QUIZ: How much of a simp are you, really?

Get your girlfriend to take this quiz for you

There’s a common misconception that simps are just TikTok’s understanding of submissives, but there’s more to being a simp than a buried desire to be pegged within an inch of your life. To be a simp, to be a resident of Simp Nation, isn’t a bedroom role, it’s a state of mind.

But how can you, who doesn’t know the first thing about the ins and out of Gen Z parlance, know if you’re a simp? If only there were a fun piece of interactive content that could tell you not just whether or not you were a simp, but hoe much of a simp you are. Well believe it or not the embedded quiz in this very article will do just that. Although you should probably get your girlfriend to take it for you if you want the honest truth:

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