm

Exclusive: We spoke to the student who created the Binley Mega Chippy song

‘It doesn’t make any sense really’

This student wrote her dissertation in 13 hours and submitted one minute before the deadline

In a word: chaos

These online reviews will make you want to go on a pilgrimage to Binley Mega Chippy

5. ‘I fell to my knees and cried knowing I would never experience such beauty again’

There were 319 suicides at English and Welsh universities over a four year period

The parents of Natasha Abrahart say the student suicide rate is still ‘far too high’

This is the origin story of the Binley Mega Chippy TikTok trend

I will pay someone to remove the Binley Mega Chippy song from my head

Natasha Abrahart’s parents: Bristol Uni ‘destroyed her and haven’t even said they’re sorry’

‘How can they sleep at night?’

This is how to get the ‘shook filter’ that’s been doing the rounds on TikTok

The sad filter is dead to me

Office for Students boss spoke at conference that featured antisemitic and racist TV show host

He also endorsed the re-election of Hungarian president Viktor Orbán

Discrimination by the University of Bristol led to the suicide of a vulnerable student

The University of Bristol has been ordered to pay £50k in damages

Government plans to cap student loan interest rate, saving graduates hundreds of pounds

The student loan interest rate is currently set to skyrocket to 12 per cent by September

‘Do a hairstyle tutorial’: Boris is being torn to shreds on his new TikTok account

‘Can I DJ at your next party, Boris?’

Universities should get freshers to create jabs, says former vaccine tsar

Sure, I’ll just stave off a global pandemic in my 9am

University marking boycott: Start date announced as graduations hang in the balance

Students at 44 UK unis may not receive their final grades

These are the top Russell Group universities for promoting gender equality

UK unis are generally lagging behind the rest of the world

Tom Hanks’ annoying son Chet refuses to apologise for culturally appropriating accents

He’s back at it again!

So Blokecore has been doing the rounds on TikTok, but what actually is the new trend?

Honestly, it’s just wearing a football top and getting a bit *lairy*

Who is Sophie from Gogglebox’s new boyfriend?

He’s already met her uncle, Paul Chuckle

Karen league table: These are the university subjects that students complain about the most

Can I speak to the Vice Chancellor, please?

Eton pupils stage massive protest after school threatens to ban hunting club

I literally cba

Palestine societies at 23 unis are ‘outraged’ by the ‘harassment’ of the new NUS president

They’ve written a joint statement demanding the NUS drops an investigation into Shaima Dallali

Universities could be fined for failing to return to in-person teaching, minister warns

Inspectors will be sent to university campuses to check staff attendance rates

Only a true Sam Fender fan will get full marks on this lyrics quiz

Do you know your Hypersonic Missiles from your Poundshop Kardashians?

Essay writing services have now been made illegal in the UK

Confirmed: That diss really isn’t going to write itself

Three out of four students no longer support striking lecturers after marking boycott

‘I really do sympathise with lecturers, but it gets to a point where they just take the piss’

Drag Race star Elektra Fence was subject to a ‘homophobic attack’ while on a train

‘It was incredibly aggressive and frightening and I felt totally helpless’

Student loan system changes: One in four black students could be barred from university

The NUS described the government’s proposals as ‘classist, ableist and racist’

Students may not graduate as staff at 44 universities boycott marking work

10 more days of strike action are also set to take place this term

Trans conversion therapy survivor was strapped to a chair and electrocuted repeatedly

‘At the end of the process, I regretted not the pain, not the humiliation, not the self-hatred. At the time, I regretted that it didn’t work’

This is how you can get the ‘gay panic wallpaper’ from Heartstopper

‘Gay panic’ is a reference to the original graphic novel series

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which character from Heartstopper you are

Choose your milkshake wisely

Revealed: One in three Russell Group university bosses received pay rises last year

Imperial’s President got £124k just for accommodation costs

Here are the actual ages of the cast of Derry Girls

The actor who plays Clare is over double her on-screen character’s age

So there’s now a pro-Russian version of the sea shanty that went viral on TikTok last year

And it’s absolutely harrowing

Former Love Island star Sharon Gaffka wants to be an MP

‘I definitely don’t want the standard influencer jobs you see from Love Islanders’

