Gabz Farrugia

Student Contributor

Gabz Farrugia
Bournemouth University

Pop culture, things to do around Bournemouth, university life, campus culture, music and the media.

  • Writer for the Bournemouth Tab. Gabz is interested in writing about a variety of topics, but particularly pop culture and uni life
  • Gabz wrote for her secondary school’s student newspaper and also took on the role of ‘Senior Editor’ in her final year
  • Gabz shares a podcast called ‘For The Pod’ with one of her close uni friends, which she also works on in her spare time


After joining Bournemouth University, Gabz quickly got involved in The Tab. She looks forward to developing her portfolio and talking all things Bournemouth, university and typical student antics.


Gabz is in her first year at Bournemouth University, studying Media and Communications. She enjoys writing for The Tab on the side and creating content for her podcast - ‘For The Pod’.


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