Georgia Davies
Study English: prose before bros

St Andrews won’t be calling students back from Hong Kong

They have said they will ‘monitor the situation’

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Comic Sans users should not bother submitting anything

On Saturdays we wear wellies: welly ball after party

Kinkell, as always, was like a Christmas card

New arrest warrant issued for St Andrews academic in the Economics department

Her hearing has now been delayed so she can seek ‘legal clarity’

St Andrews academics vote for strike action

84 per cent of academics who voted said YES

Here’s everything you need to know about what Szentek actually is

It’s definitely not just a “rave in a barn for charity”

St Andrews gave out free condoms at a Brexit awareness event

Makes sense for the world’s longest break-up

Review: This year’s Opening Ball

New location, still lit

CombiniCo is giving out free coffee all of next week

Plus it’s all vegan

All you need to know about St Andrews’ most iconic event: wellies are mandatory

But they definitely don’t have to be Hunters

This is how old The Politician cast are in real life

Payton is 26 going on 18

‘St Andrews students are crazy’: We chatted to the Starfields headliners

Matoma said he would come back and bring his girlfriend next time

The Tab St Andrews is looking for writers and we want YOU

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A Grammy award-winning DJ will be playing St Andrews Freshers’ Week

Does this mean we’re finally cool??

Here’s a roundup of the best events to go to this Freshers’ Week

Get ready for some serious dancing because it’s about to get LIT

St Andrews is now the second best university in the UK

Sorry Oxford.

A St Andrews society has launched a petition to make consent workshops mandatory

The petition hopes to combat sexual assault and abuse within all areas of the university community

You can now vote journals out of the library to make more space for students

If anyone votes to keep the journals please leave asap

These students locked themselves in Nandos to raise money for charity

A vegetarian of two years ate chicken for the cause

Student creates ‘Mass Suicide’ event on Facebook, and people aren’t happy

Someone invited to the event called it ‘fucked up’