This video of a monkey on a bike dragging a girl is the wildest thing on Twitter rn

How is this real?

Hi! This is your daily bulletin introducing you to the best meme on Twitter today. Ta-Dah! It’s a video of a monkey dragging a girl through an alleyway. The maddest part? The monkey is riding a motorbike.

The video is, quite frankly, unbelievable. Watch it below:

Unreal, right? The way the monkey not only manages to ride an actual bike, the way there just so happens to exist a bike small enough for the monkey to ride it, but also the incomprehensible upper body strength it must have taken to log that child a good five metres away from her mates before it stops. Slow motion footage seems to suggest the monkey was attached to a rope. Is there a greater conspiracy at work here?

I have many questions for how and why this happened: Why, for one, does the child not seem to give a single shit about what’s happening to it? Maybe it was just ready to go. Why have more videos of monkeys-on-leashes-on-bikes come flooding onto the timeline? Is this a real thing that happens? Was there beef between the child and the monkey? Did the child call the monkey’s mother a SLAG????

A lot to think about, but now is not the time to get into it. Now is the time to revel in its majesty. Go on, watch the video again – I’ll leave it below.

Not satisfied? FINE here are all the best memes and reactions to that incredibly wild video.

All the best memes and reactions to the viral motorbike monkey dragging girl video

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