An ex-Bournemouth student starred on ITV’s gameshow The Chase

He got roasted on Twitter

Lost Mondays was forced to shut down after a ‘mass brawl’ broke out

Everyone was kicked out

Your full Summerball 2017 line-up has been revealed

Oh it’s good

EXCLUSIVE: A VK-only club is opening in Bournemouth that will feature completely new flavours

It’s set to be open for next year’s Freshers’ Week

Everything that changes when you move from halls to a house

Freshers be ready, it’s soon

Five Guys is coming to Bournemouth this is not a drill

Our summer is about to get even better

BU are deducting marks on some courses for missing lectures and seminars

Students are fighting back with a petition

Petitions are circulating to vote no confidence against SUBU officers and here’s why

Just when you thought the beef was over

The Inferno pub quiz is the best Monday night out you’ll ever have

They don’t call it Monday night madness for no reason

Finally the SUBU Elects 2017 results have been announced

They had been delayed after rumoured foul play

Bournemouth MP Tobias Ellwood gave CPR to victims during today’s London Attack

His actions have been described as “heroic”

Two of your five SUBU officers have been announced

The others are yet to be confirmed due to ‘uncontrollable circumstances’

BU student involved in ‘chemical incident’ died of carbon monoxide poisoning

Jennifer left notes around her room warning of poisonous gas

Everything to expect from PARTS’ new musical: American Idiot

Relive the album you forced your parents to listen to in the car

Bournemouth has been listed as one of coolest places to live

Southampton and Portsmouth didn’t even get a mention lol

Police are hunting a six foot naked man with ‘prominent cheeks’

He was seen standing still in a cycle path saying nothing

People are tattooing freckles on their faces and quite frankly, I’ve had enough

£200 to draw a few dots on your face