Hamzah Abbas
Hamzah Abbas

Theresa May responds to York fresher’s party invite

Theresa sadly declined the invitation

The Vengaboys have been announced as the final Big D headliner

They like to party!

‘I don’t pay £27k for a white student to use uni WiFi to call me a n****r’: York Uni criticised for response to campus racism

‘The university is not necessarily a safe environment for BAME students’

First York announce improvements to their bus service

They include the introduction of a night bus and change of routes for 66 and 66a

Caught on camera: Couple appear to be having sex in York city centre

They were filmed across the river from the Kings Arms pub

York are defeated in Roses

Roses did not remain white but at least Gary Neville was there

We went on TripAdvisor to see what people actually think of York

For all your procrastinating needs

The second headliner for Big D has been announced

Helping guarantee a good time

A petition has been launched to bring a fish and chip shop to Hes East

Can’t think of a better plaice tbh

Former York student assaulted man in Vudu with £150 champagne bottle

His victim was left with a 3cm cut to the head

Which York takeaway is your college?

Derwent is Efe’s, obviously

What it’s really like to be a non-drinker at university

Yes, we exist

There is now a Hummus Appreciation society at York

For all Hummus lovers

The mass student trip to the Co-op actually happened in York

It all came about as a result of a forfeit

York is officially the best place to live in the UK

Tell us something we don’t know

Tory MP Liz Truss ‘not interested in a genuine conversation’ during visit to Hes Hall occupiers

The occupiers released a statement regarding the politician’s visit today

Uni management attempt to disrupt occupiers by keeping lights on in Heslington Hall

Management apparently backed down after people started tweeting about the incident

University of York staff and students occupy Heslington Hall

The students are demanding that management takes real action

York lecturers put on a day of alternative lectures in face of the strikes

The day was designed to build rapport between students and lecturers

York have won Varsity 2018!


Nisa is officially open for business on Hes East

First Greggs, now this