You’ll soon be able to have Harry Styles read you bedtime stories

Get ready to download Calm, people

In a move that has sent Twitter into meltdown, Harry Styles has been confirmed to be partnering with the app Calm to read bedtime stories to thousands of listeners.

Although the country may be crumbling under the current pandemic, and a second peak isn’t far from anyone’s mind, we can count on a select few to give us the wholesome content that we so desperately need in this desperate, dark time.

Calm tweeted to its 115k followers yesterday to tease the partnership, causing many fans to beg the page to make the announcement.

Since then, the app has confirmed the partnership with Styles, prompting the hashtag #DreamWithHarry to trend on the site.

This makes Styles the latest in a list of celebrities such as Tom Hardy, Eddie Redmayne and Paul Mescal to gently send the nation to sleep with their soothing tones. The bedtime story is set to be called “Dream with Me” and it drops on Wednesday 8th July.

Don’t worry Harry, we’ll dream with you. I think some people would “dream” with you all night long. Don’t you worry about that.

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