These 20 memes about the Shane Dawson drama will go nicely with all the tea

Don’t burn yourself on these memes, kids

Lemme level with you if you’ve clicked on this article you’ve entered in at level three of the video game that is the Shane Dawson Chronicles. You can’t be doing level three without clearing levels one and two. This means understanding the beef in its entirety and also catching up on recent developments involving Tati. Done that? Good boy. Here are your Shane Dawson memes, hot off the press.

All the best Shane Dawson memes for you to sip with your tea:

1. Woman yelling at cat meme is the best meme

2. I said what I said!!!!

3. EEEp

4. It’s uncanny tbf

5. The Shane Dawson memes did not come to mess about

6. Can’t wait tbh

7. Feeling nostalgic

8. This is so savage

9. They’re not wrong tbh

10. It’s not fair!

11. Valid points!

12. Why won’t you understand???

13. Fuck everyone, I guess

14. This is s t a r t l i n g

15. A very hot take

16. Me x

17. It’s ALWAYS you lot

18. He’s just vibin’

19. Oh dear

20. Inject it. Inject it all

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