Demonetisation and 900k subscribers lost: The fall out from Shane Dawson’s cancelling

His palette has been dropped

In case you weren’t aware, Shane Dawson has messed up pretty badly in the past, but it’s only now culminating in a very hard and drawn out cancelling. Every controversial joke that could possibly have been exposed from his old YouTube videos has been extracted, often containing strong references to paedophilia, racism and anti-Semitism to name just a few. He removed almost every video from his old YouTube channel, but it was clearly too little too late.

As is the case with many creators embroiled in controversy, this is not only a bad look for him but for his associated sponsors, and as such Shane has also lost out significantly with a number of lucrative brands. From his book range being dropped to losing his ad revenue on YouTube altogether, here’s the fallout of the Shane Dawson controversy.

His books have been dropped by Target

Shane had released two titles with Target – “I Hate Myselfie: A Collection of Essays by Shane Dawson” and “It Gets Worse: A Collection of Essays” –  but both have now been dropped online and in-store.

Speaking of the removal, Target told Insider: “We’re committed to creating an experience in which all guests feel welcomed and respected. We’re in the process of removing these books from our assortment.”

Morphe has removed the Jeffree x Shane Conspiracy Palette from its site

Sanders Kennedy was the first to break the news that Dawson’s collaboration with Jeffree Star had been removed from Morphe’s online store, tweeting out on Tuesday that there are no search results appearing when searching his product.

Jeffree’s products still appear, but he hasn’t been far from the drama as increasing pressure builds amidst the current Tati Westbrook drama.

In a particular documentary made by Shane about Star, Jeffree speculated that their conspiracy palette could likely make Shane $10 million from the product’s release. It’s unclear how much he did end up making, but seeing as the product has seemingly been largely successful, this may not be too far off.

He has had his channels demonetised

As YouTube has done with several creators that have spectacularly fallen from grace (remember a certain Japanese forest video?), all of Shane’s ads have been removed from his videos as a kind of sanction pending further action. This means that he can no longer collect any ad revenue from his content.

His channel still appears to be in the site’s preferred section however, seeing as his apology video was on the Trending Page last week and he is still the top result when searching “Shane” on YouTube.

He’s been called out by literal A-listers

Ever since the video of him pretending to pleasure himself to a photo of 11-year-old Willow Smith was unearthed by the Twitter mob, a number of prominent people came forward to express their disgust, including none other than her family. Both Jaden and mother of the family Jada tweeted about the matter, with the latter saying: “To Shane Dawson … I’m done with the excuses.”

He has lost vast amounts of subscribers

As you can see from his Socialblade page, Shane has lost nearly one million subscribers in the last month.

You can also see that he’s lost over ONE BILLION video views in the last 30 days, indicating that he’s been going back through and deleting/privating videos that will cause any more controversy. His Instagram metrics show a similar story:

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