Leeds students’ landlord gifts them £50 each for being such lovely tenants

Lol you’re not even getting your deposit back mate

Okay, you might want to look away if you’re currently facing the prospect of your landlord greedily munching your entire deposit because of a stain you’re sure was there before you moved in. Because today the nicest landlord probably ever revealed himself to be a man named John. What did John do, you ask? Well not only did John refund his tenants deposit at the end of their tenancy, he gifted them all £50 on top of it.

Maisie, Nicole, Josh and Seyyi received a text from John this week, informing them he would be refunding their deposit and threw in the additional cash so they could “buy something nice.”

“He’s a lovely guy and everything, we’ve not had any problems but I would never expect £50 each off him,” Maisie told The Leeds Tab. “It was a complete surprise.”


Maisie tweeted the texts from the landlord, which quickly went viral. After the tenants thanked him, he replied: “I’ll refund your deposits in the next few minutes. You have all been excellent tenants and a pleasure to deal with and I’m sorry to see you leave.

“As a thank you, I have added a small bonus to each of your deposits making it £300 and now the shops are opening again I hope you’ll be able to buy something nice.”

Maisie later told The Leeds Tab: “I think we’ve been pretty good tenants, the majority (myself included) have lived there for three years. Our landlord John has been great throughout.”

Maisie’s tweet saw many students coming forward with their own horror stories, to which she replied: “Seeing some tweets about landlords and how they treat their tenants is a joke! This is real, me and my housemates lived in his property in Leeds for three years and without any issues really so I feel lucky.”

Maisie told The Leeds Tab: “I’m not sure we always made sure the house was clean, we had good communication with John if anything needed fixing and he’d send someone straight away.

“I guess being there for three years helped as he could see we kept the house in good condition and stuff after that time.

“No problems with bills etc and he made sure they were after student loan dropped which was great.”

As for what she’s going to spend the money on, Maisie says she has “no idea”.

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