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How to use the 3D photo effect that TikTokers are using to elevate their Insta game

Big vibes only

Recently you will have seen a whole heap of videos using the TikTok 3D photo effect – with pumping music, a quick montage of pictures will appear, cleverly edited to pop out of the screen in a 3D style. Whilst there was a time where this could only realistically be achieved with complex editing mastery, the TikTok 3D photo effect can now be done by anyone relatively easily by following just a few simple steps.

So, how do you use the TikTok 3D photo effect? Do any other apps need to be downloaded to utilise this effect? And is it actually easy to do? Here’s how to do the TikTok 3D photo effect for yourself.

@haleyeahfamLiterally everyone get capcut rn and go do it… #fyp #fypdoesntwork #trend #trending #capcut #3d #amazing♬ Deez – π–†π–“π–šπ–π–šπ–—π–”

How do I do the TikTok 3D photo effect?

How could you not want to learn how to use this effect – it makes your already badass pictures look even more badass! So, here’s how you achieve the effect for yourself:


  • Download CapCut on your phone – yes, it’s free.


  • Once downloaded, open the app and add your chosen photo to your timeline.


  • Tap the photo, go to “Style” and add the 3D zoom effect.


  • Cool, right? Now you want to add another 10 photos to your timeline. Set the first four to 0.5 seconds long, then the rest to 0.3 seconds long.



And now you have your very own 3D photo compilation for TikTok! If you’re feeling a bit short of inspiration, luckily there’s a load of examples to get your creative juices flowing:

@jus_kimmyhedMMM CHILEπŸ˜³β™¬ Redbone – stinky ol’ tree

@poloboy ♬ Deez – π–†π–“π–šπ–π–šπ–—π–”

@bmrboy5Life as a sniper recon team leader in the finnish military ##fyp ##military ##intti ##sniper ##recon♬ Deez – π–†π–“π–šπ–π–šπ–—π–”

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