Nottingham Trent student fell to her death after sliding down bannisters at pre-drinks

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Judges rules that Nottingham killer’s sentence was not ‘unduly lenient’

‘Had the offender not suffered the mental condition that he did, the sentencing judge would doubtless have been considering a whole life term’

Nottingham University students launch encampment on campus in solidarity with Palestine

The encampment is one of many taking place across UK university campuses

Nottingham student jailed after claiming he raped sleeping student due to ‘sexsomnia’

Former NTU student Luke Fox has been sentenced to 10 years in jail

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Police officer sent WhatsApp message saying Notts attack victims were ‘properly butchered’

‘The message is as barbaric as the crime’

Stop what you’re doing and vote now in round one of the Notts ultimate BNOC competition

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Families of Nottingham attack victims recall moment they were told about their deaths

‘I remember I got out the car and I screamed. It was just like everything went dark around us’

Nominations are now OPEN for The Tab Notts’ BNOC of the year 2024

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Man jailed for nine years after killing Nottingham Trent student in police car chase

‘Our beloved Oshada was very close to our hearts and can never be forgotten’

University of Nottingham alumna died from stage four cancer while visiting family in China

Gwen Zheng died in March after being diagnosed with stomach cancer last October