Funmi Lijadu

Funmi Lijadu
Edinburgh University


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‘White people need to engage, or we will never learn’: Conversations with White Edi students about race

This conversation was q-White strange

10 reasons why ‘resting bitch face’ isn’t a crime

Your discomfort with my face is your problem – not mine

Ranking the most listened to songs of the past decade by how bad they actually are

Gotye really is somebody that I used to know now x

If you’re surprised by the violence at the Capitol, you haven’t been paying attention

The rioters’ sentiments have been simmering since Trump got into office

Who is this ‘Via Getty’ person at the Capitol riots and why should you care?

These are sad, sad times

How the Slumflower exposes the limits of superficial identity politics

The drama has cost Chidera her management contract while Florence retains her book deal

Here’s the latest on The Slumflower vs Florence Given drama

Chidera has posted screenshots of a conversation between her and Florence

Edi students staying in uni halls will not have to pay January rent

This is valid from 11th January to their arrival date in Edi

What is social media drain and how do I deal with it?

Being on social media in 2020 is an extreme sport

Edinburgh Uni is increasing security in student halls this Halloween

They’ll be “undertaking regular patrol”

Here’s where you can find mental health support in Edinburgh this winter

A wellbeing guide for World Mental Health Day

Here’s an accurate Black history of Edinburgh, from eugenics to reparations

Black students have attended the uni since the 1800s!

A new coronavirus outbreak has been linked to Edinburgh Napier accommodation

11 students tested positive

Rita Ora isn’t black, she’s a blackfish and here are the receipts

She said people thinking she’s black ‘gets her places’

Bridget Jones’ Diary is fat phobic and none of it has aged well

Bridget’s whole life goal is just to lose weight and get a man. Like what?!

If you’re a white middle class student, please stop talking like a roadman

It’s just embarrassing now

Edinburgh street signs given a Black Lives Matter makeover

Dundas Street was transformed into “Emancipation Street”

‘It’s like an invisible war’: Black students on life at a majority-white uni

Black students face a hostile environment that hides in plain sight

Don’t let videos of US police brutality fool you, the UK is just as racist

People defend free speech to say the n-word but frame anti-racist protests as aggressive

Here’s what your lockdown baking habits say about you as a person

Sugar and spice and all things nice

Not all Edinburgh students will be allowed to defer to avoid online teaching

Requests will be evaluated on a case by case basis

The four stages of a midterm crisis at uni inspired by Beyoncé’s Lemonade

A tale of expectations, disappointment and rejection, based on lyrics from Lemonade

Tesco have released plasters in a diverse range of skin tones and honestly it’s about time

Finally healthcare products are becoming representative of everyone living in the UK

The reaction to Priscilla’s wig shows the UK is still clueless about black culture

The Kardashians wear wigs with crazy colours and no one bats an eye

Leanne’s behaviour on Love Island was damaging, she deserved to be dumped

The way she treated Mike was toxic

Edinburgh council looks to improve student housing and increase regulation of short-term lets

They are seeking to increase regulation surrounding student accommodation and short term holiday lets

Netflix’s Holiday in The Wild proves we need more stories of Africa told by actual Africans

Once again Africa is used as a tool for the self-discovery of white characters while the African characters take the backseat

Edinburgh principal questioned over ‘deafening silence’ on accounting for colonial wealth

Universities are implicit in the wealth acquired from colonial history, so one student asked what is being done to address this?

Love Island’s Michael is coming to Bourbon in September

Pull up if you’re chaldish

Love Island’s Maura set to turn heads at Edi Freshers 2019

Two words: fanny flutters

Five sunny and saintly insta accounts to follow this summer

Woke dreams and feel good memes