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Once more unto the breach, dear friends

Lancashire is back in Tier 3: Here’s how it affects students

The government has confirmed that Lancashire will not be changing tiers

Who did Prince Charles and Princess Diana actually have affairs with?

John Kennedy Jr. was apparently one of them

Lancaster students have already raised over £15,000 for Movember

University societies and clubs are tackling the challenge once again

Sports and society events have been temporarily suspended at Lancaster University

The Students’ Union has suspended student activities as Lancs moves into Tier Three lockdown

Lancaster is set to move into highest tier of lockdown restrictions today in shock turnaround

After being placed in Tier Two, we’re now set to go into Tier Three – here’s what that means

Lancs to remain in Tier Two of lockdown after last-minute decision

The government was expected to announce tougher restrictions for Lancs

Sports hall on Lancs campus to be turned into Covid-19 testing site

The newly constructed hall will be used as a testing site for 3 months

EXPLAINED: Lancs in ‘Tier Two’ of lockdown restrictions

We were already in a local lockdown, so what’s changed now?

The Sugarhouse has temporarily closed its doors

The SU-ran nightclub’s operations are on hold due to coronavirus restrictions

‘Welfare is disregarded’: Councillors call for online-only learning at Lancaster Uni

Lancaster Uni is ‘unnecessarily risking the health of both staff and students’

The Sugarhouse to reopen on 28th September

The nightclub will reopen as a ‘bar and events space’

Lancaster Uni ‘not planning routine tests’ for COVID amongst students

‘The University will support any contact tracing beyond the immediate shared setting (accommodation flats) by providing any relevant information to external agencies’

Students’ Union issues caution to university over Pro-Chancellor appointment

LUSU has condemned Alistair Burt’s appointment

Anti-benefits, pro-tuition fees: meet Lancaster Uni’s new Pro-Chancellor

The new Pro-Chancellor is a former Conservative MP

Lancaster University postpones Class of 2020 Graduation ceremonies

Outgoing students will have to wait even longer to say goodbye to Lancaster

Students’ Union budget to be slashed by 15 per cent

LUSU negotiated a lesser budget cut with the university

LUSU Trustee Board moves to temporarily close campus store Central

University management has rejected calls for a rent reduction

Students ‘appalled’ with LUSU’s use of non-disclosure agreements in focus group

‘This is an abuse of power by LUSU to try and silence students from speaking out’

Lancaster’s student discount Purple Card is being pulled

LUSU is discontinuing its student discount card, amidst competition and financial concerns

Central suffering ‘unsustainable losses’ and may close without rent reduction

The SU is asking for a rent reduction until January 2021

These 23 Umbrella Academy Season 2 memes are so good they could stop an apocalypse

Another apocalypse? Another set of memes

LUSU budget may be cut by up to a third in the 2020/21 academic year

The university is offsetting losses by making more cuts

Lancaster University revokes David Starkey’s degree after race row

The historian faced backlash for his comments

Lancaster University outlines ‘blended learning’ measures for 2020/21

The Vice-Chancellor highlighted measures in place for students’ return

Here are the most dangerous places to live in Lancaster

It’s not squeaky clean

Only a select few will be able to spell these UK towns and cities correctly

Crack out that GCSE Geography textbook

Revealed: These are the most dangerous student areas to live in

Belfast is the safest

Hug me brother! Take this quiz to find out if you’re more Drake or Josh

Have you tried the Peruvian Puff Pepper?

Every weird, unbelievable and downright stupid moment from the Mamma Mia movies

WHAT is happening in Voulez-Vous?

Coronavirus hasn’t actually put people off applying to uni, new stats show

Record number of people want to go to uni this year, despite the pandemic

Make a Netflix Original and we’ll tell you what kind of person you are to live with

What a sad little life, Jane

‘I used the wrong word’: Jess Glynne speaks up after being rinsed for discrimination post

Singer said she faced ‘pure discrimination’ being turned away from a restaurant

Which ‘Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga’ character is your uni?

Have the Elves gone too far?

You’ll soon be able to have Harry Styles read you bedtime stories

Get ready to download Calm, people

‘It’s a relief, but we’re still uncertain’: Arts students on the £1.5bn investment

‘The relief has come a little too late’

An ode to Pound Bakery: the gift that keeps on giving

Another unsung hero of Lancs

Was the Durham SU RON election fiasco just like Lancaster’s? We took a look

Is it dodgy? That’s for you to decide

All the reasons RON was disqualified – straight from Lancaster’s Returning Officer

We spoke to the man who made the call to disqualify RON

JCRs condemn LUSU’s response to RON disqualification

Union provided students with ‘limited amount of clarity’

All the things you definitely shouldn’t do if you want your deposit back

Please give us our money back. Please.

LUSU address disqualification of RON in by-election

RON received 181 non-transferable votes

Sugar, sports, and sending a message – an interview with the new LUSU President

Are Oliver Robinson’s manifesto pledges realistic?

Pressure mounts on LUSU over by-election disqualification

Over half of the colleges have spoken out

Lancaster students and colleges outraged as LUSU disqualifies RON from by-election

LUSU caught up in yet another controversy

New LUSU President elected in by-election

Following controversy with the RON Campaign

‘They will all be unable to make any changes to LUSU’: the ‘Vote RON’ campaign speaks out

They want to reopen nominations – do you?

