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Georgia Davies
St. Andrews University


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Only a third of reports of sexual misconduct to St Andrews resulted in disciplinary action

30 cases have been reported in the last three years

St Andrews graduations have been cancelled due to COVID-19

Final years can choose to take part in future ceremonies

St Andrews lectures after spring break could all be moved online because of coronavirus

Students returning from abroad will likely have to self isolate

St Andrews will keep giving out free reusable sanitary products after successful trial

The next giveaway will be in early April

‘I have the body confidence I never thought I would have when I was younger’: Meet this year’s Catwalk models

It’s the only St Andrews fashion show that donates 100% of its profits to charity

Here’s how you can choose the charities that the union gives thousands of pounds to each year

Each year three charities are selected

St Andrews poised to take legal action over council’s proposed rent increase

‘The anger of our students is entirely understandable’

‘It’s so empowering’: What it’s like being a model in a uni fashion show

‘The people in the crowd are usually cheering the women on’

Grammy-nominated DJ loved St Andrews so much he’s coming back

He told us he’d ‘love to come here every year’

Meet ‘Here for Sport’: the charity founded in St Andrews that wants to make a big difference

They’ve already organised events with Olympic athletes

Here’s everything you’ve ever wanted to know about this year’s FS models

Let’s just say body oil is involved

‘It’s students who are targeted’: Victims of assault in St Andrews speak out

Five people have already been arrested

St Andrews grad and sex offender ‘suffered hard’ in jail and wants early release

He was sentenced in 2015 for multiple attacks on women

Scam email promising £500 tax returns sent to hundreds of St Andrews addresses

A similar scam hit Cambridge

‘Don’t force me to erase my identity’: St Fessdrews post ignites online feud about colonialism

The post has four love reacts

The Athletics Union has donated hundreds of pounds worth of presents to a local children’s hospital

The team donated presents to Ninewells Children’s Ward

Here are the best festive looks at this year’s Christmas Ball

Jealous of the people who actually remembered to take photos in Kinkell

Christmas Ball: an end of term festive miracle

There’s a reason why tickets sell out in under a minute

Here are the best dressed students from this year’s Szentek

You wish you were as cool as them

Students send Principal 450-signature letter demanding cheaper accommodation

They delivered the letter, in person, to Professor Sally Mapstone this afternoon

I found my Szen at Szentek

It was SO much more than a rave in a barn

Here’s a round up of the best that this year’s St Andrews Movember Campaign has to offer

Someone grew a MULLET and dyed it rainbow colours

St Andrews students launch new campaign to make uni accommodation ‘affordable’

They say St Andrews prices are ‘considerably higher than other institutions’

St Andrews won’t be calling students back from Hong Kong

They have said they will ‘monitor the situation’

Your font choice absolutely determines what essay grade you will get

Comic Sans users should not bother submitting anything

On Saturdays we wear wellies: welly ball after party

Kinkell, as always, was like a Christmas card

New arrest warrant issued for St Andrews academic in the Economics department

Her hearing has now been delayed so she can seek ‘legal clarity’

St Andrews academics vote for strike action

84 per cent of academics who voted said YES

Here’s everything you need to know about what Szentek actually is

It’s definitely not just a “rave in a barn for charity”

St Andrews gave out free condoms at a Brexit awareness event

Makes sense for the world’s longest break-up

Review: This year’s Opening Ball

New location, still lit

CombiniCo is giving out free coffee all of next week

Plus it’s all vegan

All you need to know about St Andrews’ most iconic event: wellies are mandatory

But they definitely don’t have to be Hunters

This is how old The Politician cast are in real life

Payton is 26 going on 18

‘St Andrews students are crazy’: We chatted to the Starfields headliners

Matoma said he would come back and bring his girlfriend next time

St Andrews has been given one million pounds to spend studying RATS

No this isn’t for a sequel to Ratatouille

The Tab St Andrews is looking for writers and we want YOU

Read for a chance to write for the biggest student news site in the UK

A Grammy award-winning DJ will be playing St Andrews Freshers’ Week

Does this mean we’re finally cool??

Here’s a roundup of the best events to go to this Freshers’ Week

Get ready for some serious dancing because it’s about to get LIT

St Andrews is now the second best university in the UK

Sorry Oxford.

A St Andrews society has launched a petition to make consent workshops mandatory

The petition hopes to combat sexual assault and abuse within all areas of the university community

You can now vote journals out of the library to make more space for students

If anyone votes to keep the journals please leave asap

These students locked themselves in Nandos to raise money for charity

A vegetarian of two years ate chicken for the cause

Student creates ‘Mass Suicide’ event on Facebook, and people aren’t happy

Someone invited to the event called it ‘fucked up’

Here are the best dressed from this year’s May Ball

The last ball of the year saw some of the finest garms we’ve seen

Inside St Andrews’ secret societies where you have to pay £100,000 if you tell anyone about it

Meet the ‘men of endless virility’

St Andrews ranked fifth best university in the UK

Edinburgh who?

