Georgia Davies
Study English: prose before bros

‘It’s students who are targeted’: Victims of assault in St Andrews speak out

Five people have already been arrested

St Andrews grad and sex offender ‘suffered hard’ in jail and wants early release

He was sentenced in 2015 for multiple attacks on women

Scam email promising £500 tax returns sent to hundreds of St Andrews addresses

A similar scam hit Cambridge

‘Don’t force me to erase my identity’: St Fessdrews post ignites online feud about colonialism

The post has four love reacts

The Athletics Union has donated hundreds of pounds worth of presents to a local children’s hospital

The team donated presents to Ninewells Children’s Ward

Here are the best festive looks at this year’s Christmas Ball

Jealous of the people who actually remembered to take photos in Kinkell

Christmas Ball: an end of term festive miracle

There’s a reason why tickets sell out in under a minute

Here are the best dressed students from this year’s Szentek

You wish you were as cool as them

Students send Principal 450-signature letter demanding cheaper accommodation

They delivered the letter, in person, to Professor Sally Mapstone this afternoon

I found my Szen at Szentek

It was SO much more than a rave in a barn

Here’s a round up of the best that this year’s St Andrews Movember Campaign has to offer

Someone grew a MULLET and dyed it rainbow colours

St Andrews students launch new campaign to make uni accommodation ‘affordable’

They say St Andrews prices are ‘considerably higher than other institutions’

Your font choice absolutely determines what essay grade you will get

Comic Sans users should not bother submitting anything

On Saturdays we wear wellies: welly ball after party

Kinkell, as always, was like a Christmas card

New arrest warrant issued for St Andrews academic in the Economics department

Her hearing has now been delayed so she can seek ‘legal clarity’

St Andrews academics vote for strike action

84 per cent of academics who voted said YES

Here’s everything you need to know about what Szentek actually is

It’s definitely not just a “rave in a barn for charity”

St Andrews gave out free condoms at a Brexit awareness event

Makes sense for the world’s longest break-up

Review: This year’s Opening Ball

New location, still lit

CombiniCo is giving out free coffee all of next week

Plus it’s all vegan