Britney burned down her home gym with candles and the memes are lit

Britney what are you like?

“Hi guys, I’m in my gym right now. I haven’t been in here, for like six months because I burnt my gym down unfortunately. I had two candles and – yeah – one thing led to another.”

These are real words uttered by Britney Spears in a recent Instagram post which prove beyond a doubt she is the holy balm we need to cure our lockdown sadness. I mean watch the clip below and tell me you didn’t lose your goddamn mind when she says “unfortunately.”

Whether you watched the whole video or not, you should now be caught up to speed with all the memes about Britney, candles and gyms flying around on Twitter. And you know what you want now? You want the best memes don’t you? You want to revel in the jokes about Britney Spears burning down her home gym with two (presumably vanilla-scented) candles. You make me sick. But if memes are what you want then don’t stress pal I have got you covered. But have a glass of water on standby because these memes are 🔥🔥🔥.

All the best memes about Britney burning down her home gym with candles

1. Not a care in the world

2. And I’ll take it

3. Don’t be ungrateful

4. Indeed it is

5. Excellent reference here (to a Britney song)

6. Britney NO

7. Oh dear

8. Who saw Drag Race references coming?? (I did)

9. No fucks given

10. Why did the gym need candles anyway?

11. Do we know the scent? Am assuming this is accurate

12. Go off king

13. Again, assuming this is accurate

14. Best POV I’ve ever seen

15. A classic

16. What is she like???

17. Again. Classique.

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