Education minister says there is ‘systemic antisemitism’ within the NUS

The government is considering terminating its relationship with the National Union of Students

National Union of Students to be investigated over antisemitism claims

‘There can be no place for antisemitism within the student movement’

‘You’d have to get fully naked’: Uni rugby players and footballers on hazing at socials

‘As bad as it sounds, it did just get rid of the people that they didn’t necessarily want there’

Student loan interest rate will rise to 12 per cent in England this year

For students starting in 2023 the rate will be capped

These are the 40 universities facing more strike action before the end of the academic year

Not another one

Incoming NUS president ‘harassed’ Jewish students outside talk by former Israeli politician

The UK government is now considering suspending all engagement with the NUS over antisemitism allegations

Revealed: The university degrees that will leave you with the most student loan debt

Some students will be saddled with £100k of debt

A comprehensive guide to all the best festivals happening this summer in the UK and abroad

Festivals are BACK!

These Ukrainian students are struggling to flee the war and secure safe passage to the UK

‘I just want to be safe, to have a chance for better life’

This is where the ‘my money don’t jiggle jiggle’ TikTok audio actually comes from

Louis Theroux just wants to dribble dribble

‘It’s upsetting and disgusting’: Young trans people on the muddled conversion therapy ban

While the government will ban conversion therapy for gay and bisexual people, it will not do the same when it comes to members of the trans community

An Oxford student says she was ‘silenced’ by her college after claiming she was raped

‘I’ve lost count of the members of staff who tried to silence me, scare me, threaten me and undermine me’

Conversion therapy ban will go ahead but won’t cover trans people

This comes after reports the ban was going to be scrapped altogether

Jewish students slam incoming NUS president for ‘attacking the Jewish community’

Shaima Dallali hit back: ‘The pre-emptive scrutiny of Muslim women is symptomatic of the nature of Gendered Islamophobia’

University professor charged over climate activism could face five years in prison

‘I believe it’s my obligation to make people understand what the truth is’

Fresher dies after rugby injury leads to fatal infection

‘Maddy’s presence, bravery, spirit, goodness, sass, beauty and love will never be forgotten’

Cancelling your gap year could save students £40k, says Money Saving Expert

Side effect: You may have to develop a real personality

The government isn’t just ignoring students – it’s actively making life harder for them

New economic reforms will leave students worse off

Boris Johnson: ‘Universities for too long have been tolerant of systematic antisemitism’

The National Union for Students has recently come under fire for planning to host a controversial rapper at its conference

Over a third of students say their mental health has worsened since the start of first term

Nearly one in five students often or always feel lonely

One in four university students have less than £50 to live on every month

Five per cent of students use food banks, new research suggests

The Russell Group universities that HAVE NOT pledged to stop the use of NDAs

Non-disclosure agreements are sometimes misused to silence victims of sexual violence, harassment or bullying

The UK universities supporting Ukrainian students and academics caught up in the war

One university is offering up two halls of residence to house refugees

These are the Russell Group universities where you’re most likely to drop out before second year

Dropout rates are the lowest they’ve been since records began

A UK university is offering up two halls of residence to house Ukrainian refugees

‘We express our solidarity with the Ukrainian people as they fight to preserve their cities, country, lives and freedoms,’ VC says

Nick Showering and Brittany Carter from The Apprentice have ‘grown close’

The pair hit it off while filming the show last year

Bristol Uni hails ‘immense commitment of staff to support’ student prior to her suicide

In a court case that has just concluded, Natasha Abrahart’s parents argued the uni failed in its duty of care to their daughter

Unis must ‘strongly discourage’ sexual relationships between students and lecturers

Universities UK is also calling for a ban on the use of NDAs to silence victims of sexual violence

Meet the Leeds Beckett University dropout making millions from OnlyFans

Some subscribers ask her to pour baked beans on herself

Natasha Abrahart’s parents launch legal case against Bristol Uni over daughter’s suicide

‘We want lessons to be learned and student safety improved where possible’

Four men found guilty of murdering London uni student during New Year’s Eve party

The film student was last seen after leaving a nightclub in Brighton

Students will face £100k bill for degrees and won’t pay off loans until retirement

