Emily Louise Gray

Emily Louise Gray
Oxford Brookes University


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Brookes decide to adopt safety net policy a week after saying they wouldn’t

Ungraded and compensated passes will be given instead of fails

Brookes are not adopting the ‘no detriment’ policy in the face of coronavirus and here’s why

If Exeter can have it, why can’t we?

Brookes has suspended all lectures after two confirmed Covid-19 diagnoses

All deadlines are extended to the 24th April

Brookes students sit in on uni Covid-19 meetings for more transparency

An open letter of demands was sent to the Vice Chancellor

Petitions and social media rumours: Oxford Brookes still has no plans to close amid coronavirus fears

“This is an anxious time for everyone”

Confirmed: First case of coronavirus at Oxford Brookes

“One case of coronavirus has now been diagnosed at Oxford Brookes and our campuses remain open as usual”

Respect the drip, Karen: Your Best Dressed at Gentlemen’s Fight Night

If these guys punched me in the face I’d thank them

Bald from the eyebrows down: Meet this year’s Gentlemen’s Fight Night fighters

Jab left, jab right, we’re in for a good night

Clubbers of the Week: Week Ten and Eleven

A gruesome twosome, more bang for your buck

Fan-tache-tic: These are the best moustaches from Movember

Students have raised over a million pounds for the charity

Here’s how much Brookes sports societies have raised for Movember this year

Lacrosse have raised over £4000

Clubbers of the Week: Week Nine

Dripping in VK and shame

Breaking: Police have confirmed a stabbing on Bartlemas Road tonight

Police are after two men

Clubbers of the Week: Week Eight

Dirty, just how we like it

Clubbers of the Week: Week Seven

How time flies when your life is out of control

Clubbers of the Week: Week Six

You lot are freaky

Clubbers of the Week: Week Five

Look at us, who would have thought, not me

Clubbers of the Week: Weeks Three and Four

All aboard, the train is leaving procrastination station

Everything you need to know about Gentlemen’s Fight Night including a new location and presenter

2000 tickets sold out in two minutes

Clubbers of the Week: Week Two

Y’all are nasty

Freshers’ Clubbers of the Week will make you remember your first beer

In the words of Beyoncé: fresher than yooou

Clubbers of the Week: Week One

Shocker its mainly fish

Clubbers of the Week: Freshers’ Week

So fresh and so clean

Clubbers of the Week: Freshers’ Week Special

Let’s see if we caught you in the act

Been in the sun all weekend? Cool off with the Bank Holiday Clubbers of the Week

You all so messy

Breaking: Brookes lecturers are preparing to strike with exam season approaching

Strikes are likely to start after Easter

I love roast dinners so much I wrote my whole dissertation on them

I hope she hands it in smothered in gravy

Here are the best dressed from this year’s King of the Ring

Try to get with them and you’ll be punching

Brookes’ Fittest Clubbers of the Month: February

You so damn sexy

Clubbers of the Week: Week Four

It’s fucking snowing again

Clubbers of the Week: Week Three

The effort was poor this week so be ashamed

Clubbers of the Week: ReFreshers Special

Guess who’s back and better than ever

It’s official, Brookes has made it into the top 10 most active unis on Bumble

We are bee-autiful tbf

Brookes’ Waterpolo Team showed off their new suits in the snow today

They had an impromptu photoshoot in South Park

Clubbers of the Week: Week Ten

Jingle bells, deadline hell, Santa please get me laid

Oxford’s first fully vegan restaurant is coming to Cowley Road

Happy Friday Kitchen opens on the 25th November

Clubbers of the Week: Week 7

100 points if you spot the Mean Girls reference

How to spend all your loan in Oxford’s new Westgate Shopping Centre

Take all my money now

So Girls, Gemma Collins is coming to Oxford

Make way for the Queen of Memes

The stereotypes of every club in Oxford

We love you Oxford, we do

Spitting on patios and urinating on cars: Brookes swim soc on the anti-social behaviour watch list

Could not be more Brookes if they tried

It’s Official: Oxford is the most expensive city in the UK

At least we’ve got a free bus pass?

Man given life sentence for Raleigh Park rape

He may have attacked more women all over the country

Every reason why you should start using a menstrual cup instead of other sanitary products

Why waste £18,000 when you can spend £20?

My step-dad dying before I came to uni made me realise there is no one way to grieve

It happened 2 weeks before I started Brookes

Clubbers of the Week: St Patrick’s Day edition

Yes, there was a leprechaun, you weren’t hallucinating

Ski trip goers lose deposits over ‘highest damages that have ever occurred’

Brookes Snow will not be allowed back to the resort

Crep check: The Chicken Connoisseur is coming to MNB

Tell ’em to plug in the mic, straight up vibes

All the questions you have ever wanted to ask a vegan

Did she mention she’s vegan?

‘I experience abdominal cramps almost every day’: What it’s like to have Endometriosis at uni

It’s more than ‘just a period’