Georgia Davies
Georgia Davies

Study English in the hope that one day I might be paid to write my ideas down. Or, at the very least, teach them.

Second year house has put Louis Theroux as the star on their Christmas tree

So you can get Theroux exams

Multiple break ins have been reported in student houses

Police have advised people to keep their back doors locked

St Andrews Crushes has been deleted

Good news, a new one is being set up

The library is giving out free blankets to cold students

This is not a drill

If you resell ball tickets at double the price, you’re a shit person

It’s not called capitalism, it’s called being a dick

Can we please talk about every single uni lecture running overtime??

I have lost 250 minutes of my time this term alone

The only lecture I’ve ever had on women’s history was delivered by a man

15 minutes was spent talking about why women were considered biologically inferior

Freshers deserve to use the library as much as fourth years

It’s unpopular but they still pay £9000

Why St Andrews has killed Christmas

I’m sorry you can only go home for two days

We may have lost varsity, but St Andrews will always beat Edinburgh

…and not just in university rankings

Things I’ve actually heard St Andrews students say

‘Should I get one champagne bottle or two?’

University of St Andrews tops National Student Survey

Sorry Oxbridge who?

The University of St Andrews made £60,000 from your library fines

2015/2016 was another year for extorting poor, helpless students

Meet the people who spend hours swiping left and right but have never gone on a Tinder date

‘I mean I have a girlfriend but sometimes flick through’

The history of Hamish McHamish, the cat that belonged to St Andrews

His statue cost £5,000

Girls share their experiences of all the little sexist things that happened at school

‘I was told by a teacher I needed to be sexy and seductive to get a part in a school play. I was 11’

What people who’ve done a year abroad wished they’d brought with them

‘Basic knowledge of Scottish slang. Saying ‘pants’ is weird here. ‘

‘Boxpark, Morley’s, Tiger Tiger’ things you’ll only know if you grew up in Croydon

It’s ends mate.

Dropping out of Durham in exchange for St Andrews was the best decision I ever made

The college system left me feeling claustrophobic

‘Can you be my gay best friend?’ and other questions LGBT+ people are done with being asked

Pride is supposed to be a celebration of freedom – but some people still don’t know how to speak to us

Everything you’ll ever understand if you’ve been a lifeguard

Let’s be honest, it’s watching water