Reforms ‘will hit lower earners hard,’ says one Labour MP

These are the Russell Group universities with the lowest percentage of state school students

Over a third of Durham students went to private school

Over a hundred students are occupying buildings on university campuses around the UK

Occupations at Cambridge, Nottingham and Sussex are ongoing

Top unis accused of ‘profiting from students’ misery’ after racking up £2.2bn surplus

The revelations have sparked renewed calls for tuition refunds

These 14 Storm Eunice memes are guaranteed to blow you away

Not a good day to be a trampoline

Personal statements ‘favour the most advantaged students,’ says universities minister

UCAS is looking to reform personal statements used for applications to university

These students woke up to videos of their fridge being chucked about on the road

‘She had a good life’

These university students snuck two ducks into their halls and it was pure chaos

They rescued the ducks from a house party and looked after them for the night

The media needs to stop demonising trans people – this Bristol Uni case is a prime example

The fear-mongering news coverage of trans identities must come to an end

Here are all the ways you can actually make money from TikTok

Turn your content into cold, hard cash

A-Level and GCSE students to be told which topics are set to come up on their exam papers

Exam boards will adopt a ‘a generous approach to grading’

Over half of all Black students experience racism while in halls, study says

Students reported the use of racial slurs, spitting and physical violence

Just a brief history of the most dramatic Apprentice exits of all time

Remember when Katie Hopkins ‘stood down’?

This is how you can see the picture Nasa took on your birthday

The picture comes with some info on why it was taken

Three quarters of students think their degrees should involve some online teaching

This comes as the government launches attacks on universities still delivering online tuition

Revealed: Just over a quarter of university professors are women

This reflects ‘a deeply engrained sexism’ operating within academia, says one female professor

People on TikTok are making domestic violence ‘jokes’ following Greenwood’s arrest

The Manchester United player was taken into custody after rape and domestic violence allegations surfaced online

This is where the ‘You’re coming home with me’ TikTok sound actually comes from

Oops that glass just fell into my bag

The number of Black students getting into top universities has risen by a fifth

4,500 Black students gained places at Russell Group institutions in 2021

No evidence of spiking by injection is ‘annoying but inevitable,’ says victim

She now wants better CCTV in clubs and more bag checks

Miles had to be rescued from Afghanistan- now he’s off to Ukraine as Russian invasion looms

His actions have been branded as ‘naive and dangerous’

University strikes: Lecturers to stop marking assessments next month if demands aren’t met

Strikes look set to happen at 68 universities in February

These are the universities where ‘poor quality courses’ could be scrapped

If a quarter of students on a given course don’t graduate, funding will be slashed and the course may have to discontinue

There is no evidence of spiking by injection in the UK, police say

There were 670 reports of spiking by injection between September and December

A look inside the LinkedIn accounts of The Apprentice 2022 candidates

Amy sacked off being a West End producer to pursue her dream: eyebrow shaping

Here are the Russell Group universities with highest drop-out rates

One in 20 King’s freshers drop out before their second year at uni

Trans TikTok star Loulou was insecure about her voice until she realised her own talent

‘People genuinely think I’m a valley girl from LA’

Here are all the universities that will be hit with lecturer strikes this term

Staff are striking for up to 10 days in February

Finally: Unis are pledging to end use of gagging orders to silence sexual violence victims

Cambridge, Exeter and UCL are among the unis who’ve signed up to the pledge

Universities told to stop using gagging orders to silence victims of sexual violence

‘Victims should never be bought or bullied into silence,’ universities minister says

These students were fined for lockdown parties – now they want their money back

Yesterday, Boris Johnson received a fine for attending a lockdown party

Molly-Mae is hiring a social media content creator who’ll receive just £17k a year

That’s around half the average UK salary for the same role

Meet Tom Sargent: The Cardiff Uni student and ‘voice of the trains’ on TikTok

Students keep making him do his impressions in the queue for the club

Sharon from Love Island is campaigning for change on how we support spiking victims

‘I think it’s important for me to break the stereotypical mould of what a Love Islander does, and use the platform I’ve gained to do something really helpful’

Over half of all men show signs of body dysmorphia, study suggests

‘We need to get rid of any idea that there is a limited set of body image ideals that men aspire to’

Universities need to deliver face-to-face teaching, says education minister

100 universities have moved lectures online

Here’s everything we know about TikTok star and BBC Sound of 2022 winner PinkPantheress

She studies film at a London uni

Inside the Instagrams of The Apprentice 2022 cast

Navid’s already got 10.8k followers

Why is Elmo trending and what’s his beef with Rocco the rock?

