VeeOneEye was one of the alt YouTubers who hung around with figures like Marina Joyce. He came up doing challenge videos and collabing with his mates, and all seemed to be going well until he was accused of using his position of power to sleep with fans.

Although no actual investigation was conducted, Jason disappeared for a while before returning as VeeThirdEye. Yup, this kind of transformation is a common thing with controversial YouTubers as you’re about to find out.

He now has long coloured dreadlocks (as opposed to the old bird’s nest) and makes videos about spirituality and drug use – including this particularly disturbing video of him going through “ego death” after having taken two tabs of LSD.

Connor Murphy

Connor murphy became famous on YouTube for his videos showing off his impressive physique – getting his kit off in almost every upload, the channel was built upon “pranking” the public with his ripping sixpack and bulging arms.

It seems these days Connor has unfortunately lost his way. He’s still making videos, but many are speculating that he’s in the midst of a drug-instigated mania after he claimed to have taken ayahuasca, a psychedelic drug.

His Instagram is full of many confusing photos and videos, edited with vast colours and abstract shapes and he has made some pretty concerning claims to his audience.

In a recent Instagram post he declared that he drinks his own urine to stay healthy. “I drink my own urine twice daily,” he wrote. “To maximize the vibration of my urine, I put it in a quartz singing bowl that resonates at the musical note ‘A’ which is connected to the third eye chakra.

“Then I drink it and rub it all over my body, especially my face and hair. I’ve been feeling happier and healthier ever since.”



Andrew Hales was one of the biggest pranksters on YouTube at one point, famed for his awkward catchphrases and bizarre comfortability in walking up to strangers and behaving in the most cringe way possible.

Andrew has since stopped making prank videos and his views have dropped as a result. It’s clear he’s lost the passion for what he once did, and now he makes a range of self-deprecating and jokey videos, including the above recent upload with what appears to be his new ironic catchphrase: “What’s up my bitch-ass goats?!”


Another day, another prank channel that at one point you couldn’t escape from. Whatever was a massive channel – and I mean massive, with nearly four million subscribers – that produced “social experiment” videos.

Many of their biggest hits have got tens of millions of views and the channel has nearly one billion views, and while things seemed to be going really well for them, one day in 2017 they stopped uploading.

Brian recently returned to the channel and revealed in an update video that he has had many troubles in the last few years, ranging from lengthy legal battles to the failure of a planned creator house to suicides in his circle.

In the 10 months since returning he has made five videos, one of which has reached one million views.

Jenna Marbles

Jenna Marbles was one of the biggest YouTubers in the world when she abruptly announced last summer that she’d be quitting YouTube after she was accused of using blackface in one of her old videos. She apologised (for impersonating Nicki Minaj), and announced she’d be taking a hiatus.

So, now that she’s not a YouTuber anymore, what has Jenna been up to? Well, it’s mostly impossible to say. Although her partner Julian appears to be respecting her wishes not to appear online by only uploading selfies of himself, it was revealed in April of this year that they were engaged after eight years of being together.

Marina Joyce

Marina Joyce is that one YouTuber that not many people actually watched, but got an awareness of pretty quickly when she started to exhibit behaviour in videos that people found strange.

The hashtag #savemarinajoyce trended in 2016 as people believed she may have been held under captive, with many videos being released analysing her behaviour – and police even visited her to ensure she was okay.

Since then she reportedly went missing again in August 2019 but was found okay. She still makes videos to this day, but they appear to have taken a dive with views considering the two million subscribers she has. Marina appears to be into spirituality and tarot cards.


You will remember FPSRussia for his insane videos featuring all sorts of guns, cannons and explosives. The man behind the faux Russian exterior is Kyle Myers, who stopped uploading in 2016 after a troublesome few years.

Firstly, his manager Keith Ratliff was murdered in 2013 with a singular bullet to the back of the head. There is no information or update on who killed him, but there are abundant conspiracy theories online.

Then, in 2017, Kyle’s house was raided after he allegedly ordered 25 grams of hash oil. He was arrested for possession with intent to distribute and his weapons were taken. In 2019 he was sentenced to two months in prison and a fine of $7,500.

He is now cohost of the Painkiller Already podcast where he has spoken numerous times about how awful prison was and reflected on his time with FPSRussia.


And finally, we have Crabstickz, one of the original British YouTubers who hung out with the likes of Alex Day, TomSka and Dan and Phil.

Chris has uploaded irregularly since announcing several years ago that he’d be posting less, with his latest video having been released in November 2019. Searching through his social media, it appears that he hasn’t posted on Instagram since either.

He has been a little more active over on Twitter, yet whilst there are plenty of tweets from fans saying they miss him, it doesn’t look like he’ll be returning any time soon.