Nottingham has one of the highest percentages of unvaccinated young people in the country

Meet the local team

Nottingham Trent allowed three convicted killers to give lectures to students

One is serving a life sentence and left prison for the day to give paid lectures to students

University of Nottingham rejects Catholic Chaplain over abortion tweets

The University said its concern was not his views but the ‘manner in which these views have been expressed’

UoN delays releasing degree certificates, advises students pay if they need them urgently

Upon reaching out for comment, the uni confirmed to The Tab Notts that students who need them urgently for employers or visas will be reimbursed

UoN’s system for distributing graduation e-certificates faces continued delays

The uni says the previous issues are resolved and that grads can expect their certificates in due course

Rock City bouncers suspended after video of man appearing to be beaten goes viral

The group that manages Rock City has also publicly commented on the incident

12 signs you live in a shitty uni house

The army of bottles on the windowsill is a right of passage

Nottingham Trent Uni investigating after racist Snapchat voice note

The voice note seemed to contain racist comments about England’s football players

An investigation: Where do all the forks in uni houses go?

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