Finally there’s a TikTok trend you can do with your boyfriend without dancing

You’ll probably have to buy him a PS5 to get him to do it

Boyfriends have few practical applications. One of these is to make them perform like monkeys for TikTok so that you may become TikTok famous. Unfortunately, most TikTok trends and formats require that your boyfriend be a talented dancer or funny, and in truth he is neither of these. Dressing head-to-toe in your wardrobe, however, is well within his remit and this is what this latest trend will allow him to do.

Step 1: The drip

In order to maximise this trends effectiveness, thou must succumb to gender norms. As we’re on TikTok we’re already fine with that, but the gf in this performance must dress as masculinely as possible. We’re talking ‘tache, we’re talking caps, we’re talking… um whatever you bf wears I guess. As for el boyfo, he must be dripped out to an unreasonable degree. Handbags, sunnies, jewellery, the works. Is this super heteronormative? You betcha. Is it going to get you a bazillion followers? Hell yeah. Will it fail if your boyfriend’s masculine ego is paper thin? Regrettably.

Step 2: The tune

The song you must play is called Famous by Iamsu! featuring Dej Loaf and K Camp. I am not joking here these are all real people who presumably chose those names for themselves, but it is not out place to question what TikTok deems a bop.

The bit we’re after is from 1:15 onwards. The serve must be excellent or you won’t get lots of likes and follows.

Step 3: The result

Okay but what does this trend actually look like when it’s finished? I am glad you asked, because I have been watching these for like the past seven hours and now I can share them with someone:

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