AEPi claims fraternity members are victims of ‘cancel culture’ in new statement

They say they’re in danger of being tried by social media


The St Andrews fraternity facing multiple allegations of sexual assault has claimed they are victims of “cancel culture.”

In a statement released yesterday, a spokesperson said members of the fraternity are in danger of being tried by social media.

The statement follows allegations made by St Andrews Survivors, an Instagram account dedicated to sharing accounts of sexual assault written by students.

“We need to be careful about using these sites or stories — painful and often horrifying as they are — as a substitute for an official investigation by proper authorities”, the statement reads.

“Too often, those identified in these posts are being tried and convicted on social and traditional media and, that too, is unfair. Moreover, bypassing official investigations by proper authorities causes a breakdown in criminal justice systems that are best prepared to take on such serious matters.”

The statement continues: “We have to be careful not to fall prey to the cancel culture spurred on by the power and reach of social media to also destroy lives.

“It’s time to treat everyone — no matter their gender — with respect and dignity. It’s also time to stop allowing people to use social media as a weapon. It’s time that we reconfirm that everyone has a right to due process.”

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