Leeds lingo: Your ultimate urban dictionary for understanding Leeds student slang

Your rundown of terms like Bakery, Monty B and RPP

With almost two semesters done and dusted, it’s probably fair to say that those of you that came to Leeds in September have about settled down.

You know where the libraries are – although you might still be plucking up the courage to enter Brotherton main circle – you’ve got the bus routes pretty much nailed down – that is, just the 56 – and you’ve probably found yourself a favourite coffee shop to go and study in – let me guess, it’s the Laidlaw or Business School Caffe Nero.

You’ve likely also started to come across, and maybe even begin using, some of the local Leeds Uni language: an ‘I’m going to Eddy B today’ here, and a ‘fancy a Bakery?’ there. However, for the freshers, and even us ancient final years, who are still left scratching heads at some of the terms flying around campus, we’ve compiled a handy guide to all the student lingo you need to know.

1. Eddy B

Let’s start nice and straightforward – Eddy B is short for Edward Boyle, one of the libraries on campus. It’s probably the most social out of all the libraries (and by social I mean loud) so best to avoid if you need to get any serious work done.

2. Town

Again, not too difficult, but if anyone says they’re going to town, they mean Leeds city centre. It’s just that ‘town’ makes people feel like they’re locals.


A term that most people secretly wish could be used to describe them, BNOC stands for Big Name On Campus. In reality, it’s a bit of a pipe dream given there are tens of thousands of students in Leeds, but it’s still nice to aspire towards.

4. Monty B

Another B – this time to refer to the student halls, Montague Burton, near Woodhouse. We can kind of see the rationale behind this one, Montague Burton is a bit of a mouthful, after all.

5. Bakery

Technically, ‘Bakery’ does refer to a bakery, but more specifically it stands for Bakery164, the sandwich and coffee shop opposite the Parkinson Building. Getting your lunch here is not for the weak of heart because it’s always absolutely heaving, not just with students from Leeds Uni, but also those from the nearby sixth form college.

6. Dev

If there’s one thing Leeds students love, it’s giving accommodations unnecessarily short names. Here, Dev is short for Devonshire Hall, which is found just below James Baillie (JB – no, I’m not joking).

7. RPP

One that makes sense, RPP stands for Royal Park Pub, a student local in the middle of Hyde Park. Its £2 pints on Tuesdays and Friday karaoke nights have made it so that people will genuinely queue two hours in the cold for a chance to get in, and who can blame them.

8. Rah

It might have become an internet joke, but ‘rah’ is also definitely a term I’ve heard used seriously on campus. At this point, I’m not sure anyone knows exactly what it’s supposed to mean, but broadly speaking it’s a posh word used to express disbelief or excitability, depending on the situation.

9. Baccy

Look, I couldn’t not follow rah with baccy – the Hyde Park girlies have claimed it as their ironic (and sometimes unironic) tagline. For the non smokers out there, however, baccy is short for tobacco.

10. Brude

Another pub, Brude stands for Brudenell Social Club, a top tier establishment – I’m not biased – in the centre of Hyde Park. Aside from a good atmosphere, Brude also has a games room full of pool tables, perfect for a chill one with your friends, and a stacked line up of artists who’ll you find performing in one of its two event spaces every week.

11. Book club

Now someone could well be talking about an actual book club, but it’s more likely that they’re talking about Hyde Park Book Club, a favourite bar with Leeds students. It has a cosy candlelit main room for in the colder months and its outdoor seating becomes a sun trap in the summer, so if you’ve not already, we’d recommend checking it out.

12. Charlie Mo

Here is where I start to get caught out – Charlie Mo apparently refers to Charles Morris, one of the accommodations on campus. Maybe I’m getting too old but this is definitely a new one that’s started doing the rounds since my first year.

13. Henny P

What did I say – Leeds students are a sucker for an abbreviation. I could just about allow Charlie Mo, but Henny P for Henry Price? A line needs to be drawn somewhere and this might it.

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