There have been multiple student muggings in Fallowfield this week

Greater Manchester Police have issued a warning to new and returning students

University of Manchester student accused of raping friend

Joshua Lines is on trial at Manchester Crown Court

A definitive guide to your first term in Manchester

It’s time to make your mark on the North’s hub of wavy garms


Gaff’s are now selling t-shirts to raise funds for the shop and Manchester Arena victims

Help Mr Gaff raise £60k

Tatler have released a guide to Manchester uni and it’s so tragic we can’t cope

So here’s your Tab-ler guide instead

Antwerp now have actual toilet doors and we can’t handle it

Will the freshers be able to have a ~real~ Antwerp experience?

Middle-class students will never understand what it’s like to be working-class at university

We don’t have the privilege of the bank of Mum and Dad to rely on

Gaff’s has been replaced by a vegan pizzeria and we are losing our shit

In a world of such uncertainty this is a step too far

Manchester’s NSS boycott was so successful that we weren’t included in this year’s rankings

The National Student Survey was boycotted due to its links with rising tuition fees

Police were called to a shooting in Withington last night

It happened around 11:20pm

Blazin’ Squad are doing a reunion show in Manchester

Yes, Marcel will be there

Craig David, Chase & Status and The Chemical Brothers to headline this year’s Warehouse Project

The full line up has now been released

Salford uni SU president accused of sparking controversy after tweeting she would ‘oppress white people’

She also made comments on Ask FM about an ‘Islamic takeover’

Two men beaten and mugged after passing out from ‘free spliffs’ offered to them by strangers

The ‘free roll ups’ offered in Manchester caused one victims to end up in hospital

Science subjects are undoubtedly harder than BAs

We get it, you can read

Literally just a round up of the worst housemate horror stories Manchester students have to tell

If you can’t name your horrible housemate it’s probably you

There’s an event on tomorrow at Antwerp Mansion to raise money for a mental health charity

One last night at the Mansion for a great cause

Stop everything, First Dates is looking for singles in Manchester next weekend

The show is scouting singles for First Dates and First Dates Hotel