Meet ‘Prof DJ’ – the Lancs lecturer striking a chord with students

Does YOUR lecturer DJ? Thought not.

It is OUR turn, Roses should be in Lancaster for 2021

Bring it home (please?)

LUSU VP Activities appointed as Interim President

Victoria Hatch will take over from George Nuttall

I didn’t sign up for an online degree, and I shouldn’t be made to pay £9k to do one

Uni students have been completely messed about in all this, and we’re not staying quiet

LUSU VP Welfare and Communities RESIGNS

The latest in a series of resignations

Two of LUSU’s PTOs have RESIGNED

More resignations from the Students’ Union

LUSU President has been sacked

George Nuttall has been removed with immediate effect

Sultans to reopen this FRIDAY

‘We hope it lifts the mood for everyone during these tough times’

Revealed: All the universities that aren’t providing no detriment policies

42 universities have failed to provide a safety net for their students

Lancaster University reduces campus accommodation fees

A statement has been released

Revealed: LU Living data breach

Information on over 160 properties leaked

You can get a Stagecoach bus pass refund – here’s how!

Get me that sweet, sweet refund

Lancaster uni is letting its students down without a safety net

‘Everyone has flunked an assignment at some point’

200 Lancaster students refuse to pay Summer Term rent

An open letter has received over 500 signatures

LEAKED: Extrav 2020 themes revealed

ALL themes leaked in email

‘SCAN didn’t have any teeth’: We spoke to Spineless about student media

‘There’s no way to hold the FTOs to account’

Why cancel culture should be cancelled in Lancs

‘It’s not the same as being held to account.’

‘It’s ridiculous’: Lancs students start petition for ‘no-disadvantage’ exams policy

‘It would be unfair to not take this chaos into account’

You’re not a bambino if you can’t get 13/15 on this Friday Night Dinner quiz

‘Oh, be spatially aware!’

Lancaster Uni scientists working on an app that can test for coronavirus

Device detects COVID-19 in 30 minutes

Lancaster University moves Summer Term online amidst COVID-19 pandemic

No physical contact hours will take place

Lancaster Uni officially cancels Roses 2020 due to coronavirus outbreak

The university has released a statement

LUMS, Greggs, and traffic: we spoke to a local business owner about Lancs

‘I love a chicken bake!’

Your guide to the LUSU FTO hustings 2020

Three hours wasted? Maybe

In defence of the college system, undoubtedly the best part of Lancs

But what about our bars?

Only two LUSU FTOs are rerunning for election – but have they met last year’s promises?

Are the candidates fit for reelection?

72 per cent increase in counselling referrals at Lancaster Uni over three years

The most common reason for referral was anxiety

An ode to Lidl: The unsung hero of Lancaster

Middle of Lidl? What a treat

Which ‘The Thick of It’ character is your college?


Lancs Environmental students calling for compensation for UCU strikes

More strikes? Yikes

It’s not all fun and games: What it’s REALLY like on a sports exec in Lancs

It’s hard work, apparently

What will Brexit ACTUALLY mean for Lancs students?

It’s the end of the world

We spoke to Lancaster student and CEO about his new student based app

‘It’s like Tinder AND LinkedIN’

International students at Lancs are targets of new ‘police’ scam

Fines threatened for failed ‘registration’

2-4-1 cocktails, Sultans, and ducks: Everything you’ll miss about Lancs over Xmas

Miss you, Lancs

This is what the general election result means for Lancs students

Lancs is Labour again

Sugar has been SAVED – LUSU abandon sale talks

#SaveOurSugar campaign has triumphed

Quizmas day 12: Which Gavin & Stacey character is your college?

Pls not Stacey xoxo

‘If we were ever irrelevant, that time has passed now’: Speaking to campus Lib Dems before the election

‘Growing from strength to strength’

‘Your vote matters. It can make a difference’: We spoke to Lancaster Labour MP Cat Smith

Go and vote, hun

Quizmas day eight: Which Christmas film is your Lancs college?

Please be Elf

Lancaster Bombers ‘apologise to anyone who has taken offence’ over blackface accusations

‘These accusations are completely baseless’

An ode to The Study Room: The best pub quiz in Lancaster

We love u Study Room x

Quizmas day three: Which ‘Love Actually’ character is your college?

We all wanna be Colin Firth x

The Chief Executive of LUSU has just quit after 20 years of work

Trustee leaves for ‘strategic project’

Take this quiz to find out if you’re more Lancs or UCLAN

Take the test and see

Lancs students remain in Hong Kong despite violent protests

Protests have forced students home

Jeremy Corbyn is on Lancs campus right now

The Labour leader is giving a speech at the uni

Lancs student arrested outside Fylde Bar after pool game gets heated

Student was ‘drunk and disorderly’

A General Election is coming – here’s how to vote in Lancs

Democratic right? Exercised.

‘The uni should be doing more’: We spoke to Extinction Rebellion in Lancs

They were protesting in the city today

SCAN defends LA1TV ‘harassment’ of VP Activities Ben Evans

LA1TV and SCAN released statements

Ben Evans taking temporary leave as VP Activities due to feeling ‘unsafe’

He announced it in a statement on Facebook