Summer Ball 2018’s best dressed: THE FINAL RESULT

Bournemouth you’ve outdone yourself

Here are the best dressed at this year’s BU Summer Ball

I just want to be a power puff girl every day tbh

SUBU apologise for queue conditions at Summer Ball

People were fainting and having panic attacks in the queue, others have claimed water was not in good supply

Meet Eyal Booker: The ex-Bournemouth student who’s going on Love Island 2018

He’s arguably the fittest male in there by an absolute mile

Everything you need to know ahead of Summer Ball 2018

It’s a sell out

These are Bournemouth’s best dissertation hand in pics 2018

Being on here is just as good as getting a degree

Summer Ball tickets are 75 per cent sold out

They’re selling quicker than last year

Just between us girlfriends, RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant AJA is coming to Bournemouth

No tea no shade no pink lemonade

White Bournemouth students filmed singing ‘n***a’ at a pre-drinks

They were singing Freaky Friday by Lil Dicky

Bournemouth’s Biggest BNOC: Submit your nominees now

Who is the Biggest Name on Campus?

If you relate to any of these 29 things, congratulations! You have a uni wife

She’s a balance of supportive yet brutal, like good uni wives should be

Breaking: A fire has broken out in Bournemouth Triangle

It started at around 7.15pm

Exclusive: Antisemitic posters linking Israel to 9/11 have been put up on Bournemouth Uni campus

The SUBU President has said investigations are commencing

Why do Bournemouth students insist on doing all these things the second the sun comes out?

We’re by the beach, we will use it

BREAKING: The Summer Ball 2018 line-up is here

I feel like I’ve waited all year for this

Start your engines, this queen wrote her college thesis on RuPaul’s Drag Race

All other topics can sashay away tbh

Bournemouth and The Arts University both have gender pay gaps they are ‘tackling’

They blame uneven distribution of jobs

So, just how many BU students went to a private school?

Bet they all know what a soggy biscuit is

The answer to what you should be wearing on every night out in Bournemouth

You will never have to worry about what to wear again

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