St Andrews University is the fourth best uni in Scotland, according to World University Ranking

It’s the royal effect

St Andrews University is the fourth best uni in Scotland for 2023, according to the new Times Higher Education World Ranking published yesterday.

Whilst fourth best univeristy in Scotland is quite an accomplisment, with St Andrews sitting just behind Edinbrugh, Glasgow and Aberdeen respectively, the global ranking sees the university fall in to the 201-250 grouping. This means that nationally, St Andrews ranks anywhere from 29-34th best uni in the UK.

The World University Rankings looks at almost 1,800 unis across over 100 countries, and ranks them. Only the top 200 in the world get an individual score, and unis after this are then put in groups of 50. Meaning St Andrews could have placed anywhere within the 201-250 group out of the best unis in the world.

Whilst St Andrews has steadily held it’s place in the 201-250 worldwide grouping for the past three years, this comes after the university continuously fell in the rankings from 2016 where it ranked 86th best university in the world.

To determine each university’s ranking, The Times scores in different fields: teaching, research, citations, industry income and international outlook. Like all the universties in the 201-250 grouping, St Andrews scored 51.2 – 54.3 per cent overall. In each field, the univeristy scored 40 per cent for teaching, 41.4 per cent for research, 67.8 per cent for citations, 38.9 per cent for industry income and 94.9 per cent for international outlook.

The World University Ranking published now in 2022, for next year, also found that St Andrews has just under 10,000 full-time-equivalent university students. There are 12.3 students per member of staff, and a 59:41 ratio of female to male students. The data also revealed that 47 per cent of St Andrews student body are international students.

You can view the full rankings here.

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