I got drunk and spent over £650 at McDonald’s after a night out

The kitchen couldn’t handle the order

Think back to when going out existed as a thing you could do, those hazy days of early March when life was still fun. Tried and true are the steps of getting battered at pre-drinks at someone’s gross house, parading your way to the club, and eventually leaving to take the holy pilgrimage to McDonald’s where you’ll drop the last dregs of your overdraft on the same order you always get. How much do you spend? £8? £10? £15??? Well for Kieron Stacey, the drunken post-night-out Maccies order totalled £661.68.

Kieron, who is currently travelling in Norway, told The Tab he was on a night out in his home town of Peterborough when he ended up drunk in McDonald’s ordering “220 veggie wraps and one portion of small chips.”

“I only got half my order because it was too much for the kitchen to handle,” he said. “I ended up having to give most of it to random people and the homeless.”

@kieronstaceyWhen I spent £700 in mcdonald’s on a night out ##heretheycome ##foryoupage ##fyp ##for ##dumb ##british ##england ##mcdonalds ##gay ##bi ##lgbtq♬ original sound – kieronstacey

The whole thing obviously happened pre-lockdown, and a video of Kieron’s “mistake” was uploaded to TikTok. It shows him looking downcast at the camera while the audio track says: “Ayo, something traumatic that changed my life check.”

The shot then cuts to Kieron inserting his card into the kiosk, then smiling at the camera. Someone in the background can be heard asking: “Will you let me have one?”

One comment pointed out a lot of cards would get declined over such an order, to which Kieron replied: “I wish mine did.”

Another asked him about the singular portion of chips, Kieron responded: “Balance is the key.”

“I feel okay about it,” Kieron later told The Tab. “I usually do worse shit on a night out, so I’m quite fortunate.”

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