The best ways to cure your hangover in Bournemouth

Not being dramatic but I think I might be dead

AUB is the top modern university in the south west, according to the Good University Guide 2018

It ranked three places above BU

There’s a meme circulating of a BU promo video and there’s definitely a bottle of vodka in the background

It’s literally on someone’s office desk

There’s a new club event coming to Bournemouth where the drinks get cheaper and cheaper throughout the night

It’s launching for Freshers’ Week

Wok 2 Go takeaway has been shut down because of a rat infestation

Health inspectors found rat droppings in the food prep area

A freshers’ guide to BU: The essentials you should remember to pack

Let’s hope the lifts are working when you move in

If you go to Bournemouth uni you will officially have a higher salary after graduation

There is a god and he loves BU

Here are all the Bournemouth Freshers’ events you should absolutely go to

Obviously Cameo is on the list

Everyone stop what you’re doing: Revolution has a vodka-filled unicorn frappe on their new cocktail menu

Vodka? In a frappe? Yes, yes please.

The UK’s biggest indie club night is coming to Bournemouth

Two pound VKs? Yes please

Love Island’s Dom is coming to Cameo this Friday as part of a mega tour

And no, Mike won’t be there

An ex BU student has died after a police chase whilst struggling with crystal meth addiction

He had been battling drug issues for years

An email detailing someone’s dissertation mark breakdown has accidentally been sent to over 1,000 students

They got a first though congrats

Bournemouth uni’s International College has Grenfell-style flammable cladding

Plenty of students are expected to move in during September

Bournemouth uni has been awarded a silver ranking from a new government framework

Southampton ain’t got nothing on us

‘I wouldn’t wish this on my most hated enemy’: BU rugby player paralysed on his way to summer ball

A spinal injury means he may not walk again

Vote for Summer Ball 2017’s best dressed: Round One

Wavey garms

Just a compilation of some of the best and most shocking things that have happened around BU this year

What a year