To be fair to Elmo, Rocco does my nut in

Everything you need to know about taking ketamine for the first time

I promise you won’t turn into a horse

Who actually created the ‘Where are you from?’ TikTok audio?

No no no, where are you *from* from

Here’s where you recognise the cast of Emily in Paris season two from

Can’t believe Alfie was in Waterloo Road AND Grange Hill

This is why fans think Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury are getting engaged

I’m am convinced

This is where the ‘Are you new here?’ TikTok audio is actually from

This trend is pure Mean Girls energy

Students who take part in degrading initiations could be jailed for torture

‘The defence of, “But I’m a student” would also not stand up in court if matters went that far’

This is how to see how many people viewed your Instagram profile

I NEED to know

When is the best time to post on TikTok?

Soon you’ll be as famous as Francis Bourgeois

Quiz: Can you guess the Christmas film from the minor character?

There’s no chance you’ll get 7/10

Here’s how to tell if someone has fake followers on TikTok

Time to expose the fakes

Sexual violence is ‘endemic’ at UK universities, says lecturers’ union

One in 10 university staff members have experienced sexual violence over the past five years

Quiz: Can you accurately guess the Christmas film from just one screenshot?

No prizes for getting the question about The Holiday correct

Who is Julia from Below Deck Med and what is she getting up to now?

She’s launched two successful businesses

Meet the students who’ll be spending Christmas Day isolated away from their families

‘All of a sudden, Christmas just came crashing down before my eyes’

Student who was airlifted from Afghanistan goes on holiday to war-torn South Sudan

‘I had heard that things were very chaotic here and wanted to see for myself’

Quiz: Can you guess the Christmas song from the AI generated artwork?

If you don’t get 7/10 you’re on the naughty list

These are the universities that are failing to hit climate change targets

Over half of all UK unis are ‘not on track to meet emissions targets’

Gavin Williamson hosted a Christmas party while students were being blamed for the pandemic

At the time students were being told to test, isolate and return home in a ‘travel window’ to keep loved ones safe

Just a third of acts announced for Reading and Leeds include women or non-binary people

Can’t say anyone’s shocked

Men are struggling to get treated for their eating disorders and no one is talking about it

‘If I was a woman in the same situation, would I have got that support? There’s a good chance I probably would’

Here’s what went down on the first day of lecturer strikes

There were occupations, flares and some really cute picket pups

Migrant students raised in the UK are missing out on uni due to the student loan system

‘My life, for as long as I have known it, has been me living in a state of uncertainty’

So it turns out one person owes £190k in student loan debt

This is the largest single student loan debt owed by an individual

Here are the universities doing the least to help students from lower income backgrounds

Only one Russell Group university is ‘outstanding’ at promoting social mobility

This is how you can help a male friend open up about his feelings

And what to do when he does

Just nine things men say to get you to stop asking questions about how they *really* are

This is probably when they need your help the most

Everything you need to know about the upcoming lecturer strikes

There’s a chance they could be called off

Young Muslims have to ‘pick between faith and education’ under current student loan system

Four in five Muslim students who DO take out the student loan feel they have compromised their faith

Lecturers at more than 50 UK universities have voted to go on strike this winter

Here’s a full breakdown of the unis where lecturers are planning to strike

These 37 universities have voted for strike action this term

‘These results are a clear mandate for strike action,’ says lecturers’ union boss

A third of first years show signs of depression and anxiety, survey suggests

One in four first years said their mental health was worse than this time last year

Exclusive: Students were given £140m in rent refunds last academic year

On average, each student was refunded £1.5k

In a landmark study, 63 male students have confessed to rape and sexual assault

The students admitted nearly four sexual offences each to the academics running the study

‘New first years are the best we’ve had,’ says Birmingham lecturer

But would they have got in if they’d sat their A-Levels?

