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Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which iconic documentary maker you are

I’ll take Louis any day

At what point did we do anything to deserve the amount of amazing documentary talent we’ve got in this country? From Stacey Dooley to David Attenborough, the humble people of Great Britain need not leave the comfort of their sofas because we’re covered from every corner of the earth. While Louis Theroux has shown us some of the sheer insanity that is prevalent in America (The Westboro Baptist Church springs to mind), Reggie Yates has surprisingly made some really class telly in his years as a documentary presenter.

However, when all things are considered, you’re going to align to one of them more than the other – which, coincidentally, is why we happen to be here today. Below are 10 questions, and at the end, we will tell you exactly which iconic documentary maker you are. Enjoy!

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