Nicki Minaj is pregnant but Twitter has already given birth to 22 healthy memes

It’s a baby shower… of memes

Unless you spent the entire day yesterday staring at a wall contemplating the shitshow we’re living through (and tbh same) you’ll have heard wind of Nicki Minaj’s pregnancy – even if you don’t know who Nicki Minaj is. Given just how terrible this year has been it’s nice to have some good news and what better news is there in this climate than the prospect of a new celebrity child? Well there is one thing better and it’s that Nicki Minaj baby memes have been already been birthed into the world, and honestly, we give thanks.

These are all the best Nicki Minaj baby memes

1. It’s gonna be so cute and confused

2. This is very wholesome

3. Please let this be true

4. Don’t you just love celeb interactions?

5. Hoping for a collab honestly

@flossybabyreposting with the beat, lets see if tiktok keeps this one up💀 ##nickiminaj♬ Moment 4 Life – Nicki Minaj

6. Imagine

7. Is the Illuminati responsible for this?

8. K-pop Twitter always gets in on these somehow

9. Idk why but this is funny

10. This theory was floating around and honestly wouldn’t it be amazing if it were true

11. No one needs this

12. A real problem

13. Again, imagine

14. Let it be meeeee

15. I honestly hope this happens

16. Lmao sure

17. Can’t believe they got this footage. So lucky

18. Looooooooool

19. Again, the K-pop/Nicki crossover… we love to see it I guess

20. Guys I beg please calm down


Nicki Minaj baby memes, hilarious tweets and tiktoks about the new baby, these reactions will make you lmao, is Tom Holland the father of the child????

22. Imagine getting to call Tom Holland ‘daddy’…

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