Exclusive: Canal Mills is banning glitter because of its impact on the environment

Goodbye edgy Leeds

Second year Leeds student confirmed dead after being hit by a taxi in Hyde Park

She was studying theatre and performance

Leeds’ Vice-Chancellor has responded to the outrage over pay cuts for striking staff

Staff and alumni are not happy with his response

BREAKING: Leeds UCU members have voted to reject an agreement to end strike action

150 Members were there to vote, some leaning through windows

We spoke to Leeds alumni who are withdrawing their donations following the strikes

They are ‘dismayed’ at the University’s treatment of striking staff

Leeds housemates accidentally owe £19 million to their gas company

Should have got their bills all-inclusive

Leeds ‘lower-class’ social hockey team banned from competitions and Captain removed

The Union has hit hard

A prosecco and gin festival tour is coming to Leeds and I am so ready for it

Where do I sign up?

Everybody stay calm, there’s going to be a puppy petting day in Leeds next week

My time has come

The union held a vote to allow snacks in the library but nobody even bothered to vote

No one enjoys crumbs to be fair

Exact plans for four weeks of staff strikes at Leeds Uni released

Why am I paying £9000 for this again?

Exclusive: LUU held chav nights at Fruity every year until 2012

The events were advertised with a ‘gold hoop earrings and trackies’ dress code

Don’t panic, but Uber are increasing their prices in Leeds

I’m already too poor for this tbh

Leeds women’s hockey club told to dress up as ‘lower-class’ people for chav social

They described themselves as ‘educated fair maidens’ who would find the theme ‘entirely alien’

Leeds is one of the most active unis on Bumble, so you have no excuse not to find a date this V Day

Goodbye Tinder, you won’t be missed

Edgy Leeds has been voted the second most hipster university in the UK

It’s because of all of your wavy garms

Leeds ranks 34th in the country for dealing with mental health

According to The Tab’s Mental Health Rankings 2017

Uni of Leeds has been named the second hardest partying university in the UK, which should surprise literally no one

The only surprise is why aren’t we first?

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