You can now get paid £40 an hour to design homes on Animal Crossing

No, I am not joking

Forget what you’ve heard about the grad job market going down the loo because this opportunity to earn literal money playing Animal Crossing is here, it is real and no you are not high.

Thanks to Olivia’s, a luxury homeware brand, people who are too lazy to decorate their own Animal Crossing houses can hire a “virtual consultant” for £40 an hour MINUMUM (Jesus wept).

The opportunity is aimed at professional or aspiring interior designers to help those “who dream of having the perfect in-game home, but unsure of how to design their own luxury retreat,” all while “keeping within the player’s Bell budget.”

You can fill in the application form here, but be warned, applicants are expected to have a working knowledge of Animal Crossing New Horizons, strong communication skills, and confidence in remote working.

You’ll also have to send in your CV and write 500 words on why you’d be good at designing homes in Animal Crossing, unfortunately if you didn’t get your hands on a Nintendo Switch you won’t be able to apply. Soz.

The successful applicant will visit their client’s island in-game for a tour of the house “where they can discuss desired styles and find practical solutions in real-time.” They’ll also have the opportunity to mock up several styles just in case the client changes their mind later on.

Nick Moutter, the founder of the luxury homeware brand behind the idea said: “The release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons couldn’t have come at a better time. With everyone social distancing and many people completely isolated from friends and family, this game allows them to stay connected while immersing themselves in a virtual world away from the stresses and restrictions of current life.

If you’re reading this and considering paying someone to do this for you, it is worth noting that in order to fully expand your in-game house to three ground floor rooms, a basement and a second floor will cost you roughly six million Bells. You better get grinding.

But who is really behind this truly batshit idea and why, oh, why, do they think it will work. Well the founder of Olivia’s, Nick Moutter, says: “At Olivia’s, we love sharing our passion for luxury living and design expertise with our customers, whatever their plans.

“Whether it’s pairing clashing patterns so that they still complement each other, personalising the latest Instagram trends or how to build a room around one key piece.

“So we thought why not set up a service where this advice can be provided in a virtual world? Especially one like Animal Crossing where players take a lot of pride in their game surroundings.

“We’re looking forward to recruiting more designers for the service, and helping players create the world of their dreams.”

But seriously you can apply here and if you’re successful let us know by emailing [email protected]

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