Notts fresher convicted of Broadgate Park halls stabbing

Nottingham University weren’t told about concerns over his mental health

Teenagers who robbed two people outside Notts uni library allowed to walk free

This is despite the judge saying that had an adult committed the offences

Daytime naps, nauseous seminars, and dropping out: What it’s like being pregnant as a Trent fresher

I thought ‘oh crap, what am I supposed to do now?’

The Tab's official Nottingham Freshers' guide

No parents, no bedtime, no vegetables!!!!!!!


A new Co-op has opened besides University Park campus

The store will cater to students

Sorry, Love Island producers, these are the things that need to happen next year to keep us watching

There’s hope for us yet

Beyonce, drinking games and Mr Brightside: Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai’s first year at Oxford

Malala has enjoyed enjoyed days of polo, charity events and Oxford ‘bops’

These Notts students are starting a Men’s Rights Society, but women can join

‘Just like men can support women’s issues, we’d hope to see women supporting movements for men’s issues’

After the FloBo rape ‘joke’, UoN must protect its students, not just its reputation

Uni girls do not ‘<3 rape’

‘Uni girls love rape’ written in tissue on Nottingham Uni halls bathroom floor

‘Rape jokes and rape culture have no place at UoN’

We know exactly what kind of person you are based on where you sit in Hallward library

The Starbuck-sitters are clearly not getting a 1st

Trent have finally beaten UoN in The Guardian league tables

Dear UoN, it’s time to up your game

Crisis queues are part of the culture, don’t get rid of them

If it aint broke, don’t fix it

This Notts student wrote her dissertation from scratch in 14 hours, that’s a new record!!

10,000 words on Cultural Appropriation

We talked to the Nottingham student who won £1,300 in HQ Trivia

Drinks on her for the rest of the year

These are your favourite Nottingham club nights as starter packs

Guess what this one is

Have you ever been racially abused on a night out in Nottingham? Take The Tab’s club racism survey

Racial incidents are on the rise in Nottingham

Get out of Hallward fresher, it’s a waste of your time

Guys, it’s not that deep.

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