These students are taking their unis to court for the contact hours they lost during the strikes – and here’s how you can too

Over 1,000 students are hoping for £10 million in compensation from their unis

Here’s why this year’s St Andrews Charity Polo Tournament will be the best yet

Only reason needed: there’ll be crepes

Here are the best dressed people from Elaga 2018

One guy even dressed as a tourist

This is what happened when the March for Our Lives came to St Andrews

This is the first march against American gun violence held at a British university

Here’s how you can find you soulmate for £3 and donate to charity at the same time

You can even bribe them for a better match

There’s going to be a vote on another week of strikes in April

The UCU dispute has not yet been solved and ‘it looks probable that further strike action will commence’

Breaking: The Union are getting rid of Pablos

It’s the end of the world as we know it

Breaking: St Andrews has rejected the UUK offer to end strikes

This means that strikes will probably continue

Why does our uni only care about medical students?

Other students need love too ok?

A graduate is suing her university for £60,000 for giving her a ‘mickey mouse degree’

She has accused them of fraud in their university prospectuses

Happy International Women’s Day, your lecture on gender history has been cancelled

This is due to strike action

This candidate for union president wants to ‘personally cancel all creepy old men at the Vic’

He doesn’t have a manifesto but a ‘peoplefesto’ to avoid offence

UCU accuses St Andrews University of threatening strike staff with cutting maternity leave

According to UCU basic rights for staff have been threatened

Don’t Walk: Don’t hesitate to call it the best event we’ve been to this year

This year’s Don’t Walk was an organisation triumph

These are the people protesting to support the university strikes and here’s what they have to say

Students marched today in support of the lecturers

Here are the best dressed from this year’s FS

We searched high and low (but not on the runway)

dRAG walk, rainbow bop and sinners: here’s what’s happening in St Andrews this rag week

Dancing queen has never sounded so good

St Andrews lecturer has given students a template encouraging them to complain to the Principle in solidarity with the strikes

The Head of Teaching for Geography gave students an email template to complain to the Principle

Lecturer strike officially ‘likely to go ahead’

Departments have opened up office hours for those concerned about the strikes

New university hall will cost over £9,000 a year

St Andrews is already the second most expensive place to live for students in the UK

If lecturers are going to strike that’s fine, but at least give us our money back

They’re taking away £770 worth of lectures

Plans revealed for two weeks of staff strikes at St Andrews

These will take place during term time

Things I’ve genuinely heard St Andrews students say

‘How am I supposed to get a table of 10 people? I don’t have 10 friends.’

University of St Andrews staff overwhelmingly support strike action over pensions

Over 90 per cent of University of St Andrews staff said they were considering taking industrial action over pension concerns

Second year house has put Louis Theroux as the star on their Christmas tree

So you can get Theroux exams

Multiple break ins have been reported in student houses

Police have advised people to keep their back doors locked

St Andrews Crushes has been deleted

Good news, a new one is being set up

The library is giving out free blankets to cold students

This is not a drill

If you resell ball tickets at double the price, you’re a shit person

It’s not called capitalism, it’s called being a dick

Can we please talk about every single uni lecture running overtime??

I have lost 250 minutes of my time this term alone

The only lecture I’ve ever had on women’s history was delivered by a man

15 minutes was spent talking about why women were considered biologically inferior

Freshers deserve to use the library as much as fourth years

It’s unpopular but they still pay £9000

Why St Andrews has killed Christmas

I’m sorry you can only go home for two days

We may have lost varsity, but St Andrews will always beat Edinburgh

…and not just in university rankings

Things I’ve actually heard St Andrews students say

‘Should I get one champagne bottle or two?’

University of St Andrews tops National Student Survey

Sorry Oxbridge who?

The University of St Andrews made £60,000 from your library fines

2015/2016 was another year for extorting poor, helpless students

Meet the people who spend hours swiping left and right but have never gone on a Tinder date

‘I mean I have a girlfriend but sometimes flick through’

The history of Hamish McHamish, the cat that belonged to St Andrews

His statue cost £5,000

Girls share their experiences of all the little sexist things that happened at school

‘I was told by a teacher I needed to be sexy and seductive to get a part in a school play. I was 11’

What people who’ve done a year abroad wished they’d brought with them

‘Basic knowledge of Scottish slang. Saying ‘pants’ is weird here. ‘

‘Boxpark, Morley’s, Tiger Tiger’ things you’ll only know if you grew up in Croydon

It’s ends mate.

Dropping out of Durham in exchange for St Andrews was the best decision I ever made

The college system left me feeling claustrophobic

‘Can you be my gay best friend?’ and other questions LGBT+ people are done with being asked

Pride is supposed to be a celebration of freedom – but some people still don’t know how to speak to us

Everything you’ll ever understand if you’ve been a lifeguard

Let’s be honest, it’s watching water

What your halls say about you

Pity those in DR far away

St Andrews ranked in the top 100 universities in the world

Above Edinburgh, of course

St Andrews gets best ever ranking at third in the UK

Get ready Oxbridge, this might be your last year on top

St Andrews Charity Polo: the event where we accept ourselves

So what if it’s called Horse Hockey? The charity tournament shows we can accept we’re just a little bit posh

Meet the new sport taking over universities: quidditch

Every wanted to feel the wind blowing through your hair on top of a broomstick? This is the closest thing you’ll get to that, ya cheeky muggle

St Andrews reacts to the snap election news

Theresa May announced a general election at 11AM today, we took to the winding streets of St Andrews to bring you the views of the public

We interviewed Republicans Overseas: here’s what they said

The group reveals their guiding beliefs, the story behind the assault after their Results Night social and their protection by university security

Let’s face it: the ballot system is outdated

What do you mean you don’t magically make 10 friends in Freshers’ Week?

The last sinners of term has been cancelled

The sports night has been cancelled due to high winds