Leeds student who wrote her diss on Louis Theroux got a 2:1

Theroux even liked her tweet about it

Each year, stressed third-year students are forced to write a super-long dissertation and every year, at least one student is brave enough to think outside the box and write about someone far different from Shakespeare- usually a celeb who is alive so you can tweet them about it.

This year we spoke to University of Leeds English Lang and Lit student Chloe Simon who wrote her diss on her idol Louis Theroux.

After she had finished her diss, Chloe tweeted Theroux and he actually liked it!!

What’s more, she absolutely smashed her diss, earning a 2:1 after the university recently released grades. Well done Chloe, you’ve done amazing!!

The original tweet read: “@louistheroux 7 days and counting until submission 🙁 It’s been a pleasure x”

Louis Theroux is the king of documentaries and Chloe’s absolute hero so it’s safe to say that she was “buzzing” that he recognised her tweet. I mean we’d all be gassed if anyone owning a blue tick liked our tweet, never mind a celeb we actually love. The tweet gained a whopping 170 likes!

Chloe made her first tweet before submitting the  7,994 word essay titled “HOW DOES HE THEROUX IT? An analysis of Louis Theroux’s style in BBC documentaries “because she couldn’t wait to tweet him. However, in a previous article, she told The Tab, that following his like,  she was planning to tweet him again once submitting her diss in the hope that he might reply to her.

Sadly, Chloe didn’t get a reply from Theroux but, did get messages on Twitter from fans of the documentary guru alike asking if they could read her diss.

Chloe told The Leeds Tab: “I’ve just always loved Louis Theroux. One of my tutors last year suggested doing it after my “fun fact” was that I love brews and Theroux Lol.”

She was also buzzing with her grade telling us that “I’m so happy with a 2:1 I had major fear about it!”

A well deserved 2:1 we say. Who wouldn’t want to read an essay on Louis Theroux?