Does anyone really know why they were there in the first place?

Canal Mills is hosting a cheese festival, because this is Leeds and we’re too edgy to have normal club nights

Your cheesy dreams have come true

Leeds student missing after the Manchester arena terror attack

She went missing with her stepdad, pictured on the left

Third year business exam cancelled because the university forgot to print the case study

The exam had to be rearranged until this afternoon

Students from Leeds in urgent need of blood donors after car crash while travelling in Fiji

The couple are in desperate need of a blood transfusion

Leeds University rises to 14th place on Guardian league table

Beat Manchester by a long way though

Police in Leeds are looking for a man dressed as a ‘giant penis’

Only in Leeds would someone have enough balls

Here’s what happened when Jeremy Corbyn took over Hyde Park

He said: ‘Universities shouldn’t be a debt for the rest of your life’

60 per cent of students at Leeds will vote Labour in the general election

The Tab survey also shows that 23 per cent will vote Conservative

Jeremy Corbyn will be in the Brudenell Social Club this afternoon

The guy can’t get enough of Leeds

Arnold Schwarzenegger is coming to Leeds

Terminator fans rejoice

Leeds has been named one of the UK’s coldest cities, which should come as a shock to absolutely no one

Who would have guessed?

Trinity Leeds is getting a brand new rooftop bar

Thought the Alchemist was the best place in Leeds? Think again

A vintage and street food fair is coming to Leeds

Lovers of vintage and pizza rejoice

Jeremy Corbyn is in Leeds right now

He wants to bring back maintanence grants for students

Forget the giant pornstar martini, Aldi is selling boozy ice lollies

Summer has arrived early

Leeds is getting a giant pornstar martini that comes with an entire bottle of prosecco

This truly is a gift from God