Every Leeds student needs to know about these second hand vintage stores

Yes, I have spent all my student loan in Pop Boutique

One thing I didn’t get warned about coming to Leeds Uni was the fashion jealousy I would be faced with everyday walking half asleep to my 9am.

Whether it’s people watching in Eddy B and seeing someone with a reworked Carhartt jacket, or walking through Baines Wing and being faced with the most immaculate American football jersey ever in sight, trying to keep up with the Leeds fashion scene has left my bank account terrified and my sweats begging to be worn again.

If you’re just like me and wondering how to spruce up your essentials in your wardrobe by a forever vintage piece, then Leeds has so much to offer – here are some of my favourite affordable vintage stores in Leeds, and their little quirks that come with their amazing products.

 1. Pop Boutique

A personal favourite of mine will always be Pop Boutique, and coming from Manchester I practically kissed the ground to be greeted with one in Leeds.

Just on Lands Lane, this trendy store is perfect for students, pretty much open most of the working day Monday to Sunday and always filled with smiley staff. Even if it’s just for fashion inspiration it’s amazing to pop into the store and see the rack of staff favourites which showcase their different aesthetics and personalities.

Whether you’re looking for windbreakers, short sleeved shirts or a skirt that’ll make you feel like a model off duty, Pop Boutique has it for you with a wide range of sizes and changing rooms available for a quick try on if you’re an indecisive buyer like myself (no shame here).

 2. COW Vintage

COW Vintage, Vicar Lane

Another incredible second hand store is COW. This unique store is perfect for someone who wants to stay up to date with street style trends, but stick out from the crowd.

COW repurposes old vintage classics to create new pieces that completely elevate an outfit. Just on Vicars Lane, this whimsical shop not only sells beautiful clothes, but also generally is just such a beautiful store.

If you’re looking for a more expensive piece to treat yourself or someone you love, COW is definitely the place. My personal favourite item of clothing came straight from there; my Carhartt repurposed tie front vest jacket that makes me catfish on campus and not act like a sweatshirt wearer 24/7.

3. North South Vintage

North South Vintage

A personal favourite for Leeds students has to be North South Vintage. I don’t think there’s been a moment when I haven’t walked past and thought “go on just one little look” and walked out with a multitude of sale items that I was convinced I had to get.

This two storey store sells everything from posters to jewellery to that one jacket you refused to talk to your dad about for a week after he donated it. I would definitely recommend this store if you’re new to Leeds and looking for a calm shopping store – North South can definitely offer it to you.

And, for anyone who loves a good sale, watch out for their 50 per cent off which they put in their window, because finding such cool clothes for such a low price from such a nice store is always a great feeling.

4. Ryan Vintage

Ryan Vintage, Duncan Street

Just on Duncan Street is Ryan Vintage. This quaint store has vintage steals wall to wall, from as soon as you enter the door. Specialising in men’s clothing, or for anyone after a baggier fit, the various array of jackets will make you think someone’s been stalking your Pinterest board.

A fan favourite in my flat, this affordable store brings vintage sportswear into your wardrobe so easily. It’s also perfect for those who have mini competitions with their shopping partners on who can find the best item of clothing – with so many racks and shelves you could be torn between a multitude of options.

5. Blue Rinse 

Finally, a Merrion Centre classic: Blue Rinse. It’s practically impossible to ignore this vintage place after your weekly shop at Morrisons – their cool mannequins are always styled to perfection. With its impeccable organisation which makes shopping quick, efficient and enjoyable, my favourite section of this underrated gem has to be the sunglasses rack. Even if it’s one degree outside, you know I will be trialling every pair for a holiday I definitely cannot afford, but who could say no to such a beautiful selection.