We got you third years: Here are 10 self care tips to get you through this semester

This one goes out to the final years writing their diss


We get it. You’re in your final year of uni, the stress and deadlines are piling up, but you want to make the most out of your last year.

To do so, you have to have a little thing called work life balance. This seems IMPOSSIBLE when your course is setting you readings the size of a mountain, your dissertation is looming and  your mates are somehow applying for grad jobs.

Even writing about this has got me stressed, so here are some ways to ease the pressure and make the most out of your third and final year as a Leeds uni student (v sad).

1. Chill night in

Instead of bringing your uni work home with you, leave it at the door and do whatever you need to do to chill.

If your uni readings haven’t wiped you out, pick up that book that has been staring at you on your shelf. If your uni readings have wiped you out (same), why not get up your fave TV series or film, order in a takeaway, and put work to the back of your mind.

2. Find a study motivator

Whilst getting a degree should be incentive enough to study, some days, academic validation alone isn’t enough. Instead, there is no better motivation than declaring a hard day of work and heading down to the library with your friends. So find a group study spot, hold each other accountable and get to work.

If your friends do not have the intended effect and just serve as a distraction, then get yourself a campus crush. What better way to ensure an appearance at the library than the motivation of appearing studious in front of a random person you know nothing about (other than your impending marriage).

3. Stick to a schedule

What they say is true – getting a decent nights sleep and sticking to a schedule improves your mental health. Who would have thought!

During your final year, you probably have more independent study than previous years, so a consistent schedule is a good place to start. Only you know what routine works for you, so find one and stick to it.

4. Sweet treats

Now is not the time to suffer through healthy eating, it’s time to up the ante on the sweet treats to get you through studying. Head down to Sainos and treat yourself to that Ben and Jerry’s.

5. Go on a night out

You may be in your final year, but don’t forget your roots, you are a uni student! Get some drinks with your mates and make the most out of your uni city before you leave it.

Your scene may have changed over the years (RIP Pryzm), but within you is the same student that once survived freshers and its infamous flu.

6. Get out in nature

Apparently rotting in your house all day is not good for the soul. Whilst you may live in a city, there are beautiful areas only a short train ride away.

Even a walk in general with your fave music or podcast will be beneficial, just to remind you that fresh air exists.

7. Talk with friends

Simple and effective, a natter with friends is always the best way to check up on each other in this tough time.

Make the most of having your friends in such close proximity, in the same life situation, readily available to yap with, as you will never be uni students in the same city again (unless of course you have embarked on a panic masters).

8. Try new food places

If cooking is an added stress, why not tick off your foodie bucket list and go out (or order in) to those food places you’ve had your eye on.

It will give you something to look forward to after a long day of uni, and if you have been looking for a sign to order a takeaway tonight, feel free to use this as your message from the universe.

9. You do you

This is a self care list, aka, whatever will help YOU get through the semester you should do. Everyone works different, whether you’re an early bird or night owl, there is no set way you should be working.

As for self care, this could come in the simple form of staying home and napping, getting coffee, enjoying a hobby, or it may even be going to the gym (if this is you, I salute you). Whatever it is, do it, as it’s you who has to get this degree, so look after yourself.

10. Remember there is an end in sight

University is almost over, the definition of bitter sweet! No matter how you do, congratulate yourself for making it this far.

Take it day by day, and know there is help and support available to you.

Support can be found from the University of Leeds wellbeing page here

Find the Mind student mental health website here. 

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