Universities could be shut down if they don’t protect free speech, minister says

They could also face fines in less extreme cases

Students are boycotting nightclubs because they want more measures put in place to prevent spiking

‘This isn’t an attack on clubs, but really an attempt to reverse ignorance and an opportunity to work together’

Meet Francis Bourgeois: The 20-year-old TikTok trainspotter who just wants to brighten your day

I can’t get enough of his wholesome content

40 per cent of PhD students are ‘at high risk of suicide’, study says

‘I truly believe that a PhD degree can kill you’

Direct your anger at the people in charge, UCU boss tells students ahead of new vote on strikes

The Tab sat down with UCU boss Jo Grady to discuss the planned university staff strikes

So it turns out most Russell Group universities have pro-life societies

Some students are protesting against the existence of these societies

Four in five students have lived in accommodation that’s ‘unfit for habitation’

19 per cent of students don’t have a working smoke alarm

‘Lecturers going on strike will not help students in any way,’ says universities minister

UCU boss Jo Grady says strikes are ‘inevitable’

‘Met Police, blood on your hands’: Protestors gather outside Wayne Couzens’ sentencing

The Met Police say Couzens’ crimes ‘betray everything we stand for’

Parent of Warwick student crashes car into hall of residence while dropping child off at uni

Just a little bit embarrassing

University staff are voting on whether they should strike this term

The dispute surrounds poor pay and pensions

This is how you can tell if your drink has been spiked

And what to do if it has

I was about to move into my student house, only for it to be declared unfit to live in

‘We’re going to start uni without a place to live. That’s how bad the situation is’

Thousands of tents abandoned at festivals around the UK after bank holiday weekend

‘Tents are one of the worst things to try and recycle,’ says festival sustainability manager

Nearly 30,000 students have deferred their places at UK universities this year

That’s enough to fill Newcastle University alone

Young Afghans based in the UK are struggling to help their families back home

‘I’ve never felt the threat of Taliban as much as I do now’

How to get more matches on Tinder according to the most successful people using the app

‘Choose pictures that you feel great in and genuinely feel happy at the time’

Can you guess the university from the phallic building?

Why does every uni seem to have at least one phallic building?

These are the most popular people on Tinder right now

Warning: They’re all incredibly fit

This is what it’s like to break up with a friend according to people who’ve done it

‘I was glad I ditched her, but I should have done it in a better way’

Meet the Great Londini: The masked vigilante trying to clear up TikTok

‘We are taking social media back from the bullies’

British student who was stuck in Afghanistan has now been rescued

Miles Routledge bit off more than he could chew when he took an ill-timed trip to Kabul

We spoke to the British student whose holiday in Kabul went seriously wrong

Now, the Taliban is his best hope of getting out of Afghanistan

We spoke to the British student whose holiday in Kabul went seriously wrong

Now, the Taliban is his best hope of getting out of Afghanistan

Durham society president filmed man in blackface at a party and posted the video on Instagram

The man in blackface wasn’t a Durham Uni student

Unis not doing in-person teaching shouldn’t charge full fees, says Gavin Williamson

‘We do expect all universities to be moving back to the situation of actually delivering lessons and lectures face-to-face’

These are the uni cities where students are paying the highest amount of rent

Student rent has risen by 20 per cent since last year

Clubs are back – but so is drink spiking. Here are your stories

‘My body felt like it was weighed down by bricks’

Young people to be offered cheaper Ubers and Deliveroo as incentives to get the vaccine

Only 67 per cent of young people have had the vaccine

Young people are struggling to get the jab and can’t just be painted as lazy anti-vaxxers

These young people’s stories show that shaming students isn’t the magic solution the government thinks it is

Boris Johnson wants it to be mandatory for students to be double-jabbed before uni starts

He’s ‘raging’ that vaccine uptake appears to be slower amongst the young

One in three students say they’ve deleted the NHS Covid app

And nearly three quarters of students think Freedom Day has come too early

17-year-olds within three months of their 18th birthday can get their first Covid jab

You’ll need proof of two jabs to go clubbing from the end of September

A brief history of how the government pissed all over our trust during the pandemic

I literally can’t believe these people are in charge

Online lectures are actually a really good idea and I’m glad they’re sticking around

It’ll mean there’s more time for small class teaching

This is why it’s harder to get into a top uni this year

Three million people applied to uni this year

Half a million people are calling for ID to be compulsory to make a social media account

But others are saying it actually might not be a good idea

This is how much the houses on Gogglebox are likely to be worth

I think I’ll be moving to Blackpool

I bet you can’t guess which of these UK towns and cities are further north

Is Manchester further north than Liverpool?

