Jess Glynne was denied entry to a restaurant, but these 17 memes sure weren’t!!!

Don’t turn up to Sexy Fish with these

I’ll be honest, I haven’t thought one single thought about Jess Glynne in years. I don’t even listen to Rather Be anymore, and I don’t hate it like everyone else apparently does. But we’re not here to talk about nostalgia, we’re here to talk about the here and now, and in the here and now Jess Glynne was denied entry to a fancy restaurant because she was dressed head to toe in ugly sportswear. Not only was she denied entry, she made a big stink about the whole thing on social media, which has landed her squarely in the spotlight that is the Twitter Timeline. It was probably not the comeback Jess envisioned but hey ho – the memes have been excellent, and that’s exactly what we’re here to indulge in. Hold my Hand, dear reader, as we frolic through the fields of these memes. Truly there is no place I’d rather be.

These are the best memes about Jess Glynne being turned away from a restaurant:

1. You are not cool, Aunty Jess

2. It’s not FAIR

3. Crying


5. Personally think Jess looked worse than Ian


7. Would never be allowed in my swamp

8. Serious take alert

9. Pure sad

10. No

11. The disrespect

12. :///////////

13. You tell ’em

14. Just hate famous people xx

15. Another serious take… yawn I guess

16. Maybe she should be less hard on herself…. wait that doesn’t make sense

17. The antidote to the serious takes

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