Hamzah Abbas
Editor of The York Tab

University of York pay out £16,670 in Amazon vouchers as compensation for Circuit Laundry disruption

The disruption took place in May

Review: CHMS’ Rent

Don’t wait ‘Another Day’ to see this masterpiece

Sigma to headline YUSU Summer Ball

Will you be leaving this party with Nobody to Love?

York Stop The War ‘reluctantly’ change ‘genocide free’ Eurovision Israel boycott event

They’d organised a boycott for people ‘tired of seeing Israel’s War Crimes covered up by sequins’

Macky Gee announced as Big D’s second headliner!

He brings his ‘tour’ to Derwent

Fibbers is searching for a new home as current venue is going to be demolished

It will be the second time that the club has had to move in the last five years

Extinction Rebellion York hold ‘Funeral for our Future’

Protesters carried a casket for ‘our future’ through town

Scouting for Girls’ lead singer announced as Big D’s first headliner!

He’s so lovely

‘We will continue to rebel against our government until our demands are met’: XR York co-coordinator speaks out after being arrested

‘Even some of the police in the station were encouraging me and saying that we need to keep going, which was quite the surprise!’

I was diagnosed with cancer in third year, but that hasn’t stopped me pursuing my dream of being a lawyer

Maisie was able to secure a place on a law conversion course thanks to cancer support charity CLIC Sargent

The University of York has appointed Charlie Jeffery CBE as its new Vice-Chancellor

He will start in September

24-hour McDonald’s to open in vacant YUSU shop premises

I’m lovin’ it

Micklegate re-opens following bomb scare

The street was earlier cordoned off due to a suspicious package

Incoming YUSU Environment and Ethics officers to lead a demonstration to pressure the council into declaring climate emergency

The musical march and demonstration will take place on Thursday evening

A vigil is to be held for the victims of the Christchurch attack at the University of York

It will take place tomorrow on Greg’s Place

Big D presents: The Apocalypse

It’s set to be a huge one

Former York student named as one of the victims of the Ethiopian air disaster

He was one of 157 people killed in the crash

University of York agrees to pay for dissertation printing and binding

The money will come from withheld strike pay

Summer term lecturer strikes narrowly avoided after ballot threshold missed

Those who did take part voted overwhelmingly for further lecturer strikes

A new Madeleine McCann Netflix documentary is set to launch this month

The creators say the film will feature new interviews with those close to the inquiry