University of St Andrews ranks best in the country in new university league table

Sorry Oxbridge, St Andrews takes the cake this year

St Andrews has surpassed Oxford and Cambridge, famously known as Oxbridge, as the number one university in the UK for 2023.

The Guardian recently released their 2023 UK University guide revealing that St Andrews is number one in the UK with a 100/100 rating from the Guardian.

This tremendous rating was based on data from categories such as student satisfaction with courses and teaching, degree results, the percentage of graduates that are employed within 15 months of graduation, and the university’s retention rate from the past year.

It was only last year that St Andrews sat in third place behind Oxbridge eagerly awaiting the moment it could overtake the duo. For the past 10 years, St Andrews has maintained a position in the top three UK universities give or take a couple of slips to fourth place in the early 2010s. That puts the uni on par (excuse the golf joke!) with universities that have been in the top three for centuries.

Not only did St Andrews place number one overall, it also had seven different subjects earn first place across all of the 121 universities that were ranked. The subjects of English, International Relations, History, Art History, Economics, Chemistry, and Anatomy and Physiology were awarded this firdst place title for St Andrews’ student satisfaction, staff-to-student ratio, the amount of money spent, and future career options within each course.

Something notable out of this report and ones of past years is St Andrews’ student satisfaction data. The University of St Andrews has been ranked first in student satisfaction with their course and with the teaching since 2018. The continuation of this achievement demonstrates the effort the uni put into the enjoyment of its students inside the classroom.

Students of St Andrews should be exceedingly proud of themselves as they are not only attending the number one university in the UK, but one that cares about their educational well-being above all else.

The full league table, including details on how results were compiled, can be found on The Guardian’s website.