Take this personality test and we’ll guess which kind of NHS clapper you are

Take up thine frying pan, knight of the clap

Feels like only a week ago we were having a good ol’ laugh at the stereotypes you’ll see in the streets every Thursday evening. It’s not as funny this week because lockdown may feasibly last until the planet falls out of orbit, but we press on with the clapping.

Maybe you read that article and thought “well I’m not one of those people. I don’t identify with any of those hilarious observations.” Well, reader, I am here to tell you that you’re wrong on that one, because it is impossible not to be one of the NHS clapping personas as we described them, and if you are still in denial as to which one you are, we’ve created a personality quiz which will work it out for you! It’s fun and economical!

Be warned: this quiz will ask you deep questions about your self perception you probably weren’t expecting when you clicked on The Tab but you’re here now so brace yourself for some home truths and some soul-searching. Here we go:

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