We asked ex-Directioners the lamest thing they did when obsessed with 1D

‘I used to kiss my Harry Styles poster before I went to sleep’

Being a Directioner back in the 1D hay days was more than time consuming: it was life consuming. It was all you thought about, day or night. When you woke up, the first thing you’d see was stacks of 1D merchandise littering your walls. The boys smiling down at you, every morning. When you went to school, you and your mates would discuss the latest One Direction news and whether you thought one of them might be finally breaking up with their girlfriend, or if they could even be possibly dating each other (Larry Stylinson)? When you went home you’d sit in front of a computer screen for hours reading fan fictions which ranged from mild (insert your name here, you wake up in a hotel and Niall is making you eggs before the concert) to obscene (some item of fruit going in one of the boys orifices).

We were truly, completely, massively insane. If you want more proof, here are some of the lamest, wildest and weirdest things girls did when they were in the throws of their 1D hysteria. Content warning: This will make you want to rewatch all of their music videos and cry. Not speaking from experiences or anything *sobs*.

I cried so much when they came third in X Factor I had to leave the room

“I genuinely cried my eyes out when 1D came third in The X Factor. I had to go and stand in the bathroom away from my family because I was crying so much.” – Kate

Acted like Harry was my actual boyfriend

“I took selfies with pictures of me and my poster of Harry Styles and posted it online captioned ‘new boyfriend’.” – Anerie

Made 1D fan music videos

“I made a music video to Best Song Ever and posted it on YouTube. I never took it down – it’s still out there somewhere.” – Annabelle

It is 2020 and I am still. so. jealous.

They stayed in the same hotel as me and I cried when I couldn’t see them

“When they blew up after X Factor they stayed at my mum’s hotel so I went and got every magazine with their face on for them to sign, only to get there and my mum say ‘I’m sorry Katelyn they’ve booked out the whole floor, you can’t see them’. I sobbed for a good hour while eating ice cream. It was an experience.” – Katelyn

Kissed my poster of Harry

“I used to kiss my Harry Styles poster on the lips every night. It was hung over my bed.” – Trina

I used to wish Louis Tomlinson would break up with his girlfriend at 11:11

“When the clock turned 11:11 every day I would wish that Louis Tomlinson would break up with Eleanor, his girlfriend at the time. I feel really guilty about it now – think karma is still paying me back for that one. Hope she’s okay now.” – Kate

Read some pretty graphic fan fiction

“I once read a fan fiction that I assumed was just going to be pretty standard, turned out to be a very graphic, aggressive porno starring Liam and Niall, and as I read it I couldn’t tell whether I enjoyed it or not. It confused me deeply.” – Charlotte

I joined Tumblr because of 1D

“I joined Tumblr to talk 1D with fellow Directioners and then I got sucked into the SuperWhoLock fandom instead. Not my best decision.” – Annabelle

Got angry at my friends for buying me the Take Me Home album on CD

“It was for my 13th birthday and I was offended that they didn’t think I already had TWO copies of the album. (A copy and a “back up” copy).” – Annabelle

I used to run a 1D fan page

“Back in the day I used to be an admin on a Facebook fan page for One Direction with 100,000 followers. Big deal.” – Theresa

Forged their signatures to convince people I met them

“I actually forged their signatures and showed them to people in school. I managed to convince them that I’d met the boys when I was out shopping.” – Kerri

Made my family drive to Madame Tussauds to see them

“I made my whole family drive from Cornwall to London (five hours) to go to Madame Tussaud’s to see the waxworks of 1D.” – Annabelle

Stayed up for their whole live stream

“I stayed up for a whole seven hour 1D day live stream. It was 7pm to 3am!” – Abby

I proposed to my cardboard cut out

“I entered a competition to win the One Direction perfume by fake proposing to a cardboard cut out of one of the boys. It felt real.” – Annabelle

Cried for a whole two songs when I went to see them

“The only time I went to see them was pretty lame. I was on the floor (standing) so I was pretty gassed, but then they came on and I just stood there balling my eyes out for the first two songs of the set while my brother watched and laughed.” – Charlotte

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