shrek trivia quiz

Only a Shrek fanatic will get full marks in this bumper Shrek trivia quiz

And we’re talking all four films

Whether it’s through the endless memes, the iconic soundtrack or the various Shrek trivia quizzes we’ve done in the past, Shrek is one of those films that will live on long after we’ve all clocked it – just in case the scary fact that it was released an entire 20 YEARS AGO isn’t enough to lament this. However, as infinitely quotable and memorable the entirety of the series of Shrek films are, never before have we tested you on how well you know every single film in one quiz.

So, you think you’re a Shrek superfan? Well, this Shrek trivia quiz has 20 questions based upon all four of the Shrek films (for better or worse). Only a real fan will get full marks:

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