Ella Keene


Ella Keene
Nottingham University

Student news, guides, student nights out, student life, opinions, campus culture, media, final year, local life

  • Ella is currently a co-editor for the Tab Nottingham. Her articles focus on media, navigating university life, and news
  • Whilst Ella enjoys to write about the lively side of uni life, she aims to venture further into journalism in the future and possibly the world of Formula One
  • Ella attended school in the South-East before moving to Nottingham to pursue her undergraduate degree in Criminology and now a masters in Broadcast Journalism. She is interested in Motorsport, Media and, Crime and hopes to pursue these in the future


Ella joined the Tab as a student contributor for the University of Nottingham at the start of her 3rd and final year in the September of 2023 after being in her University's magazine and radio society. However, has now progressed to Co-Editor during alongside her Masters


Ella has finished her undergraduate degree at the University of Nottingham where she is studied for a BA in Criminology. She has done additional courses in psychology and media surrounding her course and is now futhering her education with a masters in Broadcast Journalism at Nottingham Trent


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