Only a true swamp-dwelling ogre will get full marks in this Shrek quiz

Calling all Shrek heads

If there was ever a franchise to demonstrate how a company shouldn’t overdo it when they’ve already made something so special, it’s the Shrek franchise. Dreamworks really went from producing two of the best films of all time before going: “You know what, let’s suddenly just make this really terrible and invite Justin Timberlake along for the ride”. Yeah, there have been rumours flying around of another instalment in the franchise for ages, but we won’t be watching out of protest (maybe).

Anyway, we can at least be appreciative of what we DO have, and that is a great and infinitely quotable film in Shrek from 2001! But just how much do you remember of the original and best of the series? Only a true fan will get above 13/15:

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