Molly-Mae wore swimming costumes so paparazzi couldn’t get more photos of her body

‘They come on jet skis and you don’t see them’

Molly-Mae wore swimming costumes while on holiday in Ibiza so paparazzi couldn’t take more photos of her body.

Speaking in a recent vlog, Molly says she and her boyfriend Tommy Fury changed their plans specifically to avoid photographers on jet skis, who had previously photographed the pair kissing.

“They come on jet skis, they come on boats and you don’t see them, even thought I look out for them all the time and I’m cautious about it,” she says in the video.

The 20-minute vlog was uploaded to Molly-Mae’s YouTube channel. It shows them travelling to Ibiza and spending time in the hotel.

“We’ve had the nicest time,” she says. “We’ve been enjoying ourselves so much I can’t even explain it.”

Molly says she and Tommy were “contemplating” going to Ocean Beach, revealing she worked there for a week.

She then addresses the photos, saying: “We need to find somewhere to go that doesn’t involve getting papped because every single location we’ve been to, we’ve been papped, which is really not ideal.

“They’ve been getting some really flattering – not – photos of me in my bikini and it’s just annoying because I’ve literally been working so hard to lose weight since coming out of the show and when you get papped and you’re unaware… Like every single time we’ve been papped they’re on boats.

“They’ve been waiting on boats and catching us kissing, doing all kinds of weird stuff that then you look at the picture you think: were we even doing that?”

At this point Molly pulls up a photo of her appearing to suck Tommy’s finger.

“But yeah, so we need to find somewhere today that I can sit in a bikini and sunbathe,” she continued. “I’ve been wearing swimming costumes for the last few days because of the pictures so now my stomach is completely white and the rest of me is tanned, so we need to figure something out there.”

Last week, photos of Molly-Mae were published by The Daily Mail, however the 21-year-old’s appearance was mocked by trolls in the comments.

“She’s piled on the pounds,” one of them read. “Photoshop is clearly very forgiving.”

Molly has since responded to the comments, tweeting last week: “I would genuinely love to know who writes these comment? Like how can you actually write shit like that and sleep at night? Beyond me.”

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