Uni of Leeds schools are axing modules on race, gender, and colonialism

POLIS and SSP schools amongst those cutting controversial modules

Uni of Leeds student wins a national lockdown art competition

The painting is of herself in the bath with a cuppa and it’s a vibe

Leeds students’ landlord gifts them £50 each for being such lovely tenants

Lol you’re not even getting your deposit back mate

Students ‘shocked’ as some University of Leeds MA courses pushed back to 2021

“I find their prioritisation of worldwide offer holders over their former students to be disheartening”, says one student

Leeds student who wrote her diss on Louis Theroux got a 2:1

Theroux even liked her tweet about it

I came back to my halls to find all my stuff missing

Ethan’s coffee machine and guitar amp were both gone. But don’t worry, his toothbrush was still there

BLM protest now happening in Millennium Square NOT Hyde Park

The event will take place on Sunday at 2.30pm

Beckett is looking to house coursemates together

‘Study bubbles’ will hopefully slow the spread of coronavirus

Heard something you think
we should know?

We want to look into your case


All you need to know about this Sunday’s BLM protest in Leeds

If it’s anything like the others, it’s sure to be big

University of Leeds campus to re-open in September

Watching lectures online in bed and only rocking up to uni for seminars, what’s new?

‘The support has been very overwhelming’, says Beckett student who was racially abused while working at Temple

Sabrina was called a ‘slave’ while working at the coffee shop

Temple co-owner has swastika socks and posted racist images online

The coffee shop has now been vandalised

Temple Coffee apologise for black ex-employee being called a ‘slave’

‘We have not only failed this employee but ourselves and our customers too’

Leeds and Notts unis investigate prospective student pictured in blackface

The image was captioned: ‘Finally decided to black up! If you can’t beat them join them, right?’

‘Disgraceful’: Leeds uni slam THAT racist insta and express support for BLM

Beckett and Trinity have also expressed support for the BLM movement

International “chaos fetishizer” group behind THAT racist ‘Leeds student’ Instagram post

They posed as a student and framed the University of Leeds to further their anti-establishment goal