Meg Sheppard

Meg Sheppard
Manchester University


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Manchester senior staff accused of discussing rent striker’s financial background in leaked emails

‘The university is just trying to distract from its failings’

We’re listening but won’t actually implement any of your demands, Manchester tells students

Last week 97 per cent of students voted in support of Manchester Rent Strike’s demands

University of Manchester uses bailiffs to evict rent strikers from the Simon building in 5am raid

Student strikers were forcibly carried out

We spoke to uniofmanchestermemes about what it’s like to run a uni meme page

And finally aired our grievances

Sugar babies, strippers and feet pic sellers: Manchester students find unique ways to finance their uni lives

‘Heading to 9am lectures with seven inch heels and lingerie under my hoodie is definitely an experience’

Today I definitively deduce where the best lunch spot is on Manchester Uni’s campus

A devastating impact on my bank account

BREAKING: UoM lecturers to pause strikes as ‘significant progress’ is made

All the remaining February strikes have been called off

We asked Manchester students how they really feel about the UCU strikes

A reported 82 per cent support the strike action

Faced with another ultimatum, Manchester rent strikers refuse to leave the Simon Building

‘We plan to continue to maintain this shared space past 4pm today’

Cost of loving: A Manc student’s guide to a cheap and cheerful Galentine’s Day

Just girly things

I went to the Manchester Christmas markets so you don’t have to

Couldn’t find toilets. Had to utilise an alley behind Tesco.

Nancy Rothwell says £9.25k fees aren’t enough despite Manchester Uni making £120 million surplus

That £170 might buy you a few shops at big Sainos but it’s not helping you beat inflation

Revealed: UoM relies on international students for nearly a third of its income

‘It’s really unfair, and kind of xenophobic’

Black Friday: Manchester Uni students and trade unionists protest outside Boohoo HQ

‘A world without fast fashion is a fairer world for all’

What on earth is going on at the Owens Park bus stop? An investigation

Rishi won’t be PM by the time you get to the front

Fallow-een is here and so is a round up of all your best looks

Everyone make some noise for sexy Patrick Bateman

Man rushed to hospital after another stabbing suspected in Fallowfield

Four men have been arrested in connection with the incident

Watch: Circuit Laundry tumble dryer catches fire at Unsworth Park halls

Students were evacuated for two hours

24 hours in the life of a Fallow fresher

Maybe not a day to write home about

The five stages of Manchester Freshers’ Flu

…and how to get over it

A Freshers’ guide to Fallowfield via Instagram photo dumps

Because what could matter more?

From Oak House to Unsworth: A Freshers’ brutal guide to Manchester Uni halls

Don’t worry, your second-year house will be better