Molly-Mae claps back at trolls calling her ‘lardy’ in Daily Mail comments

The Love Island star is currently on holiday

Molly-Mae has hit back at comments about her body that described her as “lardy” and “out of shape”.

The comments were made underneath an article in The Daily Mail, in which Molly-Mae’s appearance was described as “sensational.”

Both the article and the comments were centred around pictures taken on Molly-Mae’s last-minute Ibiza holiday with boyfriend, Tommy Fury.

One comment read: “She went outside looking like that?”

Another mentioned Tommy, saying: “Both need to shed the pounds”.

Another user said: “She’s piled on the pounds. Photoshop is clearly very forgiving.”

A tweet calling out the “vile” comments quickly went viral, and Molly-Mae herself responded, tweeting: “I would genuinely love to know who writes these comment? Like how can you actually write shit like that and sleep at night? Beyond me”.

Other comments within the same article also called out the haters: “I’m sorry but the comments on this article are absolutely vile. How the hell is she fat?”

Molly-Mae’s tweet has had over 17.7k responses with her Love Island cast mates Maura and Amber condemning the comments made as well.

“BE F**CKING KIND!!!!!” tweeted Maura Higgins, “How many times do we have to say this??”

Amber Rose Gill said: “Are these people DUMB? She’s a 21-year-old girl. It’s unhealthy to have the mindset these people do, like it’s actually sick. Why hasn’t 2020 taken them out yet?”

Fans also flocked to console Molly-Mae with many pointing out the Be Kind campaign which gained traction after the death of former Love Island host Caroline Flack.

Featured image credit: @mollymaehague on Instagram.

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