Georgia Davies
Georgia Davies

Study English in the hope that one day I might be paid to write my ideas down. Or, at the very least, teach them.

Here’s why this year’s St Andrews Charity Polo Tournament will be the best yet

Only reason needed: there’ll be crepes

Here are the best dressed people from Elaga 2018

One guy even dressed as a tourist

This is what happened when the March for Our Lives came to St Andrews

This is the first march against American gun violence held at a British university

Here’s how you can find you soulmate for £3 and donate to charity at the same time

You can even bribe them for a better match

There’s going to be a vote on another week of strikes in April

The UCU dispute has not yet been solved and ‘it looks probable that further strike action will commence’

Breaking: The Union are getting rid of Pablos

It’s the end of the world as we know it

Breaking: St Andrews has rejected the UUK offer to end strikes

This means that strikes will probably continue

Why does our uni only care about medical students?

Other students need love too ok?

A graduate is suing her university for £60,000 for giving her a ‘mickey mouse degree’

She has accused them of fraud in their university prospectuses

Happy International Women’s Day, your lecture on gender history has been cancelled

This is due to strike action

This candidate for union president wants to ‘personally cancel all creepy old men at the Vic’

He doesn’t have a manifesto but a ‘peoplefesto’ to avoid offence

UCU accuses St Andrews University of threatening strike staff with cutting maternity leave

According to UCU basic rights for staff have been threatened

Don’t Walk: Don’t hesitate to call it the best event we’ve been to this year

This year’s Don’t Walk was an organisation triumph

These are the people protesting to support the university strikes and here’s what they have to say

Students marched today in support of the lecturers

Here are the best dressed from this year’s FS

We searched high and low (but not on the runway)

dRAG walk, rainbow bop and sinners: here’s what’s happening in St Andrews this rag week

Dancing queen has never sounded so good

St Andrews lecturer has given students a template encouraging them to complain to the Principle in solidarity with the strikes

The Head of Teaching for Geography gave students an email template to complain to the Principle

Lecturer strike officially ‘likely to go ahead’

Departments have opened up office hours for those concerned about the strikes

New university hall will cost over £9,000 a year

St Andrews is already the second most expensive place to live for students in the UK

If lecturers are going to strike that’s fine, but at least give us our money back

They’re taking away £770 worth of lectures

Plans revealed for two weeks of staff strikes at St Andrews

These will take place during term time