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Quiz: Can you match the Love Islander to the series they appeared on?

This is harder than you think

With Love Island 2021 about to kick off, when you actually stop to look back, the show really has given us a lot. But how well do you really remember all of the glorious Love Island series?

The summer of 2018 was the best thing to ever happen to most of us, with Love Island being amazing, the weather was incredible and we really thought football was coming home. But who was even in that cohort of Islanders? Was is Georgia Steel or Molly Mae? Which year was Amber Gill and which was Amber Davies? Who was on it in 2015? When was series three again? They all blend into one these days.

In the quiz below you have to match the Love Island contestant to the series in which they appeared – which sounds easy – but it I can assure you, it really isn’t. If you get full marks, you’ve proven yourself as a true fan, and you’re probably still crying that this season isn’t going ahead. It’s ok to be sad x

In this quiz all you have to do is match the Love Island cast member to the correct series:

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