A condensed explainer of all the drama going on in the TikTok Hype House

Sorry but who where why and what????

If you use TikTok, and if you’re a human being with a pulse you use TikTok, you have heard whispers of a massive feud between the biggest TikTokers in the US. Equally you might not have any idea what’s going on because unlike your 15-year-old little sister your For You page isn’t dominated by the TikTok elite. The drama sweeping the Gen Z internetsphere is a tale of alleged cheating, diss tracks released on YouTube, and Charli D’Amelio unfollowing people on Instagram. It’s petty, ridiculous, and fascinating. Even if you want to look down on the silliness of it all, you still feel left out of the TikTok Hype House drama and understandably want to have an idea of wtf is going on. Worry not, you old and out-of-touch soul – this is everything you need to know:

Okay, first off – what even is the Hype House?

The Hype House is the brainchild of YouTuber Thomas Ptrou and TikToker Chase Hudson, who conceived the idea to whack a bunch of young ambitions TikTokers under the same roof to foster an environment of creativity and collaboration. It’s not the most ridiculous concept in the world – after all, a similar house was popularised by Jake Paul last decade. The Team 10 House functioned as a kind of factory for wannabe YouTube and Instagram influencers to focus on making content with likeminded people. According to a New York Times profile, members of the house average 100 TikToks a day and are working 24/7.

As for who lives there, the big names are: Chase Hudson (Lil Huddy), Ryland Storms, Dixie and Charli D’Amelio, Alex Warren, Kouvr, Connor Yates, Adison Rae, Patrick Huston, Nick Austen, Calvin Goldby, Wyatt Xavier, Hootie Hurley, Jack Wright, James Wright, the Lopez brothers, Avani, Larray, and Bryant.

For the purposes of this little feud, the main ones you need to remember are Chase Hudson and Charli D’Amelio.

Where did the beef start?

Earliest signs the kettle was on in preparation for tea came in March this year, another two TikTokers, Josh Richards and Bryce Hall, released a song on YouTube called ‘Still Softish.’ The lyrics suggest Hype House member Chase Hudson had hit on Josh’s then-girlfriend, Nessa Barrett.

At the time, Chase was going out with Charli D’Amelio, the most followed TikToker in the world. The couple broke up in April this year (by posting identical Instagram stories, obv). Chase never confirmed or denied the cheating allegations made in ‘Still Softish,’ but he did film a reaction to the video. At the time, Charli didn’t say anything at all.

Wait, hold on, are Josh Richards, Nessa Barrett, and Bryce Hall in the Hype House?

No – and this is where things get juicy. While Chase and Josh were pals back in the days when TikTok was still called Music.ly, the former and Bryce became members of a rival TikTok collective called Sway House. More recently, the two houses have been collaborating rather than competing, indicating the friction between Chase and Josh had calmed down a bit.

On Monday, an account called TikTok Room pointed out Charli D’Amelio had unfollowed Chase Hudson and Nessa Barrett (the girl Chase was alleged to have hit on, come on keep up) on Instagram. Charli later posted a picture with the caption “your loss.” Hype House founder Thomas Petrou also unfollowed Nessa, who by this point had cleared her TikTok feed of all videos she’d filmed at the Hype House.

The plot thinnens with yet more unfollowing: Chase and Josh unfollow each other, and a handful of Sway House TikTokers unfollow Chase, too.

And – AND – Charli D’Amelio’s mother posts an Instagram story with some angry-face emojis alongside some cryptic comments about love and trust.

So some people unfollowed some people, who cares? Was there any 😘😘kissing😘😘???

Things start getting wild when the players begin posting things with words in them. Chase tweets: “All of this drama going on is because I kissed Nessa when we were both still single.”

But then, get this, Charli replies: “Then you shouldn’t have come to my house after without telling me.”

At this point Chase is obviously not having any of it and whacks a good ol’ notes page on his Instagram with the caption: “Since all my drama has to be put on the internet for the world to judge me, let’s lay out everyone else’s… I’m not going to let these hypocrites ruin my life without their lives being on the internet too.” What followed was a veritable basket of dirty laundry in which multiple allegations of infidelity were made.


Chase also apologised to Charli, saying: “The only person who has a right to be upset with me is Charli and I’m sorry I hurt her. We broke up and I messed up by kissing Nessa.”

But then – THEN GUYS – Charlie claps back again, tweeting: “Stop deflecting your actions onto others because you can’t take responsibility Chase. Want me to talk about how you treated me throughout our relationship or do you just want to continue to play the victim?”

Okay so who should I be supporting in this epic clash of teen heartbreak and betrayal?

Never ones to see a drama between influencers and not see an opportunity to wade in, YouTubers like Trisha Paytas and Nikita Dragun have been very vocal in supporting Charli. Nikita in particular tweeted: “I’d like to personally thank the TikTok community for taking the drama crown away from the beauty community.”

Charli has since told The Hollywood Fix: “I think I said what I have to say and I know my truth. And I don’t lie. So I defended myself. That’s all I needed to do.”

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