Meet Omer Majid: The YouTuber who successfully broke into the Love Island villa

Of course he’s previously appeared as an extra on Casualty

‘I was going down a dark route’: Young people on fighting gambling addiction

‘You cannot win in the long term. Bookies will not allow that to happen’

Dominic Cummings’s family home is now a student house with a vibey basement

Cummings even helped to fix a burst pipe this year

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which poshboy nickname you should have

We can’t all be Chuggs

17 ways of saying you go to a northern uni without saying you go to a northern uni

Why does the water taste better up north?

This is what could actually happen if you have to isolate past your tenancy end date

You could end up paying three months’ worth of rent

You can’t call yourself a true LGBTQ+ ally if you still travel to these 11 countries

Cancel the gap year

Half of all uni students think their degree wasn’t good value for money

This is largely down to the lack of in-person tuition

The number of students dropping out of uni actually went down during the pandemic

There were four per cent fewer dropouts in 2020/21 compared with the previous year

This is what it’s really like growing up with gay parents

People project their wild theories onto you about how you were conceived

‘The hardest part was coming out to myself’: LGBTQ+ young people on their coming out stories

‘My mum said: “I can’t say anyone’s particularly surprised”‘

Graduate unemployment is as bad now as it was after the 2008 financial crash

Fewer grads are able to pay off their student loans

Order a chippy and we’ll guess if you’re from the North or the South

If you don’t like your chips drowning in gravy, then you’re defo from the south

Young trans people on their experiences of transitioning

‘I’m just happier in every single aspect’

This is what all the different Pride flags actually mean

Each flag represents a different sub-group within the wider LGBTQ+ community

This is how much the cast of Below Deck actually earn

Chief stew Hannah got around $24k every six weeks

Keir Starmer was a ‘party animal’ while studying at Leeds Uni

The Labour leader refuses to deny whether he’s ever taken drugs

The definitive ranking of all the Shrek films from best to Shrek Forever After

If you think it’s wrong, you can get out my swamp

There have been 40 antisemitic incidents recorded at UK universities since May 8th

Five antisemitic incidents were reported at UCL alone

Young women working in film and TV share their experiences of sexism in the industry

‘There isn’t much protection for young women in the early stages of their career and I think men in power definitely exploit this’

Russell Group vice-chancellors get pay rise after year of uni staff sackings

Temporary pay-cuts during the pandemic were a ‘PR exercise’, critics say

Molly-Mae slams Jake Paul for ‘faking’ flirty screenshot of DM allegedly sent by her

This is just the latest flashpoint in an ongoing feud between Tommy Fury and Jake Paul

You can’t call yourself a true Mamma Mia fan unless you get at least 30/35 in this quiz

Time to separate the Dancing Queens from the Waterloosers

University Jewish societies report rise in antisemitic abuse towards Jewish students

One UCL student was sent a death threat

Who is Pete from Gogglebox’s fiancée?

She went to uni in London

We asked nine boys about a time they worked through some unhappiness

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week

Non-binary students share mixed opinions on petition seeking to give their gender legal status

The petition has over 130k signatures and will be considered for debate in parliament

Plan a boozy trip to the park and we’ll tell you what uni you should have gone to

If you like ready salted crisps, you defo should’ve gone to Durham

We asked young Tories what they think of the government’s handling of unis this year

‘The student rent situation was undeniably unfair’

Over 100k people sign a petition calling for non-binary to be recognised as a legal gender

This means the government must now consider the petition for a debate

Revealed: The reality TV shows that produce the richest contestants on Instagram

I wouldn’t bother applying for Love Island

‘The situation is grim’: Indian students face £1.5k bill if they want to return to UK unis

A devastating wave of coronavirus is sweeping India

Just 17 reasons why Gogglebox is the best thing on TV right now

The Malones’ dogs are the stars

We asked freshers: Do you wish you’d deferred a year?

