Puppies are coming to the Portland building tomorrow!

Stop getting hounded by deadlines and just hang with some hounds

Crisis asked their followers to rate a girl ‘Hot or Not’ on Instagram

They also filmed the same student with the caption ‘free lapdances’

Here are some of the most jokes JCR election campaigns

Ngl, some of them are pretty decent

A 19-year-old was stabbed on Albert Grove this morning

He is in a serious condition

All the struggles of living in catered halls

Domino’s for dinner, anyone?

Notts house parties are so loose that marriages are breaking up around Lenton

According to this letter sent to everyone

You can now be fined £70 for drinking on the street anywhere in Nottingham

No longer just Derby Road

Here are the best costumes from Seven Legged

The most effort people put into fancy dress all year

Nottingham ranked in the top 20 unis in the UK by the Good University Guide 2018

We came 29 places above Trent loool

Nottingham hit the top 20 in the Good University Guide whilst Trent tumble

Twenty courses at the Nottingham were ranked in the top ten

Stop everything, Nottingham Uni are hiring a professional beer taster

This is actually a real thing

William Petrou-Nunn is your BNOC of the Year 2017!

Nearly 2000 of you voted in the final

BNOC of the Year: The Finals

Time to decide who’s the biggest name of them all

BNOC of the Year: Heat 4

Here’s your last lot

BNOC of the Year: Heat 3

Here’s your third lot of BNOCs

BNOC of the Year: Heat 2

Time to meet the second round of contestants

BNOC of the Year: Heat 1

The nominations are in; here’s the first round of contestants

Nominations for BNOC of the Year 2017 are now open!

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for

Almost half of Nottingham’s students will be voting for Labour

Most defined policy as the most influencial factor for their vote