Nottingham rises three places in University league tables

Putting us back in the Top 20 for the first time since 2013

If you don’t own these things are you even at Nottingham?

Daddy’s credit card is optional, although preferable

The SU cancels Karnival RAG Raids after a failure to ‘safeguard’ students

The decision is a direct response to complaints made last November

Ocean is banning Baywatch due to health and safety concerns

Goodnight sweet prince

Nine teams of Nottingham students are walking 50 miles to Ocean for Comic Relief

Each team will start in a different location and has 24 hours to get back on foot

Two Nottingham Students are living below the poverty line for Comic Relief

They’ll have no access to how water and they’ll be sleeping in a squat

Best of Buy/Sell Election Week

Dw its not all about the elections

Here are the winners of the Students’ Union elections

They’ll leave you alone now

Students save and nurture a hedgehog back to health

They were worried they would have to start planning a vigil

Community officer hopeful said he would refuse to go to an LGBT+ event because it’s against his religious beliefs

Sami said he was happy to work with LGBT+ people professionally but not personally

Meet Yolanda King: the candidate running for a third time for an SU position

She’s also a table tennis sports scholar

Prince Andrew is coming to Nottingham to officially open George Green

Its FINALLY done

Meet the SU Candidates: Education

Let us educate you

Meet the SU Candidates: Community

Because literally no one reads the manifestos

CRISIS Wednesdays are the best thing about being a student in Nottingham

And if you don’t agree, you’re having a crisis yourself

There’s literally a giant inflatable obstacle course for adults coming to Nottingham

The event will also sell alcohol

Nottingham ranks 2nd for student allegations of sexual harassment against members of staff

A new report says sexual harassment at our universities has reached ‘epidemic levels’

Dispelling the myths of the Surrey private school

We’re not all millionaires you know

The best places to brunch in Nottingham

Get that dream snap for Instagram