St Andrews student went to A&E with headache told he had ‘tennis ball’ sized brain tumour

Rhudi Baume-Kennedy has made a recovery after undergoing multiple surgeries

A St Andrews University student was told by doctors he was suffering from a “tennis ball” sized brain tumour after he attended A&E with a headache.

Rhudi Baume-Kennedy has been suffering from chronic headaches since the age of 12 with pain so severe it led to vomiting, nose bleeds and neck pain.

The 20-year-old student finally attended A&E with his dad and begged for a CT scan; within an hour doctors had informed him that he had a growth the size of a “tennis ball” on his cerebellum.

Rhudi told STV News: “I had visited many different health professionals and none of them could tell me what the issue was.

“I wasn’t sleeping, I was being sick and we reluctantly were given a scan. Then they came back sheet-white and said they had found a tennis ball-sized tumour in my brain.”

Rhudi said upon being told the news, his immediate reaction was “relief” to finally have an explanation for the pain he was feeling: “I had been living with this unbearable pain and people were telling me it was normal.

“I was chucked in an ambulance and all the lights were blaring and I finally felt like someone was taking it seriously.”

After undergoing multiple operations, Rhudi is now on his way to making a recovery.

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