Chromatica II 911 transition memes. All the best videos using the Chromatica audio. Coronation Street, Eastenders, Gemma Collins, Drag Race, Alison Hammond

21 uses of *that* Chromatica transition that prove it’s the gift that keeps on giving

Please award the Gemma Collins one a BAFTA

Gay Twitter truly is a wonderful thing. While Fiat 500 and football Twitter need a balanced diet of casual racism, homophobia and memes about Love Island to stay satiated, all the LGBT+ community needs to get by are 30 seconds between songs on a Lady Gaga album. Yes *that* transition between interlude ‘Chromatica II’ and ‘911’ on Gaga’s newest album has given birth to some very creative memes indeed, most of which oddly feature iconic clips from British soap operas. The mind truly boggles. But you did not click on this article for a rambly introduction. You know what you’re in for and we’ve got all the best Chromatica II 911 transition memes right here in one handy-dandy article.

These are the best Chromatica II 911 transition memes on the internet right now:

1. The originator

2. The inevitable Drag Race crossover

3. Queen Gemma ilysm

4. Can you imagine if they’d actually done this?

5. Get his ass Peter!

6. Creamy surprise ew

7. I don’t remember this happening but wow

8. Deleted scenes from that Harry Styles video

9. He couldn’t hear Gail over the sound of Gaga

10. They should just replace the duff duff with this

11. Side note have you seen Gail’s hair these days? Wtf is going on?

12. Loads better than the weird music they play in the actual film

13. Indeed… obviously

14. Can’t wait to see how this inspires the Tangled sequel

15. Every time I listen

16. Sadly I do not have a trampoline that cool… or heels

17. In a nutshell

18. Tomb Raider crossover. We love to see it

19. Spongebob is a queer icon, after all

20. Yes this is righteous content

21. The gays will always stan

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