It’s been a first year like no other

So, is this the last ever series of Line of Duty?

Hastings just wants to catch more bent coppers

Everyone’s losing it over this girl’s pronunciation of Caffé Nero on TikTok

Caffé Nerooooo! 

Cuff me, but Line of Duty just isn’t *that* good

And while we’re here: Steve Arnott isn’t that fit either

These unis won’t punish you for reporting a sexual assault while breaking Covid rules

Five universities couldn’t rule disciplinary action out

Boomtown festival has been cancelled for the second year in a row

Fans are absolutely distraught

Vote: Which uni park is the best in the country?

Nothing beats a tinny in the park

Meet the students who’ve fallen for online scams and lost thousands of pounds

One student lost £3,000

Just a list of all the things you can do from today apart from go back to uni

Unis won’t be going back until May 17th at the earliest

‘They tried to pray the gay away’: Growing up gay in a deeply religious household

‘With the conversion therapy I said if you send me there, I will never come home again’

These are the rules for a white boy summer, according to Chet Hanks

‘It’s time for us to evolve. Period. It’s time for us to go from a Pikachu to a Raichu’

Below Deck: Who is Chef Ben and where is he now?

He’s absolutely loaded, claims to have played sports with royalty and still has his iconic spiky lid

Arts and humanities grads are more anxious than their scientific peers, study suggests

Engineers, Medics and Dentist are amongst the least anxious

Meet the drag acts studying at UK unis right now

Expect cheek, nerve, audacity, gall and even gumption

Leeds Uni has fired two staff members over student sexual assault in the past five years

Two more staff members were disciplined and one resigned over the same time period

Police officers ‘told students that they had keys to access their bedrooms’

Leeds Uni denied the claim that police have keys to students’ rooms

Why is the Government talking about uni free speech when students can’t pay their rent?

We don’t need a ‘free speech champion’ – we need a mental health champion

Leeds landlord moves drug dealer into student house leaving tenants with £1.5k bill

The dealer threw massive parties and trashed the house

So, it turns out there’s a Greggs outlet store in Leeds and everything is reduced ALL the time

I know where I’m off to tomorrow

Leeds students host halls party just hours after third lockdown introduced

The videos are captioned ‘Boris said what?’ and ‘What was that Boris ahahah?’

Leeds Beckett becomes first UK uni to introduce safety net policy

Students are also asked not to return to campus until further notice

Cut the Rent Leeds increases its demand to a 40 per cent rent reduction for Leeds Uni students

The organisation is also calling for a full rebate for uni students in the months of December and January

West Yorkshire Police broke up 18,000 parties in the first two months of term

These included parties, BBQs and raves occurring across the county of West Yorkshire

Uni staff rich list 2020: How many staff members at your uni are earning over £100k?

It’s not just VCs who rake in the dollar

Machete-wielding teenagers terrorise Leeds student areas

The police are yet to make any arrests

Leeds student drops earth-shattering DJ set to Economics seminar over Zoom

Gun fingers for John Maynard Keynes

Leeds alumni reveal what it was like studying when the Yorkshire Ripper was active

‘It got so bad that you just didn’t know where he was going to strike next’

Leeds Beckett insist halls fire exit locked with cable ties is ‘not a fire exit’

Despite it having a sign on it, saying ‘fire exit’

Leeds Uni students could be fined up to £100 for breaching social distancing in halls

Students who commit repeat offences could be kicked out of halls or even expelled from uni

Leeds Beckett is looking to house coursemates together

‘Study bubbles’ will hopefully slow the spread of coronavirus

‘The support has been very overwhelming’, says student who was racially abused while working at a coffee shop

Sabrina was called a ‘slave’ while working at the coffee shop

Leeds coffee shop apologises for black ex-employee being called a ‘slave’

‘We have not only failed this employee but ourselves and our customers too’

Bristol students to take part in socially distanced march on Bristol landlord

Students will hand deliver a letter to the directors of a Bristol-based property company

I bought a chain like Connell’s to see if it would get me more Tinder matches

The results will surprise you

Bristol student letting agency slashes rent by 50 per cent during coronavirus pandemic

Another letting agency has been less forgiving, prompting a rent strike

Uni of Bristol student tested for coronavirus as whole flat self-isolates

Students are being advised to take it in turns to use the kitchen

Revealed: The tasty things Hugh Brady likes to eat on his expenses

He looooooves a poppadom

Satisfaction with halls pastoral care plummets at UoB in wake of reforms

But in general students feel that mental health support channels are working well

UoB Pro-VC flies 18 times in a year as he urges staff to climate strike

Our very own Mr Worldwide took £26k worth of flights

Jewish students receive anti-Semitic abuse at Corbyn rally

One student was called a ‘filthy Zionist’

Jeremy Corbyn addresses crowd of thousands in Bristol

… but not everyone was pleased to see him

Jeremy Corbyn’s coming to Bristol today

Here are all the deets

Aitch ordered 10 pizzas from The White Rabbit on Thursday

10 pizzas, Jeremy! 10! That’s insane!

‘Tory cuts are responsible’ for the mental health crisis, says Bristol West MP

‘They made this problem, which has now reached the ages of 18-21’

UoB Student Council votes to keep beef and lamb on campus

But more beef sparks as a result

100+ evacuated from Beacon House because of burnt gluten free bagel

Beacon is finally lit (sort of)

Someone fell through the ceiling at Lakota last night

He is not in hospital and is recovering at home

British students on year abroad are being tear gassed in the Chile protests

‘I have never experienced such harrowing scenes of anarchy, anger and police brutality’

93 per cent of new Bristol students opt-in to mental health scheme

The scheme was used 36 times last academic year

New study reveals Bristol has the fifth most expensive student housing in the country

Students pay on average £1,537 per month

Bristol Uni to spend up to £25k in attempt to clamp down on student noise

If you live in Redland, good luck

The BBC just made a documentary about Bristol Uni house parties and it’s wild

‘We’re not killjoys, but we do actually want to be able to sleep as well’

The BBC just made a documentary about Bristol Uni house parties and it’s wild

‘We’re not killjoys, but we do actually want to be able to sleep as well’

Bristol student’s ceiling collapsed and Digs sent her a dehumidifier

But don’t worry, she’s sleeping on the sofa

Bristol Uni are funding more police patrols to STOP your house parties

And the targeted area has EXPANDED

UoB is telling freshers to live in Wales because there aren’t enough halls left


Bristol Uni spent £4.6k in eight-day attempt to silence house parties

Renewed attempts to combat student noise will take place in September

Bristol Uni spent £4.6k in eight-day attempt to silence house parties

Renewed attempts to combat student noise will take place in September

UoB contacted 36 parents to warn of suicide risk last year, as part of new scheme

The university are ‘hoping to pick up students in difficulty at an earlier stage’

Bristol student graduates two years after her mum and brother were tragically murdered

‘To graduate with my friends today has been very emotional’

Bristol student Natasha was failed before her suicide. Now her parents are fighting for the truth

The BBC have released a new documentary about Natasha Abrahart’s death, the 11th suspected suicide at Bristol in just over a year

Lewis Capaldi was getting the pints in at Mbargo on Monday

And you missed him because you were ‘revising’

Parents of Natasha Abrahart to sue Bristol University over daughter’s suicide

‘Bristol are not listening to us. They do not accept that there is a problem’

Students are using confessions pages to talk about suicide, and nobody knows what to do

This is what happens when your uni’s confessions page turns into a mental health service

Here are the funniest official suggestions that you can vote on to rename Senate House

Why not ‘Building McBuildingface’?

The UK’s weirdest Vice Chancellor has just resigned and nobody knows why

The banter era is over at De Montfort University

Blue Mountain to close down in February

Where else are we gonna go to be edgy af?

Bristol University Conservative Association auction off Rees-Mogg signed bucket hat to prevent bankruptcy

Bucket hat to bail out BUCA

The best stories from the ‘The Noise Pages’: Where a Bristol resident complains about uni house parties

Is your party on the website?

We went to the relaunch of Lizard Lounge and asked people what they thought

‘Honestly it’s like an orgasm but better, like ten times better’